Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Training for Tuesday #2

Yes, another link-up.  Meh, my blog, don't care.  I find motivation where I can.  You're welcome.

I'm trying to focus on my workouts and make them a priority in my life.  I have several races on the schedule for the rest of 2015 (and hopefully early 2016) and I need to get on properly training.  But a bigger motivation is that since October 2014 (when I moved to SC), I've watched the scale steadily rise while my pants got progressively tighter...  It was time for a change and Teh Blog and Gentle Readers are an invisible force that hold me accountable for my actions (which blows my mind almost as much as it probably blew yours).  I'm also sharing these goals with you so I can SEE what I'm preparing for, which helps me soooo much!


Upcoming events:
16 August 2015: Ramblin' Rose Triathalon in Winston-Salem, NC
20 September 2015: Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in Washington, D.C.
14 November 2015: Sweet Tea Half in Summerville, SC
18-21 February 2016: Glass Slipper Challenge weekend + 5k in Orlando, FL (Disney World)
02 April 2016: Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC

July's Goals:

-Seriously, get a bike.
-Seriously, do some laps at the pool. (Complete fail)
-Keep runnin'.
-Don't get hurt/die of heat stroke.
-Keep the scale dropping not rising.
-Possibly try out the Air Force Base (AFB from here on out) gym/pool since it will be closer than the base gym I was going to pre-move.
-Depending on the AFB gym situation/my inconvenience, possibly join Planet Fitness since there is one near the outlets, which would be on my way home.  The kicker would be if they have classes.  I really miss workout classes.

4 out of 7 isn't sooo bad.


I actually got Monty (the new bicycle (I can't just say bike because Mike Wazowski)) the day before the last TT post went live, but I wasn't going to change my entire draft when I could just share it in a sweaty sunday post or tell you about it now.  Anyways, I've ridden it all of ONCE, because excuses.  And also because the one time I did ride it for .75 miles, the seat hurt my ass in an unbelievable way and the tires were going flat.  Beginner's luck?

I have NOT been in the pool.  If I'm completely honest, I probably won't get in a pool until the tri.  This is probably a VERY, VERY bad idea.  The last time I swam was April 2014.  From what Tracy has warned me about though, it could be a good thing, because if I'm not practiced, I'll be slower, which could be helpful since pool swimming means swimming in the same lane with other people...  From swimming in high school, that shit sucks.  We'll see what happens.

I moved back to doing PM runs.  90+% humidity in the AM was killing me.  Feeling like I'm unable to get a full breath was slowing me down significantly.  I've also gotten a sub-10 minute pace on a few runs and that makes me unbearably proud.  Because I've been training/running, going to the gym wasn't as high on my list as it had been.  I was going to the gym before because runs were optional.  That is no longer the case.  I'm on a training plan through the end of February and even after that I'll probably stick with some minimal miles since the Bridge Run is the beginning of April.  Granted 6 miles won't be a drop in the bucket compared to 20+ miles in one weekend, but it's always painful to start again after a break.

This means that I didn't bother to join a gym or go by the AFB gym.  Also, traffic is a beast from work to the base, so it's really not worth the frustration to go to base, when I could just pay the $10 a month and go to Planet Fitness on the way home or drop more dollars and find another gym to go to for classes if I still really want it.

Finally, the scale has continued to drop.  If you read my last Sweaty Sunday post, you know that I'm down almost 10 lbs since I moved to the new house!!!  Part of it is a serious change in eating habits (I no longer feel obligated to eat a huge dinner since I'm on my own), part of it is longer runs.  I'm happy nonetheless.  5-10 more pounds and I'll be a happy camper.

I also made my RunKeeper data public, so now I can be stalked in yet another way.  I did make the maps private though, because.. well.. I don't want to be THAT kind of stalked.  So if you're a RunKeeper user, be my friend!

August's Goals:

~Acquire new running shoes (uggggghhhh)
~Continue training for the 1/2 marathon
~Ride Monty
     ~Put Monty's new seat cushion on and pump up his tires with my handy dandy air pump.
~Make a hotel reservation in Winston-Salem for Teh MD Adult Roomie and I... (I swear I'll get this done, if you're reading this.. I did at least make the Disney reservation (and picked our our Magic Band colors)!!)
~Don't die in the heat
~Maybe run the bridge if I can motivate myself to get there.  If a stranger suggested that as a first date, I'd be all over it!

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  1. Yeah, I dunno, I think the only benefit of a pool swim in a tri is for beginners (like me) who have really never properly swam (swum?) before and/or are afraid of open water. If you're an experienced swimmer, it's probably going to be more annoying than helpful. But you'll be out of there and on the bike in no time so at least there's that!

  2. Keep it up! Your motivation motivates me! (For now anyway) and if you come all the way to Winston and don't drive the extra 1.5 to linville I might ugly cry and post the video to your Facebook page!

  3. You're totally making progress! At least you've been running, I can't even get my ass on the treadmill. At least I do other things but really, I need to run.

    Good luck on the running shoes! I still have to take my new ones out for a spin.

  4. Almost 10 lbs is awesome!!! You should be so proud.


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