Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Sweats #3


AM: 2 miles (at 17ish m/m).  Took the beasts for a walk since it was 83 (but felt like 94).  It was totally worth it because not only did I get to test out my new headbands (which rock, even though they don't absorb the sweat like a bandanna), I had 2 tired dogs for the rest of the day.  I think what exhausted them the most was being hosed off afterward (to help cool them down quicker).  For Meri this was an ordeal because she believes that she is melting when she gets wet and she must transfer all the water to the various furniture in the house by rubbing herself frantically all over everything.  Sadly I didn't get video of this.  I am sorry.

PM: Mr. Scrooge and I went out on the bikes for several hours.  By the time we got home, my legs/hips were sore from sitting on Mike for so long and my hands/wrists were sore from all the hand action (seriously, holding the throttle is way more work than one would expect.  This could also have a lot to do with my midget size and my arm barely reaching, whatevs #bikerbabeforever).  It wasn't an actual workout, but I did sweat a lot and my arms and legs are sore, so I'm counting it.


AM: I should have ran, but I didn't.  If you read my Thursday post, you will understand when I say I was a bit stressed.

PM: 45 minute on the elliptical (4.39 miles).  There were no extra workouts because there were a mabillion people in the cardio room and it was hot and sweaty.  I no longer have any fucks to give or guilt to feel about putting the fan ONLY on me.  ZERO.


AM: Nope.  I put on my running clothes and sat on the chair and just couldn't.  Instead, I prepared dinner in the crock pot, so at least I was productive.

PM: In an awkward turn of event, the relator emailed Mr. Scrooge AND me in response to my email about getting my name off the lease.  Yeah, there was no working out.  Instead I went home and waited on him to get home so we could talk.  I almost got to play softball later, but all Mr. Scrooge's team members showed up.  Praise Allah, I didn't want to get my gym shoes dusty.


AM: 4.38 miles (10:32m/m pace) + .52 miles (with Phil and Meri).  Really nothing about me wanted to get up and run, but I had ZERO excuses other than the 80 degrees and 80% humidity, but no runs Mon/Tues meant no excuse.  I can't say that I'm glad I went, I can't sad that I'm not glad, so I'm apathetic to getting this run in?  AND I took the dogs out for a quick stroll, which is always good.

PM: So I had intentions of going to the gym, then instead I went to the groomer and made an appt for Meri and went to the grocery store and went home.


AM: A horrendous thunderstorm woke me up at midnight:30ish and kept me up for at least 45 minutes.  In addition to a late bedtime, there was no hope for getting up this morning.

PM: I went home from work early to pick up Meri and decided it was time to switch the beds/bedrooms.  That was enough of a workout for me since my shirt was drenched from sweat.  Also, moving a mattress is like guiding your drunk friend somewhere.  You know you're leading them one way, but they always end up going a different way.  Whattt???


AM: 2.92 miles (10:59m/m pace)  Since I forgot to drop off Yurtle at the doctor I figured I'd just drop her off and run from the Kia place.  It was a shit idea.  OMG.  Horrible.  Mostly because of shin splits (which meant pain and walking more than I have in weeks during runs) and stopping for the train and fear of being hit by a car.  Ya know, mildly stressful things. 

PM: Nope.  But we did ride to dinner so there was some sweating!


AM: Nope.

PM: Nope.  We did ride during the day so lots of sweating.

I think I actually went backwards on my goals.  No bike was acquired, no laps at the pool, no yoga video, and less miles.  I'm going to chalk it up to stress and give myself credit for achieving one goal of cutting myself some slack.  I don't expect next week (moving) to be much better.  It is what it is.

Running: 9.82
Elliptical: 4.39
Etc: zerrroooo

Run at least 3 days.
Elliptical at least 3 days.
(Maybe if I keep putting these on here, I'll eventually achieve them?)

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