Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Review {7/27}


I was out of work by 1330 on Friday, which was most excellent.  Instead of heading straight home for a nap, I headed out to town to do some mattress shopping.  After 3 stores, I finally found one AND they were the only store with free delivery (woot)!  I originally schedule the delivery for Saturday, but when they called later to tell me it would be between 11-2, I pushed it until Monday since I didn't want to have to rearrange the ride I had planned with Mr. Scrooge on Saturday.

After the mattress shopping, I came home and hung out with the dogs and napped.  I had a date with a stranger* at Wild Blue Ropes, which is kinda like a suspended rope obstacle course type thing.  Mr. Scrooge and I had seen it one of the very first times we went to brunch and we thought it was for kids, so I never really put any more thought into it.  But after the dude suggested go-karts, I figured I'd look up other activities to do around the area and this place came up and was highly recommended for all ages.

IT WAS AMAZING.  Seriously.  The date was also good, this guy will be deemed Ginger Beard if he sticks around long enough for more stories to be told about him.  His selfie game wasn't as on point as mine, but he gets extra points for whipping out his phone and getting photos of me.  No one ever does that!  After the fun activity, we went to a restaurant called DD Pecker's (not my choice), but the food was pretty good, even if the live music was a bit too loud for the lack of crowd.  It was WAAAYYYY past my bedtime when I got home and I still had to shower.

Then Meri got sick around 2am and I got to clean that up.  Good times were had by all.


I messaged Mr. Scrooge and asked to push back our ride an hour since I woke up with a headache.  Thankfully, he agreed.  After feeding the beasts, I went back to bed.  I got up and skipped the shower since I had taken one before crashing and my hair was going to look like ass no matter what since helmet-head.  I headed over to Mr. Scrooge's house (still a bit weird) and we set off and turned around because Clifford wasn't "right."  I provided the assist when Mr. Scrooge needed help but mostly just surfed FB/Instagram while he was fixing Clifford.

Finally, we set out for the national forest... and we got pulled over for speeding.  Actually, Mr. Scrooge got pulled over for speeding, which was strange, but I was grateful it wasn't me since I didn't have my insurance/registration paperwork on me.  Megan faaaaaaaiiillll.  The cop gave Mr. Scrooge an out of the ticket, which might be a pain in the ass, but will probably be worth the hassle instead of having to deal with the insurance hike 2 points on his license would cost him.  It sucks all the way around and I feel pretty bad for him.

no bueno.

Finally, we finished our trek to the forest.  Before I said it wasn't overly fun.  This time, I had more fun.  Mr. Scrooge and I did the curvy part of the road 3x, so I could get some curve practice in.  Then we headed downtown for lunch at Co, that delicious Asian place we found a while ago.


People were being fucking morons.  So many people almost pulled out in front of us and other general horrible Charleston/SC driver-isms.  It was pretty scary.  Part of me was quite glad to be off the road.  That and the hangar hit me all at once right as we were driving downtown and I killed Mike and all the people were in the way and we couldn't find parking and then we needed change!  Disastrous!  Getting food in my belly made me happy.

Mr. Scrooge came over to see Meri and Phil after lunch (and because I had leftovers that I asked him to put in his backpack).  He actually offered to take them on a walk and I wasn't going to turn down that gift.  While they were gone, I laid down and napped.  Mr. Scrooge came back and chatted with me for a bit before finally heading home.  I napped more and was generally lazy.

I was supposed to go out with a stranger on Sat. evening, but I had messaged him at lunch and said I might take a rain check since I was tired from the ride.  He expressed how sad he was because he really wanted to meet me, which kinda guilted me into going later.  I messaged him at 5 to see if he'd be available by 6.  I wanted to ride Mike, which meant I couldn't really be out past dark since the gauge lights still don't work (or the horn).  He was, so we met at Juanitas in Mount Pleasant.  They didn't really seem to have any non-spicy options on the menu, so I suffered through 2 tacos that were a bit too hot for me.  I chugged down at least 6 sweet teas.  This was the same dude who couldn't tell me about himself when I asked him to, so I wasn't super interested in going.. except for the free dinner.  When I got there he asked if I wanted to do a shot and I explained that when I rode the motorcycle, I don't drink.  I've never been more glad for Mike as an excuse for all the things.  

I tried to push the conversation and ask questions and it was honestly exhausting.  Talking about myself AND having to prompt someone else for communication is just.. meh.  We're adults, just freakin' learn to talk about yourself.  He kept ordering beers and with each one, I was thinking, "Ughhh, I'm never going to get to leave."  Then I realized it was getting dark and Mike and welp, time for Megan to go!  This dude arrived before me and didn't bother to message me to tell me where he was sitting.  I actually approached some other dude and asked if he was the person I was supposed to be meeting.  Thankfully the answer to that was no, but by then I was irritated.  Why not just stand and wait?  Or maybe tell the hostess someone else is coming...  During dinner he also asked again about if I'd take a shot with him.  Still no, dude, still no.  Then he explained to me how hungover he was all day because of all the his drinking the night prior and that he was meeting friends after we were done and I kept thinking that couldn't come soon enough.  He did tell me how entertaining I was.  Yeah, that makes one of us, dude.  /facepalm.

