Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Confessions {6/17}

-I created the Ramblin' Rose event on RunKeeper for the Winston-Salem race and before I could even sign myself up for it, 4 other people had already joined.  Why don't race organizers add their races to popular fitness apps?  I just don't get it. #Ishouldgetadiscount

-There is someone that I don't personally know, but I know of.. and I hate her.  This hatred is based on the effects she's had on my life through someone else.  Essentially, she has a very strong hold over them and can effect their behavior no matter what (to the point that I can pinpoint specific instances where things have happened based on things she's said), which often leads to shit things for me.  Additionally, she always plays the good/sympathetic role on FB when I've been an obvious asshole.  I wish I could #byefelicia her out of my life.

-I can sometimes be unintentionally creepy.  Like when I offered Teh Sister's hair lady a ride to base if she did my hair on Saturday.  Teh WJL said that she was aware of my creepiness.  I don't think I actualized my creepiness until sometime in 2014. #creeper

-Teh WJL also informed me that my walking around at home in my t-shirt and undies is a long standing thing.  I didn't realize it was a thing until she informed me of such when we talked on Saturday.  Apparently, I don't like pants when I'm at home.  I didn't remember this being the case when I was in college, but she's probably right.  #myBFFsknowthings

-Teh Sister has one of those Glade air freshener thingies that randomly sprays out and it scares the ever-living bejesus out of me every.single.time.  #Iscareeasy

-I have ZERO issues with commenting on all the confessions that apply to me in other blogger's posts.  I don't care if my comment is a million pages long.  #yourewelcome #dedicated

-If your hair dresser lets you dry your own hair after she cuts it so they can see what your hair would look like if you do it at home, keep them forever... and if you're in Charleston, tell me where I can find them.  #Imnotkidding #badhaircutssuck

-If your hair dresser doesn't cut your hair to look good in a few weeks, they suck.  #aintnobodygottimefordat

-When apps on my phone push notifications AFTER I've closed out the app, I get pretty annoyed.  It's worse when they don't push notifications unless I actually use the app.  #timehop #getyourshittogether

-Megan quote: I don't feign stupidity.  My stupidity is genuine.  (regarding Mr. Scrooge trying to get in my pants and my being 100% oblivious) #booksmartnotpeoplesmart

-One of my BIGGEST issues with people is hypocrisy.  Don't bitch or stop someone from doing something that you don't like and then proceed to do it yourself.  For instance, if you are a signal light nazi you sure as fuck better use your signal light 100% of the time if you're going to bitch about other people not using it.  Another example, if you are going to "shh" people when you're watching TV you sure as fuck better not start speaking/making comments later.  #hypocrite

-Telling me to "shh" is a sure fire way to make me NOT "shh" ever.  #IrefusetodowhatImtoldonprinciple #mymotherwouldagree

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  1. I think that glade thing would scare the be-jesus out of me too. I get scared way to easily. I and HATE hypocrites. It's probably my number one pet peeve. And if I ever catch myself doing something hypocritical I get so upset with myself I feel sick. I hate it!

  2. Oh man those auto airfreshners get me every time. And I hate when people I dont even know can somehow effect my life indirectly. Rude!

  3. OMG when people shh me! I am a damn adult don't you dare shh me like a child!!
    I have one of those girls I've never met but is ruining my life so I hate her as well...
    Perhaps it makes me a creeper but I read your comment about being creepy due to offering someone a ride in exchange for doing your hair a good 3 or 4 times before giving up because I couldn't find anything creepy about that.
    Every time I read your confession posts I wonder why I don't hashtag more in my posts seeing as I do it all the flippin time everywhere else in my life...

  4. Comments are wonderful. Long ones, short ones, I'm always happy with comments.

  5. Gahhh I been needing to do a bye felisha on a few ppl this week! Ramblin Rose WS....hey that's my hood!

  6. I was a HUGE fan of the giant shirt an undies for YEARS! So long. We all wore that to bed in college and we literally had a sorority suite full of girls in t-shirts. I remember some of our guy friends coming over and they lost their minds because we were all dressed like that and gave 0 cares that there were boys there. They were sad too because none of them were getting any.


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