Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Confessions {7/1}

-TODAY IS NEW HOUSE DAY AND I'M FUCKING PUMPED (even if I'm missing the pot luck at work because AT&T is coming to install the internet and I'm doing my move-in inspection at 1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  #movingsucks

Yes come help me Arnie!

-Wet nuts (hehe) on ice cream sundaes/brownies makes it infinitely better.  Always and forever.  #deeznuts

-I love Teh Flamin' Kindle... with one exception.  WTF is with the lack of page numbers, Amazon?  Seriously, get your shit together.  No one cares about "locations".  We want to know what page we are on and how many pages are in the book and close the end is.  Don't give me your bullshit locations crap.  #takeitback #pagenumbers #isittheendyet

-Dear Googly,
Thank you for taking over my life in so many good ways.  I especially appreciate being able to sign into a browser on my work computer and all my favorites (and saved info) from my personal laptop will load automatically.  #youdabest #iloveyouforever

-A Game for Good Christians is coming out with an expansion and I don't need it, but I really want it...  For the time being I'm telling myself I have bills to pay now.  But really.. I wants it! #horriblepeopleunite

-My new rental company had a dog in the office who greeted me first thing when I dropped off my deposit last week.  Her name was Sadie and I want to be her friend.  #dogsatworkarethebest


-Before lunch on Friday I was over seeing rainbows all over my FB feed.  Personally, I'm all for marrying whoever you want to marry, but omg with the rainbows.  And I fucking love rainbows.  I love all the colors.  I don't really have a favorite.  But just change your FB pics back to normal please, because even with it being just an overlay, you all look like the same person.  #overtherainbow #seewhatIdidthere

Truth.  (Source)

-I'm sure this will accurately describe the month of July for me:

Little Matters - Brian Andreas

-I'm considering doing some book challenges to guide my reading a bit (since I'm in need of new books to read.. NOT).  When I checked out the list of banned books and noticed several books that I've actually read on it, I felt like a rebel.. and proud of my teachers for making us read those books.  Some of which, I hadn't thought about in years.  #sexsells

-This book challenge thing is going to take some coordination on my part because I'd like some books to check off multiple boxes for different challenges (that's not against the rules since these aren't re-reads, right?).  I'm making all the lists.  #OCD #listmaker

-I realized on Monday that I hadn't read the book reviews from the Show Us Your Books linkup!  Probably because subconsciously I fear my to-read list exploding... more.

-When I type up an entire post and then it disappears.. I have all the rage.  #fuckyoublogger

-Microsoft Word is all kinds of cool and seriously they should teach people how to create documents in primary school.  I remember in computer class learning about what Word does, but not necessarily the ins and outs of it.  This kinda makes more sense to me now why Teh Mom was able to get her Associates Degree in Microsoft Office.  Because that shit is hard and has lots of options that you never know about until someone tells you or, now, you Google it.  That said, I learned how to change a single page in a document to be a different orientation than the rest of the pages.  Granted it really wasn't hard, but still, I DID THAT.  #techwriterjoys

-I have a feeling other racers at my triathlon are going to be gung-ho and I'm just going to be meandering between events.  I mean, bike shoes?  no tie shoe laces?  I'm still confused where I'm going to put my crap after I'm done swimming.  Do I carry a bag?  How does this work?  #newracesarehard

-Luck = being the first one to use the toilet twice in one day.  I know I was the first because the seat was up (I assume because it was cleaned, please don't bust my bubble on this one, plskthx).  #winning

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  1. Yay for new house day! Boo for missing the potluck. I'm over rainbows & Confederate flags. I'm all for marriage equality & I'm all for people flying their damn Confederate flag as long as it's not on a government building. I am over people fighting over it. I am over seeing both all over the place. #GettingOffTwitterMightHelp

  2. The rainbows have all blended into one another at this point.

    There's a SUYB archives on my site so if you ever forget to read a post from a specific blogger, you can just browse around there :)

  3. Yay moving! Good luck with that!

    And yeah...I'm over the rainbow also! I mean, I'm absolutely happy about the decision. Do whatever you want, people. But constantly changing for the current activism movement is too hard and confusing when everyone looks the same!

  4. Yep done with the rainbow filter. Also the page numbers! WHERE ARE THE FUCKING PAGE NUMBERS KINDLE??????? It gives me rage beyond rage. Blogger losing my post also makes me lose my shit.

    Yay for moving! New Place New Adventures!!

  5. I get annoyed by the page number thing on my Kindle too. And that my library books expire so quickly. I mean, they are free and all, but I like to stroll through a book and it doesn't allow sufficient time for that - more of a sprint. Maybe I just need to be less cheap and buy books #butimtoopoor

  6. I had an old Kindle for a long time and was always annoyed by the location thing. I got a Paperwhite this week and I seriously squealed when I saw that it had a page number option. And time left in the chapter. And time left in the book. And then I squealed again when I realized you can just tap on the bottom corner where that info is and quickly cycle through each one.
    I think you'll be surprised that not everyone at your race is going to be all crazy. There will be plenty of slowpokes in transition, don't worry. And on every part of the course for that matter. You'll have an area in transition where you'll set up all your bike and run crap before you start the swim. After the swim you go that area and swap out your swim crap for your bike crap. Then repeat after the bike for the run. Easy peasy! You're going to do great.


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