I went home and called Teh Dad because he had called while I was out, shortly after I had told stranger that I talked to Teh Dad almost every Saturday, so when I realized my phone was ringing, I showed him it was Teh Dad calling and said, "See, told ya."  He just laughed (of course he did, I was the entertainment).  I recapped my first week of online dating for Teh Dad and explained that I was about to go out on a run.  He was immediately concerned about my sanity me and said, "At 9:30 at night?"  Me, "Yep, it's the coldest it's going to get with the least humidity.  In the AM it's going to be 93% humidity and that's just.. bleh."  I'm pretty sure he might have mumbled something about me being crazy but I was yammering on about my crazy and going on a run in the dark and hopefully not getting mugged/raped/abducted.

The most awkward boob sweat.

I powered through 7 miles like a boss listening to Wonder on audio and I was getting some feels.  I came back home and showered and started the laundry and did some much needed journaling since it ended up being a tough night to be alone with my thoughts.  I had admitted to Mr. Scrooge at lunch after we were discussing his plans to visit CA in August, that part of me was sad that I wasn't going to get to hang out with his mom or see his family and that I liked them.  He didn't have anything to say to that.

I sometimes wonder if he thinks that it's easy for me since I was the one to leave and I've started online dating so soon after I left.  It's not.  There are days that I miss him and dealing with strangers is just overwhelming for me.  As I was journaling, I looked back at some other entries and was reminded of how miserable I was.  It feels like I'm hanging on to the bitterness, but I also know I need those reminders.  Mr. Scrooge has been my biggest weakness for 7 years now.  I can imagine that will continue for quite some time.  It doesn't matter how miserable I was, I always imagine how good it could be and get woefully optimistic about the situation magically changing, which we all know would never happen.  I've decided that this sadness is me going through the stages of grief over the end of my relationship.

At way past, way past my bedtime, I finally quit writing and turned off the light.


I considered doing yoga Sunday morning, but instead fed the dogs and went back to bed.  I ended up being late for church (same one as last week) because Meri didn't wake me up at 8 like I asked her to.  Some people's kids, man.  Lol.

I did get some Meri snuggles when I woke up, so I didn't mind that at all.

When I got to church, the kids were just leaving, so I was right on time essentially, lol.  People remembered me and were glad to see me.  Several even asked about my running!  I was very impressed that they had remembered anything about me at all.  I think I'm not going to bother going to the other church.  I think I've found my church and I'm hyped about it.

After church, I went by Dick's to check out bike seats, tire pumps, running shoes, and their clearance section.  I walked out with nothing.  Which is good and bad since I do actually need the first 2 items.

I ended up being 5 minutes late for my lunch date with a stranger.  I honestly couldn't remember what this dude looked like and we hadn't exchanged numbers, so I just kinda hoped he was the person standing at the entrance.  He was.  He asked if I was Meg and I said yes and held out my hand... at which point he pulled me into a side-hug.  The absolute most awkward side-hug ever.  Then he handed me a bag of Lindt chocolates.  Weird, but ok, it's chocolate, I'm not one to shun the chocolate.

Let me just state something that I thought was pretty obvious about me:
I'm not a hugger.  In fact, I'm not really a toucher.  I have this "no touchy" thing about me that most people seem to inherently get.

This guy didn't get it.
Additionally, I hadn't gotten the entire story when he mentioned he was a prior navy-SWO (surface warfare officer).  SWO's aren't inherently scary..  Until you add in that he was a submarine nuke enlisted guy before trying to go pilot and getting accepted instead to be a sub SWO.  If all that navy just went over your head, let me just bring that down a level for you.. this guy was a fucking weirdo and his freak flag flew HIGH and HARD.  Submariners are generally.. quirky/weird.  They are, they know it.  Nukes are weird.  It's commonly accepted.  Put the 2 together and it's like a spontaneous explosion of awkward.

This guy was difficult at conversing with.  I took to being entertained by people watching since he kept zoning out on the TVs behind me.  Not that I judged him, but in the middle of his meal he had to go to the bathroom and he wasn't in there for a short amount of time if you know what I mean.  He came back and I was mostly finished with my food... and with checking my FB.  I thought I ate slow.. nope.  This guy was an epicly slow eater.  AND he ordered a 2nd beer.  The entire time I'm thinking, "May I please be excused now?"  He FINALLY finished his food and beer and asked for the check and I was so relieved it had to be done soon.  But then we sat there for another 10 minutes before he finally was like, it's that time, yeah?  Buddy, it's BEEN that time.  Move it.

