Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Sweats #1

When I watched the scale scramble from 159 to 162 to 157 and then finally land on 160.4, I was pretty sure I just needed to take my socks off and maybe stand on a different spot on the scale.  Sadly, even with my socks off, the scale was still adamant about what I weighed and my jeans were even more demanding with their insane tightness and muffin top expose and judgment.  It was at that point that I decided that Project Flab Extermination needed to be a thing.

I don't mind being categorized as overweight, but I'd at least prefer to stay within Navy regs since they are so lenient anyways.  My max weight in the Navy was 151 for my height and really that's not difficult to maintain (unless you're me and move to SC and stop running because laziness and depression and stuff and things and all the excuses!).

When I left MD, I was around 145 lbs and I liked it there.  I like the way my body looked, I liked the way I felt, I liked the way my clothes fit, I liked ME.  So that is my goal again.  Hopefully posting workouts on Teh Blog will make me accountable (similar to how I feel about the monthly book linkup), more than just the self-guilt I currently hold over my own head. 

I track all my cardio workouts on RunKeeper, so if you wanna be friends and have some friendly miles competition, friend me!

Here we go!

you're welcome, Gentle Readers.


Nothing happened but laziness on this day.  I had planned to walk the dogs but Meri exhausted herself bouncing around the yard in the morning and it took Phil several hours to cool down from a mile on Saturday, so I wasn't in a hurry to take him out either.  I had done a long run on Saturday, which didn't help my motivation to get off my ass. #restdaysareimportant


AM: 2.16 mile run, 9:56 m/m pace!  I picked up inserts for my running shoes on Saturday and wanted to try them.  I didn't want overdo it, just in case I needed some serious adjustment time.  Inserts are amazing!  I had some serious hip tightness, but I powered through it.  Hearing Suzy tell me that my pace was under 10 minutes gave me the energy to push out that last bit to the house to keep my pace sub-10.  Feeling good!

PM: 45 mins on the elliptical (4.13 miles) + 5-10 min core workout.  My elliptical time is my "me" time.  I pride myself on my mad reading while moving skillz, so I spend these precious minutes reading.  Worked on crunches, planks on the bonzi ball (or whatever it's called, Bosu I think), arm rotations and lifts w/ 5 lb weights.  Yeah, I was sore from that minimal core workout until Thursday.  FML for putting in a bit of effort.


AM: Meh.  This is a perfectly acceptable reaction to a 0456 alarm when you worked out 2x the day before and you are definitely going to the gym later... even if you laid out your running stuff the night before.

PM: 35 mins on the elliptical (3.49 miles).  There was a super bad storm passing through CHS (Charleston) and the last thing I wanted was to have to stop my workout in the middle to go huddle in the bathroom with sweaty strangers, so I settled for a short session and skipped any extras to caulk and float ford the river (literally) that was my way home.

This was a sweaty selfie I sent to Teh MD Adult Roomie for a reaction pic, but it totally works here.


AM: 4.13 mile run, 10:20 m/m pace.  Nothing to write home about, but at least I managed to get my ass out of bed and get dressed and brushed my teefs and started running all before I was properly awake.  That's how to really trick yourself.  Do it before you're actually awake.  Also, seeing other people out running that early is totally motivational.. especially if they are behind you and you don't want to look behind you to see if they are still there, which means that you keep running, even when you want to walk because you're a badass and you don't walk (aka you don't want those walkers to see you walking because you're better than that), don't be a bitch.  And to that cute dude, sup?  wanna be runnin' buddies?

Sorry got distracted.  The run felt good.  ZERO issues, which is always a relief.  Usually I have a pain of some sort to report.  NOTHING.  Praise Allah.  I definitely stretched extra in/after the shower because I could feel my IT bands giving me the finger and being tight.  The only after pain I had was the top of my left foot is giving me some issues and I'm not sure why.  It started after Saturday's run and then Sunday when I was doing something, there was a pinching/sharp pain which definitely took my breath away and it's been sore since.  I've been trying stretches and ankle rotations to help, but so far not so much.  It doesn't hurt to touch and I'm sure if I googled it, I'd end up with cancer and have less than a month to live.

