Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Review {6/15}


After what felt like an absurdly long week, Friday came with a bang and included me leading my first documentation review meeting.  During which I endured glazed over eyes from all of my nerd tech guys who could care less about documentation.  The meeting was a painful hour and a half long and none of the guys were pleased with the outcome, which was that they really needed to do a lot of work between now and Wednesday to get our shit straight.  It's not like the documentation that we went over hasn't been available to them for the last 2 months so I feel zero sympathies for them.  Well, with the exception of how long the meeting lasted, I felt sympathetic for that and to solve that issue I purposely let my computer die when my boss came in (having missed an hour and fifteen minutes of the meeting) and seemed to want to start all over again and I wasn't having it.  Nope, nope, nope.  #likeaboss

I also brought Phil with me to work since I was taking a short day, which was nice because when I would get frustrated, I'd give him some attention and go back to working.  I guess that's what it's like to have a therapy dog?  What this really means is that it's Meri's turn next time.  This also means that instead of going to the gym after work, I had to go home.  Which meant that I didn't go to the gym because.. laziness and Friday and I'm still bitter about the yoga class thing.

Mr. Scrooge had suggested sushi for dinner during lunchtime and I was totally down with that.  We hadn't been in 2 whole weeks, which is a long time for us.  Since Mr. Scrooge had a late lunch (because he fails at eating schedules), we didn't go to dinner until 7, which meant that I had time for a nap and much reading after work.

Also, Amazon notifications on my phone, while annoying because it's yet another notification, are super awesome because I knew the second that Hyperbole and a Half had been delivered to my door, even though I hadn't heard the doorbell.  #allthewin  Skaveybaby (based on his WoW name, not a first impression nickname I came up with) gets the credit for my actually reading Hyperbole and a Half.  Only a blogger that lives under a rock hasn't heard of Hyperbole and I've read some of her blog and I thought the book's main focus was on depression so I wasn't overly interested.  Skaveybaby told me that the writing was similar to mine (she talks about dogs a lot) and then I was like, "BUYING NOW."  So far, I'm enjoying it.

My medal rack that I bought finally arrived and it brings me all the joy.  Now where to put it...

I finally called the motorcycle shop about Mike because he was supposed to be back to me by "mid-week" and it was past mid-week and Mr. Scrooge deemed it acceptable to finally call.  You should just know that I'm super pissed about this whole Mike situation.  Or maybe it's the shop.  IDK.  I have misdirected rage because I'm not sure where to direct it at.  First off, that Mike was a half-blood pissed me off.  I got over that because it's a used bike.  Period, end of story.  Then there has been dealing with the 2 step process of getting it fixed.  Ordering one set of parts to fix it and waiting then ordering another set of parts and waiting.  Apparently, the parts to fix Mike's half-blood-ness didn't arrive until Wednesday, although Monday/Tuesday had been their original prediction.  Instead of calling me and explaining this when it was happening I had to call on Friday to find out.  So due to the delay, I'm now directing my rage at the garage fixing Mike.

In true #oldladystatus after we got home from dinner, I changed (back) into my pjs and laid in bed reading until it was sleepy time while Mr. Scrooge gamed until who-knows-when-o-clock.


I had committed to going to Fayettenam to dog sit for Teh Sister while she made a surprise trip to DC to visit Teh Utah Specialist since he's TAD there.  I was also hoping to knock out getting Meri groomed because her fluffiness is no longer making me want to die, but more like cry because it's so out of control.  Also, I had scheduled a hair appointment on Thursday for Saturday.  Instead of getting up and running (which I considered but opted out of for an earlier arrival time), I got up and got ready.  Meri was on the groomer's waitlist if they had any cancelled appointments and I wanted to be in the area if something opened up.

I didn't make a packing list, so I ended up getting 10 minutes from home and having to turn around to retrieve the folded petals I did for Teh Sister's bouquets, which was another benefit of going to Fayettenam, I didn't have to mail them.  I also grabbed the dog's bowls which I had forgotten but wasn't overly concerned about (they would eat their food off a pile of shit as long as it was food).

After I hit the interstate, the hair lady called to cancel my appointment because she had a conflict and something about needing to get on base for a party.  Well, I called her and in full on Megan-creeper mode (which is totally I think if you know me IRL), told her that I could get her on base if she could do my hair.  I also told her that I was arriving early if she wanted to bump the appointment up.  She told me she'd call me back and let me know.  When she called back, she asked how long I was in town for and I told her till Sunday and she asked if I could do an appointment on Sunday.  YES PLEASE.  I told her the earlier the better, since I don't want to be getting home super late.  We set a time for 9 and I was satisfied enough.

