Friday, June 5, 2015

Five on Friday #53


When I picked up Teh Granny from Teh SC House Hunter's Mom's house earlier this week, a door-to-door house alarm salesman came up as we were leaving.  As we were passing each other, he asked if someone graduated from NC State and I confirmed it was me.  He said, I noticed the plate and I just graduated this year.  I congratulated him and we got in the car to leave.  Before we pulled out of the driveway, he was crossing the yard to the neighbor's house having been turned away by Teh SC House Hunter's Mom and he gave me the wolfpack hand sign.

That simple gesture helped turn my seriously bad day around (that was the day I found out about Mike being a half-blood (you're welcome if you get that)).  I was still kinda grouchy, but it made me smile really big and I needed that.

Side note: I knew one of the ladies that was Ms. Wuf.  She was one of my suitemates my freshman year.
Side note 2: This is not the Texas Longhorns sign.  Cause when you open your thumb/middle fingers, the wolf howls. 


Due to the BJB (if you're confused what a BJB is, read the Sunday section of this post), I pretty much didn't work out last week after I went to urgent care.  Although putting a bandaid over the BJB (despite the awkward location) was extremely helpful in being able to walk properly.  This week Teh Granny has been here and I haven't worked out.  I could have went on runs in the morning but I just.. meh.  I watch the scale go up on days that I work out and it's infuriating and I'm frustrated at not fitting into my clothes and not working out doesn't help, but being frustrated about actually working out isn't helping..  So, I'm taking a break and I'm not forcing it.  I have a triathlon in Winston-Salem on August 20th, so I should probably acquire a bike for that in the near future and maybe do a few lap sessions before I actually have to do the race with Teh MD Adult Roomie.

I just am tired of being so unmotivated.  I want that motivation back from last summer when I was all the runs! all the time!  I was feeling super awesome about myself and now I'm feeling totally like shit about myself.  Maybe that was the runner's high... and now I've crashed, lol.

But seriously, I need some motivation to get my ass back into getting up early and running and going to the gym and Project Flab Extermination.  I'm sure it will help when we no longer have company and I don't feel pressured to go straight home after work... hopefully.

I just feel gross... and honestly, that one time that I was naked my confidence was slightly shaken when Mr. Scrooge poked my belly and it jiggled and he stared instead of diverting his eyes.  I like to tell myself that dudes don't notice, but when sexy times are already few and far between, those things probably are definitely noticeable since it's just an excuse not to get in the mood, or a way to kill my "mood", I'm not sure which. #donttouchmyjigglybits #kthx


I wrote a #shareyourugly post and it quickly turned very, very, veryyyyy dark and negative and inappropriate and so it's still in draft form and it's probably safer there for the near future.  Instead, I've been making attempts to not censor myself as much on things that could be awkward for strangers to know about me (my lackluster sex life for instance) or things I wish weren't true (everything about DOS).

Knowing my parents read this sometimes makes the censoring thing a struggle.. and talking about extremely personal stuff makes it difficult as well, but transparency can be achieved.. now if I could do it without pinning the blame and not embarrassing others, that would be progress my friends.


Things around the media world you might not have seen but should have:

"Dirty words" weren't invented within the last few centuries.. Relevant featured an article that talks about just how dirty the Bible actually is and that "dirty words" aren't scorned upon (that isn't to say you shouldn't listen to your mother).  This article reminded me of my 10th grade English teacher who had the balls to enlighten us to this fact by having us read the chapter of Esther and pretty much explained to us what happened without Biblical censorship.  He was my 2nd favorite English teacher, my first being my 9th, 11th, and 12th grade English teacher because she was a mentor as well as my teacher.

This article caught my eye because I'm currently dating someone who doesn't like to hear anything remotely related to my girl parts doing what they were designed to do each month (#Ipickwinners).  That said, Teh Dad never hesitated to carry an empty pads/tampons package to the store to make sure he got the right one.  I got a pretty good daddy, for sure.  If he was ever embarrassed about it, he never said but if he really was he probably would have wished for my menstrual cup discovery 15 years ago.

I don't give any shits about anyone named Jenner (because I personally know none), but when I caught this clip on The Daily Show I was floored because John Stewart (or his writers) always hit the nail on the head.  ANDDDD they made it about women, not Jenner, which I appreciated.

Stewart also had a clip about ISIS and how America sucks at learning from history that made me laugh because America sucks at anything related to "helping" and the Middle East.

This comic about the different outcomes of growing up with financial security.  #preachit

That GoT/Coldplay video, especially if you didn't watch it on Wednesday, but maybe even if you did watch it on Wednesday.  Seriously, 12 minutes of your life that you won't regret spending on the internet today.  I swear to Buddha.

Finally, Walk off the Earth's new song called Boomerang that I'll be playing on repeat for the near future.
You’re a little bit yesterday
But I’m kickin’ it here today
You’re dope at the game you play
But I’m not your boomerang
You’re a little bit fire show
I’m a little bit H2O*

*those lyrics might be a touch too soon for this Aquarius (and that Sagittarius).


Randoms from Pinterest because I needed some giggles/reminders/I do what I wawnt.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. Hahahahahahahaah The Full House DJ thing!!!!! I remember how hard I laughed at that the first time I saw it and it STILL makes me giggle today. Good times, good times. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I saw the 4th Pinterest quote the other day & actually thought of you<3


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