Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Confessions {7/8}

-My watch recently started ticking VERY loudly and it's SUPER annoying.  #nomegusta

-I hate TypePad.  Seriously.  It NEVER works for me when I'm trying to leave a comment (on Mac/Firefox or PC/Chrome) and I usually just get so frustrated trying to leave a comment that I don't even bother because I'm so stabby.  #technologyfail

-I greatly dislike when I put an & in my blog and then when I come back later to make edits, it shows "(ampersandsymbol)amp;" instead of just the symbol.  #thisissorcery #ofthecodingkind

-I HATE stepping on the drain in the shower (a stand up shower, not a bathtub shower).  I will practically fall over myself before I let my foot touch it.  There is absolutely no reason for my behavior.  #weirdo

I used this gif because WTFF (what the fucking fuck)?
I really hope this wasn't actually in the show...

-I almost always prefer the rock remakes of songs over the original.  Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm > Michael Jackson, Turn the Page by Metallica > Bob Segar, Lollipop by Framing Hanley > Lil' Wayne.  #rockerchick

-I haven't worked out since I ran last Wednesday morning.  I'm feeling extremely guilty about this and extremely lazy and yet, the only desire I have to do when I'm at home is to sleep.  I have to force myself to unpack rather than taking a nap.  Also, I haven't driven/ridden around the neighborhood to get a feel for the routes I should take and the first run in a new place is always the hardest/longest/most difficult so there's no way I'm doing that in the dark.  #givemeallthesleeps

-I have so much stuff!  I say this every.single.time I move.  A part of me feels guilty for having all this stuff, but the part of me that enjoys living a comfortable life doesn't feel guilty at all.  #firstworldguilt

-Just because I ride a motorcycle doesn't mean I'm speed racer.  Get off my ass, fucktards, before you lose control and run me over.  #ifIsurviveyoullregretit

-Not me, EVER:

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  1. -I am the same way about the shower drain! No clue why, but it does somehow feel grosser.

    -The Lollipop remake! YES! One of B's old Army buddies had a theory that ANY song can be made into a good rock song...and it hasn't been proven wrong yet. Btw- there is a emo version of Let It Go on youtube.

    -I fully believe that the "bikers are assholes" stereotype is not because people who are assholes have an affinity for bikes, but because riding a bike shows you what a complete & total idiotic fuck-wad some people are when they don't give you the respect you deserve as someone NOT in a metal cage & therefore deserving of a little freakin' space.

  2. It's really unfortunate that those few bikers that act like douche canoes give most all bikers a bad name.

    I watched that shower gif far too many times. It's like a train wreck though.

  3. The & drives me crazy too!!!! And it does it in my comment emails that I get from my posts too. Every time I am like damnit why does the & even exist if it wont work right???? And don't get me started on shower drains. Just no. I wont stand on them. I wont, nope nope.

    Is that shower gif Ren & Stimpy?????

  4. You moved all your stuff, totally counts as working out! Also...what is going on with that gif? I am so confused and yet cannot look away....

  5. I'm the exact same way about the shower drains!


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