On the drive to Fayettenam, I talked to Teh BFF, Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover, and Teh Dad.  Driving time is perfect talkin' time.  It's a good day when I get to talk to Teh BFF or Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover, but it's an especially good day if I get to talk to them on the same day.

After getting to Fayettenam and dropping off the dogs, I went to Red Robin for lunch because duhhhh.  I didn't even have to look at the menu, which I pride myself on.  I brought Teh Flamin' Kindle along as entertainment.  Why is it so awkward for a person to eat alone for everyone else?  When I walked in alone, instead of suggesting how many (as hostesses usually do when a couple/group walks in the door) they just looked at me like, "Do we say, 'Just one?' or do we just wait for her?"  I finally said, "One," and it took them a minute to process what was happening.  Eating alone in public isn't awkward people!  UGH, get over it!

VIP parking.  It's a Megan thing.

After lunch, I went back to Teh Sister's house to hang out with the puppies and read and nap and blog.  I also considered watching Netflix but I had put the remote under the TV and that was too far away for me to reach from comfortably sitting on the couch.  I figured it wasn't a big deal since after blogging I was able to accomplish more reading.

I had decided on Thursday night to finally finish The Interestings, which is far from interesting, but I want to see how it ends because the main character is just so.... absorbed in what everyone else thinks in regards to how "poor" she is.  I really just want everyone to leave her because she's so shallow, but we'll see what happens.  You'll find my scathing review in the book review next month.

Anytime Meri goes to Teh Sister's house, she migrates from the patio door on the back of the house to the front windows all the day long because she's constantly on roving watch.  It's tolerable because she doesn't bark/whine unless she actually sees something that needs to be chased/caught (squirrels and birds).  I worry about letting her out in the yard unsupervised for too long because Teh Sister only has a 3 ft fence which Meri could EASILY hop over if she felt inclined.  Watching her put her front feet up on the top of the fence makes me send up rapid prayers that she won't see something and decide to chase it.

Always on watch, who needs the Navy with a Meri-Meri?

After staying up way too late, I actually finished The Interestings despite the distracting texts from Mr. Scrooge.


Sleep was extremely rough.  My nephdawgs are snugglers and like to sleep IN the bed UNDER the covers with you and I'm not used to that.  Additionally, Mr. Scrooge's phone is on the fritz and it finally pushed through a message at 0139 in the morning.  This woke me up and then I was acutely aware of the fan in the room tink, tink, tink-ing over and over and over.  But it wasn't consistently tinking so it was too distracting for me to get used to.  I did a 2am scour of Teh Sister's house to find something to balance the fan blades, but couldn't find anything or anything to secure whatever I found to the blade anyways.  I finally just turned off the fan and suffered through the rest of the night.  The dogs were up at bright-fucking-o-clock-am and I was NOT pleased.  I got up and fed them and let them out so I could go back to sleep ASAP.

I had to be at my hair appointment at 9.  This happened:

Honestly, I'm not super impressed with the cut.  Partially because I'm overtly biased against anyone that isn't my Home, Home hair dresser, Paula.  She's been doing my hair since 2000.  We have a relationship and she never disappoints me.  Additionally, I was charged $40 for the lady to cut my hair and blow dry it a little.  I realized while I was there she hadn't even bothered to PART my hair to give it an ambidextrous look and be even on both sides.  When I got home, I looked in the mirror and did the test that Paula would have done where she takes pieces from both side of the part (in the middle) and makes sure that they are both the same length, insuring that my hair is actually the same length on both sides (what with my ears not being level on my head, this is something I really appreciate (no I'm not kidding about the ear thing)) and my hair is longer on one side than the other.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  I also explained to her that Paula actually shaved a little bit of the short hair off right at the hairline in the back, so my hair would curl under.  That was my very obvious way of hinting to her she should do that... Nope.

She also had a bob cut and I felt like she was trying to give me her hair cut, which I wasn't super impressed with (despite the fact that she hadn't done anything to fix her hair that morning).  I wanted it cut and possibly permed and she explained that because my hair had been bleached to get the blue color to stay, it probably wasn't a good idea, which I understood.  I kinda started to feel like she didn't really want to be cutting my hair and she just wanted to be done.  She suggested that I do a few hair treatments to help "heal" the bleached hair and when I asked her how much they were, she didn't even have any on hand because "Monday is my shopping day."  Seriously?  It's Sunday, I'm sure that other cosmetologists had something on hand that you could have "borrowed" until the next day when you went out to replace it.  At that point, the feeling that she didn't want to be there had kinda surmounted and I was almost done.  When she was done, I think she could tell that I wasn't exactly pleased with the cut, but I didn't really know what to say or ask for to make it better, so I just accepted it and paid and left.  I was torn on the tip situation because she had called to cancel on me on Saturday, but then came in on her off day to take care of me... but she also hadn't done an amazing job on my hair cut.  I left 15% and walked out mostly displeased.  I really just wish I could teleport Paula to me or vice versa when I needed a cut.  She wouldn't have disappointed me.

