Friday, July 10, 2015

Five on Friday #57


I'm loving my house.  I drove Mike around the neighborhood earlier this week and there aren't really sidewalks, but there isn't much traffic so street running shouldn't be too much of a problem.  That said, I may have to do several loops to get in my miles when I start 1/2 marathon training.  Bleh.

I took the dogs on a walk towards the exit of the community this morning (which is the opposite way I drove around on Mike) to see how far it was.  A little over a mile there and back, which is perfect for dog walks since there is a sidewalk.  


I'm the wrong woman to scorn.  After the property management company pissed me off yesterday, I not only accomplished cleaning up over half of the carpet/guest room, but I also became quite resourceful.

Story time!

The first time I viewed the house, I had the lady show me inside the huge shed that was in the backyard.  It was FULL of crap.  As in, we were afraid to walk in there was so much crap.  Before I signed the lease, I asked about the shed and if I'd have access to store Mike inside (which is really all I want, somewhere covered with walls for Mike, and that doesn't take much space).  The Property Management (PM) company talked with the owner who said that I could NOT put Mike in the shed and they wouldn't be able to empty the shed until February... yeah, as in 2016, 8 months from now.  It made me very hesitant to sign the lease, but the house is adorable and the price was right and I really wanted to move on the weekend of July 4th since it was a long weekend and wouldn't have to take extra time off work and I was tired of looking and playing the search game, so I signed the lease anyways.

In the house was this stupid huge wine rack thing that was just taking up space and a baby gate and a few other miscellaenous items that I didn't want in the house.  Since I had been told no to storing my stuff in the shed, I figured that was the perfect place to put the wine rack/etc.  I tested my key in the shed door and it worked!  I was pumped.  I opened the door expecting to be greeted by all that crap again.. NOPE.  90% of it was gone!  I was thrilled.  Teh WJL and I put the etc stuff in the shed and locked it up.  I've been storing Mike outside with his cover, because I am unbearably honest sometimes.

The day before I moved in, a cleaning company came in to scrub the house since there was matted black fur and kibble under the fridge.  The move-in inspection lady was NOT happy about that.  I was so pumped.  Well, they left their master key at my house when they left.  The main lady called me the next day to ask if they could come pick it up, but it was locked inside and I wasn't there and they didn't have another master key.  The lady called again Thursday to ask if someone could come pick it up, but it was again locked inside and I was at work since it was the middle of the day.  I had texted her over the weekend to tell her that I was home and someone could come pick it up, so it's not like I'm holding it hostage.  I want her to get her key back.

Fast-forward to yesterday (Thursday) and I was in contact with the PM company because I had put in a mabillionty service tickets and they called to ask some questions (YAY!).  Since I had them on the phone, I asked if I could store Mike in the shed since it had been semi-cleaned out.  A different person called me back later to ask for photos of the mold in the ice maker and I again asked about storing Mike in the shed (as you can see, this is important to me) and I explained that we had moved the wine rack in there and noticed there was room.

Not long after that call, she called me back and asked me HOW I was able to get the wine rack into the shed since I wasn't supposed to have access.  I told her that I had used my key.  She told me that I needed to take the wine rack out and I told her that wasn't happening because it came with the house and I didn't want it in the house, so it would stay in the shed.  She then told me that I wasn't supposed to have access to the shed at all and she was sending someone that evening to change the locks (it was already 3pm).  I told her I thought that was a bad idea because what if there was a fire in there and I couldn't get in, but that warranted no response. 

At which point, I was pissed off and started cleaning.. and formulating.  I had a master key in my possession.  What if....

So I unpacked/cleaned and waited for the locksmith to come and change the locks.  He eventually arrived and after he left, I checked the master key in the door.  Like magic, I was able to get into the shed.  I immediately headed to Lowes to get copies made. 

As soon as I clean up the entry way (aka sweeping all the metal shards out of the doorway), Mike will be spending the night inside the shed, along with Monty (the new bicycle).  I was told before I signed the lease that anyone coming on the property had to give me 24 hours notice.  Yeah, either the owner shouldn't be a douche or the PM company should be assholes, then I wouldn't have to resort to scorned Megan actions.

Link to photos of the new house, but none of the shed which I was trying to ignore it's presence since I'm not allowed to use it.  Once I get everything set up, I'll have to do a virtual tour thingy.  Truthfully, this will be my motivation this weekend to finish getting everything in the attic and somehow managing/conning someone into helping me relocated the tv that is mounted in the dining room to the living room.

Update 2 hours after writing all of the above:
A police officer just called me to ask if I was aware there was an AC unit missing from the window of the shed.  Apparently, the locksmith noticed it was missing last night.  So very, very, veryyyyy glad Teh WJL was my witness to the shed being mostly empty and the AC unit already missing.


When former military members seem surprised that their information was possibly leaked in the OPM disaster, I just /facepalm.  I automatically assumed that my info was compromised because I just got out of Navy and because I'm now a federal contractor... AND BECAUSE I hold a security clearance, which is what OPM does (slowly and in the most painful way possible 99% of the time).

This is 2015.  While I love all the perks of it being 2015, with it comes negatives like assholes compromising information security and stealing things that belong to others.  I mean, this happened before 2015, but often you'd be able to shoot at the person if you caught them.  This isn't happening in your backyard (unless we're talking about your figurative internet backyard, then sure), so it's harder to solve.


Weekend Goals:
Finish cleaning up the carpet/guest room. 
Post shit to sell on Ebay/Craigslist (anyone want: rowing machine, $500?  A mabillionty conch shells from GTMO?  Scuba gear? Nintendo GameCube w/ 4 Game Stop controllers, 2 games, and a memory card?)
Go on a ride with Mr. Scrooge
Put crap up in attic
Relocate mounted TV to living room
Move dog crates to kitchen nook (that's what I'm calling it now since it's really just an awkward space) and recenter dining room table
Get vacuum from Mr. Scrooge so I can remove all the Phil hair from my rugs
Trip to the store for various items (like a dustpan since mine went missing (I suspect the AT&T guy may have "acquired" it) and a helmet).
Ride the bicycle
Walk the dogs
Possibly get some delicious biscuits.


I've been trying to come up with Cinco for hours now and I'm not succeeding so you get this filler message instead of something informative.  This means I'll have one less distraction to keep me from actually working.  I can finish this document!  I can do it!  I can do it!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. New places looks good!

    Boo about the shed- some people are SUPER weird. Don't live stuff in a house you KNOW other people are going to be living in if it's that dang on important (buy a storage locker & add to rental price- duh).

  2. I love that shower in the master, and what an awesome closet!!! What is not awesome? The people you are having to deal with for the house. I mean...who cares if you can get in the shed? So silly. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I would do the exact same thing if I were you! That's absolute BS. A)you're renting it so you should be able to put your stuff in there & B)At the very least you should be able to store their shit in there.

  4. The weird random mirrors are interesting, but you got to love new houses!
    Honestly, the security breach doesn't surprise me much. I was going thru my old Navy paperwork and found a list of people attending some random class with me back in the day - complete with SSNs. So if I have a copy - that leads me to believe that at least 30 or so other peeps have/had one, too. Along with the SSNs of the people I left Michigan with for bootcamp, etc, etc, etc, Sheesh.

  5. I already knew all of this from my run!!! I love our ribs together! Teehee!!!


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