Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Sweats #2


AM: After a rough dog night and still being in Fayettenam with zero workout clothes and a 0900 hair appointment, no working out was done.  I was not sorry.

PM: Nope.

Noodles was doing an ab workout for me before I left because he's such a sweet nephdawg.


AM:  I should have gotten up to run, but I was le tired, so I slept in.

PM:  50 mins on the elliptical (4.79 miles).  It was hot and miserable inside the gym so I moved a fan that wasn't being used to blow me (hehehe) while I was getting my workout on.  I did at least put it to oscilate so others nearby could also enjoy the breeze.  When I was done, I turned it to the lady behind me on the treadmill who is also a regular and I'm sure I was making that exact same face as she did when the breeze hit her.  I wanted to do some core stuff, but it was too hot and there were too many people so I just went home.


AM: 4.25 mile run (10:18m/m).  Drug my very sleepy ass out of the bed and went running since I didn't go yesterday and the rule is 2 workouts the day before is the exception.  See, I AM a rule follower.  Who knew.  I'm not even sad about that pace for 2 reasons.  I had worked out the day before AND it was almost 80 degrees at 0530.  Charleston needs to get it's shit together because that is unsat.  I'm sure I'm going to be the one that is disappointed since I'm the one that moved to the real South.  Apparently for 29 years I've just been kidding myself that I'm from "the South."  Being at a higher elevation helped mitigate all the miserableness that is the real South..

PM: I worked from home in the afternoon because a Comcast tech was finally coming to troubleshoot our stupid cable/internet problems (fingers crossed shit stays fixed).  Due to this disruption of my regular schedule, I ended up taking a nap instead of going to the gym.  #itwasglorious

Yeah this is what working from home looks like.
Do not judge my FB-ing, there was documentation up too!
Also, my dogs make the best coworkers, even if they are more distracting.


AM: 2.04 miles (12m/m).  Mr. Scrooge had asked me 8:30 Tuesday night to take the dogs on a walk (because their excitement when he goes out the front door makes him feel guilty.. I'm completely immune) and it was all I could do not to laugh in his face.  I instead compromised and agreed to take them on an excursion this morning.  Phil ran/walked .75 miles and I dropped him off knowing he wasn't going to be able to handle running more than that.  Then Meri and I continued on our merry (hehehe) way for the remaining 1.25 miles.  We would have went further, but I noticed she started to slow down.  After she dropped a pretty nice looking poop (sorry if you're not a doggy person that doesn't appreciate dog poop formations), she obviously felt lighter and wanted to drag me down the street.  Since we were already on our way home we just kept going.  She needs some work to become a running partner, but I'm willing to work with her.

PM: 33 minutes on the elliptical (3.05 miles).  Copying my protocol from Monday, I acquired a fan and pointed it straight at me and didn't even bother to oscillate it.  Nope, still too hot in the gym for me to share.  Seriously, that mess needs to be fixed or I'm about to start paying for a gym membership somewhere.  Between my knees sweating due to lack of AC and the smell, I'm over what I get for free with my military ID.  I also did some lunges/squats/core/arms stuffs.
Short session because Mr. Scrooge had a softball game at 6 and I was a sub if they needed a person.  Thankfully I did not have to play and instead was able to accomplish some work.  I should have added some extra calories burned to my day for sweating my ass off in the 90 mabillionty degrees while Mr. Scrooge played ball.

I didn't have time to shower between my workout and the game, which is probably good since I was just as drenched from sitting there as I was from my workout.
Also, who is the best sunglasses holder GF ever?  That'd be me.
PS this face was the selfie I sent to Teh MD Adult Roomie to express how I felt about being surrounded by 8 children, 4 of them under the age of 1.


AM: Nope.

PM: 18:20 on the elliptical (1.75 miles).  Honestly, nothing about me wanted to work out all the day long.  I did a short session because I didn't have a headband so my hair was all in my face and Teh Flamin' Kindle was dead and I was being subjected to Charleston shooting news and ESPN channels.  The fact that I didn't just walk out immediately after I discovered my Kindle was dead was a miracle.


AM: 2.2 miles (9:42m/m).  I still wasn't really in the mood to workout, but I went anyways.  After starting, I committed to also taking the dogs out since I was only doing a "short" run.  After my solo run, Phil and Meri and I did 1.07 miles at a 12m/m walk/jog.  Meri really needs some leash practice.  Despite my running a few bunnies off when I was alone, Meri still picked up on them, which meant that once she was aware, Phil was aware and I'm sure I scared the bejesus out of some guy who was just trying to load his car.  Oops.

PM: 50 minutes on the elliptical (4.84 miles).  I had to make up for the extreme lethargy I'd been experiencing.  I also did


AM: Nope.

PM: Mr. Scrooge and I took out Mike and Clifford on a date and it was extremely hot so I'd at least call it a sweat session with some core work, even though not a traditional workout.  When we got home, Mr. Scrooge checked the mail and my new hippy runner headbands had arrived.  Suuuuuuper fast shipping was awesome, it probably also helped that they were shipped from Myrtle Beach.  Since cutting my hair, I've been having to wear bandannas since the headbands I have are thin and mostly inefficient at holding my hair out of my face during my workouts.  I'm pumped to use these and I really hope they stay in place.  I ordered 4, but only because I had a buy 1, get 1 free code I found on a FB ad.  I'll research this and get back to you. (I didn't get paid for that, but if they wanted to pay me, I'd accept).

I didn't really accomplish the goals of laps or acquiring a bike or yoga, but they will happen.  August is comin'.  I did try to incorporate some yoga stretches after my workouts, so I give myself 1/4 credit on that goal.


Running: 9.56 miles
Elliptical: 14.43 miles
Etc: some core/lunges/squads/arms work, yoga stretching, a super sweaty ride on Mike.


Acquire a bike, seriously.
Do some laps at the pool (this would probably be better than my knees sweating in the cardio room).
Yoga video, just do it, Megan, not that hard.
Continue running/afternoon gym sessions.
Don't beat myself up over not wanting to work out.  *This one is incredibly difficult for me for some stupid reason.

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  1. I love the funky headbands! Because I sweat and it goes in my eyes and I need all the things to be perfect in order for me to have a good work out. They get all sweaty and I take them off in the car and sometimes leave them there like a 17 year old boy and his dirty gym socks.

  2. Great job with all the mileage this week!! I love when I find headbands that work well for my hair, so I hope those ones work well for you. Keep up the great work!


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