This is Noodles.  He has abs of steel.

After my appointment, I went back to Teh Sister's house and took a nap since I was pretty tired and I had told Teh Sister that I wasn't planning on leaving till noon-ish.  I left Fayettenam and made it home by 3, as planned.  Mr. Scrooge and I hung around the house for a bit and then decided on breakfast for dinner at Early Bird Diner.  When we arrived, they were closed... le sigh.  At which point I suggested we go downtown (poor life choice when Mr. Scrooge had already admitted to being hungry) to try Toast.

After looking for parking for over 20 minutes, Mr. Scrooge finally found a place to park, despite there being a parking garage right around the corner and our illegal space was also open, but he didn't seem to want to test his luck with the parking ticket situation.  When we got to Toast, we ordered from the dinner menu, which was all we had been given, and I asked to see the brunch menu.  When the waitress brought us menus that said that breakfast was served all day, I asked her if we could cancel our order that we'd put in.  Fortunately, we were able to and we reordered from the breakfast menu.  We had both been pretty disappointed at seeing only a dinner menu, so my random asking for the brunch menu really made up for the no-breakfast options disappointment and the parking adventure.

After dinner, we came home and fed the beasts and were generally lazy until it was bedtime.

Overall, an excellent weekend was had.  Still no word on Mike Wazowski, which is incredibly frustrating.  Meri wasn't able to get fit in at the groomer that Teh Sister goes to, which sucks.  This hair situation, between mine and Meri's means that I'll have to finally commit to finding Charleston places to get my hairs did and Meri groomed in the next week or so since I'm going to need another cut in 2 weeks because she did a crappy job where it looks good now but won't look good soon............. (there aren't enough dots for that) and because Meri's fur is parting on her back it's so long and just no.  That means committing to the area.  It hurts a little on the inside.  I've strongly considered just walking up to strangers in public places with the same style hair cut as me and asking where they got their hair cut and if they like their hair person.  I'm that desperate... or creepy.  #IDGAF

Oh you wanted to see an after photo?  Oops, my bad.

PS This means that 85% of the green hair is gone!!!
Praise Allah!
PPS.  It shouldn't look like I have a mini mohawk in the back.  Le siiigh.

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  1. I LOVE your medal rack! I want to go out and get one just like it (for my one medal lol).

    trish - tales from trish

  2. Even though you weren't a fan of the stylist, that cut is SUPER cute. I love a good bob. heh heh. I can't sleep if there's a random noise in the room either, I have to turn it off or balance it or whatever I need to do to make it stop. I also have a sock over the cable box because I think the blue light is too bright. I have issues.

  3. Very cute medal rack. I love the hair! It looks great on you! I'm about to get into a struggle with my hair. I want to donate it which means not doing shit to it for a very long time. I have fairly long hair but I want to keep it long-ish which means it's going to get REAALLLY long & I can't do shit about it. 6 months later I'm finally going in to get a trip because hot mess express over here with the split ends...

  4. your medal rack looks great!

  5. I saw another person mention that The Interestings wasn't interesting and the main character was really annoying, so I think I'll be skipping that one. I started Hyperbole and a Half but had to give it back to the library after just barely starting it and it didn't grab me, but I may try again. Let me know what you think!

    When I moved I just asked my one local friend where she went and looked at a bunch of Yelp reviews to find a new hair spot, and the place I picked did a good job. I think your new do looks great though!

  6. Wow, that is a big change with the hair! For what it's worth, I like it, but I understand that being unhappy with your haircut/stylist sucks. I'm sorry :( Good luck finding people in the area!

  7. I am weird about letting people cut my hair. I almost started driving the 2 hours back to Atlanta to have my normal girl cut it...but then Chris introduced me to his friend whom I now trust to do it. They have to have longer hair because I like to keep mine longer. And I have to feel like I can go in with some stuff and they tell me what is going to look good or bad based on my hair type and face and stuff. I wanna bring my doggies to work!!! Mmmmm Red Robbin. Yum!


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