Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Review {6/29}


Friday started with me dropping off Yurtle and running home (as if anyone could forget that turn of events), which meant taking Mike to work.  It was a mabillionty degrees when it was time for me to leave work, but it wasn't storming, so it was fine.  I left and dropped off my deposit for the new place, thankfully not getting stopped in Presidential traffic blockages, although I did see a few exits to I-26 being blocked off (on and off ramps) completely.  I went home and waited on Mr. Scrooge to get home so we could go pick up Yurtle.

Since the dealership had called to tell me that I needed new tires (which I was well aware of) and that I had a nail in one of them (not aware of), I had already started the hunt for new shoes for Yurtle (Mr. Scrooge called them shoes and I'm sad I didn't think of it first).  After I picked up Yurtle, Mr. Scrooge followed me to one of the tire places in town, only for them to tell me that they didn't have any shoes in stock that would fit Yurtle but they could order them on Saturday morning and that it probably wasn't a good idea to leave Yurtle in their parking lot overnight (what with their location being in the ghetto).  Arrrrgh.

So we went back home to wait out traffic issues due to the interstate being closed down for Obama to leave town.  We decided on Moe's Crosstown Tavern for dinner and it was a SOLID choice.  So solid in fact that I didn't even get a photo for the blog of my burger.. Buttt I got the 2nd best thing...

I got the burger special

I almost got "my" burger (egg, bacon, cheese), but the special had guac and who passes up guac?!  It was a small bar with very little seating with pool tables in the back, near the Citadel.  We happened to get the last 2 seats in the place, which just happened to be at the bar.  Besides being Friday night, we also assume it was busy because the Women's World Cup was on and it was US vs China.  I need to go back and have "my" burger, but what I had was so good, I'd consider making Moe's a regular place.

Since we had ridden the bikes to dinner, we went straight home after since it was starting to get dark and Mike still has no gauge lights (or horn, I discovered).  I really missed riding Mike.  I had planned to do it more during the week, but the threat of rain really killed my mojo.  After getting home, it was time for bed.  I'm lucky to have really cute bed warmers.


Mr. Scrooge woke me up on Saturday because we had agreed to get Yurtle's shoes fixed in the morning by going back to the tire place and drop off Yurtle.  On the way, I called the shop where we had went Friday afternoon and checked to see if they did alignments and they didn't which quickly eliminated them.  I called Mr. Scrooge to tell him not to bother and said that I was going to the store and would figure out the tires later.  Before the store, I stopped by a tire place that is near the house/by the dealership to inquire about getting Yurtle's shoes there.  They would have been able to do it then, but I really didn't want to have to call Mr. Scrooge again and tell him to come and fetch me (assuming that he was almost home or already home and I'd already had him drive around town twice for no purpose already).  I made an appointment to Yurtle's shoes replaced on Sunday and then headed to the grocery store.

After a quick trip (yay!) to the grocery store, I went back home.  Mr. Scrooge had started breakfast when I got back home (yay!) and after we finished, we decided to go out on a ride.  I called "the bike dude" who I found on Craigslist and for the 3rd time, I got no answer, which meant that we couldn't ride out to James Island to see what he had.  I pretty much decided to give up on "the bike guy" for a bike for my triathlon, which means I seriously need to start looking/make a decision on buying a bike.  Mr. Scrooge usually has a destination when we go out to ride, so I suggested lunch dessert as a destination.

We headed out and Mr. Scrooge took the long way to downtown, which was fine since we were on the bikes, but had me concerned at first before I realized what he was doing.  We stopped at the southern most point of the Battery, which was awesome because I hadn't been there since middle school when we came to Charleston on a trip.

Required selfies at the battery like all the cruise ship tourists.

While we were at the Battery, I checked Yelp for a dessert place.  Christophe Artisan Chocolatier-P√Ętissier came up as one of the highest rated places, so that's where we went.  It was the closest I've gotten to Cafe Lilou since I left Bahrain.

I got the strawberry tart (they really didn't have very many chocolately options that weren't also coffee flavored, which isn't my jam) with a lemon truffle and a peanut butter truffle.  Mr. Scrooge had the coffee eclair and a key lime cheesecake truffle and a peanut butter truffle (he had to get his own PB truffle because I wasn't willing to share #sorrynotsorry).

The restaurant was an old house and it was adorable.  There was a very small seating area upstairs and the view probably was better when the house was built since that was pre-the huge cement wall that I got to enjoy while I was devouring my tart.

After we finished our desserts, we headed back towards home.  As per Mr. Scrooge's normal operations, instead of going where he said we were going, we ended up at a motorcycle dealership because he wanted to show me a bike that they no longer carried.  We finally headed home after the dealership.

When we got home, we took care of house duties: laundry, dishes, etc.  Eventually naptime was discussed and I was all over that.  Mr. Scrooge didn't nap well apparently because he went outside and worked on Mike and Clifford for a while.  When he was done giving the bikes makeovers, he started dinner.  He was quite productive.  I had to yell at him to GTFO of the kitchen so I could put away the dishes like he'd asked me to do.  Boyssss.. sigh.