PM: 40 minutes on the elliptical (3.94 miles).  Since I had ran in the morning, I wasn't overly worried about going forever for the calorie burn.  There were a lot of people in the gym, so I didn't bother with any serious core stuff.  Also, I was still stiff from Monday's efforts.


AM: Skipped my run because sleep was better and because I had worked out 2x the day prior and I was planning on yoga in the PM.

PM: ARGH ALL THE RAGE!  A surprise happy hour work thing was thrown upon us (which was acceptable since the CEO was paying since he was in town, mmkay), which meant work related things for longer than I had planned.  I was the first person to leave happy hour so I could make it to yoga in time and after paying, changing, and sitting in the group workout room alone for 15 minutes and 1 other person showing up (it was also his first time), the instructor never showed.  I went back to the desk where I paid, at which point one of the guys who worked there decided to mention that he'd heard something about the yoga instructor being back in July.. Yet he still wrote the rain check date on my receipt for next week.  /facepalm.  So no workout... all day.  grrr.  I was super pumped about yoga because of how tight my hips/IT bands have been this week so I did some stretches at home and rolled, but it's just not the same.

It was a day very much about the purple.


AM: 2.17 miles, 9:37 m/m!  I considered not running, then I was like, do 3 miles, that's 30 minutes.  It doesn't even take THAT long!  Then I got distracted because the dogs were crazy hyper active that morning, which meant I started later than I wanted.  I told them (yes, the dogs) I'd take them for a quick jaunt before I left for work.  So I bumped my run down to 2 miles and then came home and got the dogs and jogged another .25 miles (which I didn't log on RunKeeper because it was too much hassle).  I would have went further with them, but I didn't want to be late for work.  Also, can we get a HELL YES for Thursday being an unintentional rest day, which is what I'm attributing that almost 9:30m/m pace to...  HELL YES, BEECHES.

PM: Considered going to the gym, but I had brought Phil to work with me, so I went straight home and never got the motivation to go back out to the gym.  I napped instead.  #sorrynotsorry


AM: Considered a run and instead decided to get up and get ready to head to Fayetteville to dog sit for Teh Sister.  Meri was on a waitlist at Teh Sister's groomer because she needs to be shaved in the worst way, so I figured the sooner I got there, the sooner I could bring her in if something opened.  Nothing opened AND my hair appt also got cancelled (and rescheduled to Sunday (Praise Allah)) and I was pretty disappointed I had bothered to get there early.  I could have ran in Fayettenam, but the "feels like" temp was 109° and that was a big fucking NOPE from this girl... and I didn't bring anything to do a workout in.  I could have also done a youtube video in the AC, but meh.

PM: Considered finding a yoga class but opted for laziness and hanging out with my nephdawgs and Meri and Phil instead.  #worthit

Noodles has no boundaries... or fucks to give about my reading progress.


Running: 8.5 miles
Elliptical: 11.28 miles
Etc: Short core session

This was a pretty rough week in that it felt like it was never going to end.  End of the week laziness is a consistent trend in my life and I would have had more elliptical miles had I not brought Phil to work with me on Friday.  I'm a creature of convenience and if it's out of my way (or I have to leave the house after I arrive there), it's probably not going to happen, which is exactly what happened to a Friday PM workout.

Goals for next week:

-Keep up with the morning runs.
-Keep up with the afternoon gym sessions
-Do a yoga video if the instructor is a failure again.
-Possibly get some laps in at the pool
-Find a freakin' bike for the triathlon and start riding it.  August 20th is a' comin'.

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  1. I wish I had your motivation. I've watched my scale climb...and climb. My clothes feel about the same...I just can't buy anything new. I feel like crap most of the time but I think that has a lot to do with other things as well. Still it is awesome that you are taking charge and getting back to where you feel the best! Keep at it!


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