We walk out to the parking lot and he tells me to message him if I want to hang out again.. and I'm not sure if the volume of outside was loud enough to cover up the sound of my brain screaming, NEVER!  Thennnnn.. this fool SIDE-HUGGED ME AGAIN!?!?!  Seriously!?  As if the first one wasn't awkward enough.  This must have been the horrors that Drama Teacher (a date with a stranger earlier last week) was talking about.  I messaged Drama Teacher and told him about what had happened after I got home.  We cackled together.

After lunch, I headed to Fleet Feet to possibly get some new shoes.  While I like supporting my local store, I hate how limited their selection is.  I tried on several pairs and wasn't impressed by any of them.  I'm not sure why, but many of the pairs felt like they were slipping off my heel, which was obnoxious.  I really don't want to buy the same pair of shoes again, since these Asics were so incredibly difficult to break in.  I explained to the guy that helped me this time (happened to be the same guy who helped me the first time) that I almost brought the shoes back the break-in period took soooo long.

I walked out with nothing but a plan to go by Dick's later this week to test some shoes out.

Ginger Beard and I had discussed hanging out Sunday evening since he was off and we agreed to see Minions and grab dinner in the evening.  I spent the afternoon watching the pups sleep, which made me happy since I feel like I haven't really gotten to spend much time with them as of late due to my busy schedule.

Eventually it was time to head to the movie, which was HILARIOUS btw.  Of course, I was the only one laughing at several parts, which I'm finally starting to get used to, but whatevs.  Ginger Beard admitted to not having seen Despicable Me 1 or 2 and I told him that if we continued to hang out, that would have to be remedied.. STAT.

We went back to the house to feed the beasts.  Ginger Beard's family has greyhounds so he was used to Phil's breath and didn't complain about it.  I told him when we were making plans that he was allowed to meet Meri and Phil only if he promised not to stalk me or come back at a later time and break in the house and kill me.  He agreed to these conditions.

After feeding the pups, it was time for human foods.  We went to Zen Asian Fusion, a sushi place that I'd looked into before, but hadn't been to.  We sat at the sushi bar, which I wouldn't have minded, except for the fact that the servers kept reaching over us to get the prepared sushi.  No me gusta.  And I almost got hit in the face with a plate.  If you're going to reach over me, pay a little attention, plskthx.

Ginger Beard and I have a good time when we hang out.  It's nice that the conversation flows easily.  He kept apologizing for having to be on his phone since there were some issues at work that he was trying to handle.  I told him it was ok because it gave me an opportunity to check my phone without feeling too guilty and he laughed.  Responsibility sucks.  We agreed to hang out again later this week when he's off work since he doesn't work a regular 9-5 job.

The only downside to Ginger Beard is that he doesn't do the church thing.  So there's that.  But for the meantime, I'm just enjoying hanging out with strangers who aren't awkward as hell and side-hug me.  Actually, Ginger Beard did hug me Sunday night, but it wasn't awkward because we're not complete strangers any more.

I went home and finished up the laundry and hung out with the pups and crashed.

At least he wasn't laying on my clean laundry....

It was an exhausting weekend.  It was exhilarating, but still exhausting.  I think I'm going to have to set some time limits for this dating thing.  Phil and Meri need my love too and I feel like I'm so far behind on my online life, which I guess isn't a bad thing, but I enjoy my online life and blogging.  I know RL>online, but at the same time, spending time here means I get my alone time, which is essential for a happy Megan AND Meri gets her snuggles.

On to the week!
The LAST week of July.  WOAH.

*I'm quite torn between just calling all these dudes strangers or giving them nicknames.  I think we'll go with both.

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  1. Side-hugs are pretty much the worst. Either we're close enough to hug normally, or we aren't. In which case...just don't.

  2. I speak Navy, so when I got to the part SWO part I started cringing, then I continued reading. "this guy was a fucking weirdo and his freak flag flew HIGH and HARD" <- Lost it.

    Side note, Ginger Beard is cute, and Im glad he has thus far been a good guy.

  3. You had a busy weekend!! Awkward side hugs are noo good!

  4. Ginger Beard is cute, fun, and likes greyhounds. 10 points! #wewontgointomyawkwarddatingyears...

  5. I'm a fan of Ginger Beard. I like the combo of naming them and calling them strangers,

  6. Sorry all the stranger sucked, but yay for ginger beard! Kev was away all last week and all I could think was that if it wasn't for him, I would be alone for the rest of my life. Meeting people is exhausting and people are strange. I'd live with my cats and eat Mexican food 5x a week.


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