Dinner was salmon with hollandaise (boom beeches, spelled that correctly the first try) and dill with beet salad and roasted brussel sprouts.  DELICIOUS.  We watched John Wick during dinner, which I hadn't actually seen because I wasn't going to pay to see it in the theater.  The music had a very Matrix feel, which I commented about several times... also, I called John Wick, Neo because it was pretty much the same character.

The rest of the evening was spent channel surfing and (me) blogging and going back and forth with someone on the blogger forums about why I was unable to create new blogs this past week for the GEGR foster dogs.  I think my situation is more of an analytic thing for the person helping me at this point, which is annoying to me because I feel like I've answered these questions, but I'm trying to look past it since they were trying to help.


I got up Sunday morning and let the beasts out and left them outside for a few hours while I was snoozed on and off.  Around 0930, I woke up Mr. Scrooge so we could drop off Yurtle.  We decided on Cafe Fork for brunch.  Mr. Scrooge had wanted to go there on Friday, but they close at 3, sooooo that didn't work out as a dinner plan.  Of course, as is my luck, when we got there, they weren't open because they are only open Monday - Friday 11-2.  Because that makes sense for a business.

Our redirect for lunch/brunch was Early Bird Diner.  We hadn't ever been there for Sunday brunch so it was "new" for us.  In a state of hunger, there were no photos, but Mr. Scrooge had the country scramble with fruit while I had french toast stuffed with peaches and cream.  As always with Early Bird, it was delicious.

One of the last times we were there, I picked up some art work for Teh Sister and I (which I can't remember if I showed you or not) and there were more there this time that were tempting, but I had some self-control.  The artist is Tami Boyce and I just LOVE her work.  I only have $95 worth of stuff in my shopping cart that I want to buy.. NBD.

Lewis the Otter, who I own because he's adorable.

On the way home, we stopped at the Oakley store for Mr. Scrooge to get his sunglasses washer liquid stuff refilled.  Since it was supposed to rain, we went home after the outlets to watch X-Files and (me) look for a bike and wait for the tire shop to call to tell me that Yurtle's shoes were done.

Around 4, we finally went and picked up Yurtle, even though they hadn't called.  Although when we pulled into the parking lot, Yurtle wasn't wet from the rain, which means she had just been pulled out of the garage and when I walked in the dude said that I had perfect timing.  I was hoping the person I had been emailing about the bike would also have perfect timing and have messaged me back before I left the tire shop, but they didn't.

I finally got some responses later in the evening and ended up driving to Mt. Pleasant and picking up the new bike.  Now I just need to ride it.  Is it awkward to wear my motorcycle helmet so I don't have to buy another helmet?

It needs a name...

Mr. Scrooge had to go to bed early since he had a middle of the night evolution at work, so I spent the evening entertaining myself.  I started to watch They Came Together and it was the worst movie my cheesy-RomCom loving heart has ever tried to endure.  I made it about halfway before finally giving up that it would ever get good, it deserved the 2 stars it got on Amazon.  Buuutttt then I discovered Downton Abbey season 5 on Amazon Prime and all was well in the world.

I am grateful for a very good weekend with Mr. Scrooge.  Going to bed on Saturday night felt like Sunday night, so waking up and having an "extra" weekend day was excellent.  This week is going to prove challenging I'm sure.  Other than switching bedrooms on Thursday night, no other packing has been done.  I am considering taking loads to the house, starting on Wednesday to mitigate the need for boxes/packing, but we'll see how that works out.  My goal is to leave mostly the big stuff for the movers on Friday.  Teh Sister and Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover are coming to Charleston for the big move, which I'm excited about (granted the reasoning behind it isn't so splendid, but I'll take what I can get).

I have to keep reminding myself there are valid reasons why I'm moving out, but when things are going so well, like they have been the past week, it seems crazy.  It makes me sad that I know there are good things that I'm giving up and my heart breaks over these things.  I have to tell myself to go back and read the miserable, angry posts to remember the reasons and it feels like dwelling and holding a grudge.  I'm sure you can expect some possibly angsty posts in the near future just a warning...  oh and all the pinterest quotes.  #itiswhatitis

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  1. Good times always make doing what you need to do 100x harder than they already are. I dated a guy off & on for 5 years. We lived together for one of them. We broke up almost immediately after moving in together, lived together the entire year, moved apart, got back together a few months later.

  2. I won't EVER pass up on guac or avocado hahaa. I'm a girl obsessed!

  3. Dude, all the yummy looking food!!!! And yes, just because you might have a good week here and doesn't make up for all the bad stuff. You deserve better than settling! I want you to keep reminding yourself of that. You dont settle for someone who wants to love you, you find someone who easily does! :)

  4. Good stuff every now and then is not a reason to pass up the opportunity for great stuff.

    And yes, always go for the guac. There should be t-shirts for that.


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