Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Training for Tuesday #1

Yes, another link-up.  Meh, my blog, don't care.  I find motivation where I can.  You're welcome.

I'm trying to focus on my workouts and make them a priority in my life.  I have several races on the schedule for the rest of 2015 (and hopefully early 2016) and I need to get on properly training.  But a bigger motivation is that since October 2014 (when I moved to SC), I've watched the scale steadily rise while my pants got progressively tighter...  It was time for a change and Teh Blog and Gentle Readers are an invisible force that hold me accountable for my actions (which blows my mind almost as much as it probably blew yours).  I'm also sharing these goals with you so I can SEE what I'm preparing for, which helps me soooo much!


Upcoming events:
16 August 2015: Ramblin' Rose Triathalon in Winston-Salem, NC
20 September 2015: Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in Washington, D.C.
14 November 2015: Sweet Tea Half in Summerville, SC
*18-21 February 2016: Glass Slipper Challenge weekend + 5k in Orlando, FL (Disney World)
*(registration opens on July 14th and the prayers and thoughts and vibes and whatever else good you can send/do has been happening since the decision was made to go last February, so if we could just continue on that train through July 14th, but especially starting at 1158 on July 14th for Teh MD Adult Roomie and I and Teh Advising Sister and Teh sister and who ever else is crazy enough to join us in running Disney to get tickets.)

Truthfully, that is the first time I've ever looked at that schedule in a list format.  Can I just get a WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?  WHO AM I?  THIS IS MADNESS!

June Goals:

-Acquire a bike (Mike Wazowski doesn't count)
-Do some laps in the pool
-Don't kill myself in the heat
-Give myself some leeway about the lack of desire to run/workout, just skip the damn workout already.
-Drop some pounds, cause yeah.


I didn't kill myself or hurt myself in anyway!  I moved to AM runs, which is just as painful as it sounds because that 0456 alarm makes me want to shank a bitch.  It doesn't make the humidity any less, but at least I'm not baking my brain... the sucky part is I'm never going to get tan running before daylight.  #girlproblems

I am also getting better at cutting myself some slack when I "miss" a run or workout.  Rest days really help me feel like I'm making progress the next time I workout and they are important (except to the scale which is my enemy).

I keep forgetting to bring my swimsuit for evening workouts/laps, but it hasn't really mattered much because I live in Charleston and evening thunder storms are a thing on the regular.  I'm sure the day I committed to laps would be the day it would storm.  Also, something about the area where base is just generates these crazy random thunderstorms, I'm assuming its because there's a body of water close by, but I'm not a meteorologist so idk.

I called "The Bike Guy" I found on Craigslist and he just so happened to not be home when I called and his son answered the phone and didn't have the key to the shed.  Seriously?  FML.  PS, I'm not paying more than $50 for a used bike that I'm only going to really use once (as I'm currently planning).  Someone suggested a road bike and I donkey laughed at them because it will be a cold day in hell before I ever pay more than $500 for a bike.  I'm already invested in running and swimming, I'm not branching out anymore.  This shit is getting expensive.

I've watched the scale drop and rise, drop and rise.  Really I should just refrain from stepping on that hateful thing, but I can't.  Also, on super humid/hot mornings, I can loose up to 1/2 a pound from water weight, so HA!

July's Goals:

-Seriously, get a bike.
-Seriously, do some laps at the pool.
-Keep runnin'.
-Don't get hurt/die of heat stroke.
-Keep the scale dropping not rising.
-Possibly try out the Air Force Base (AFB from here on out) gym/pool since it will be closer than the base gym I was going to pre-move.
-Depending on the AFB gym situation/my inconvenience, possibly join Planet Fitness since there is one near the outlets, which would be on my way home.  The kicker would be if they have classes.  I really miss workout classes.

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  1. r/loseit and r/progresspics have been a really good resource for me!

  2. I think it's fine to use your blog for motivation. That's pretty much what all of my fitness posts are. Sure, sometimes it's "Look what I learned!" but mostly it's "I need a reminder for myself." :P I'm with you on not branching out! I don't even want to swim. Just running and yoga for me, thanks.

  3. Using the blogging community to help you stay motivated is so a thing. Half the time when I want to wimp out on a workout I'm like "Well, the three people who read my Sunday Sweats posts are totally gonna notice and I do NOT want to admit to falling down on the job!" Good luck with your July goals!

  4. Don't get hurt is a goal that I should have put on my list for this month. I hurt my back BAD yesterday doing straight leg deadlifts. UGH! You have some great runs scheduled and a good plan for the month, best of luck!

  5. I've recebtly started cutting myself some slack on not sticking to my schedule perfectly, so high five for that. Obviously you need a bike for your race (still need to email you back btw...it's on my to do list when I am actually at a computer), but since you mentioned trying to find fitness classes...do you like spin? I trained for my first sprint mainly by taking spin once a week (I got on my actual bike maybe once or twice before the race). In a lot of ways I find it more effective than training on a real bike since it's so much more intense.
    Thanks for linking up! Hope you share your progress with us again next month!

  6. So much motivation....I fail at this thing. I started doing a 30 day yoga challenge but backed out when my tailbone decided it hated me. Now attempting a flexibility and split challenge. The scale keeps going up at my house...I hate food and fitness and wish that I didn't have to do either....#excuses #whininglikeababy


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