Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Review {6/22}

Why can't blogs just write themselves?  I need a transponder in my head that automatically just generates my thoughts into blog posts.  That would save me SO MUCH TIME!!!


After a short day on Friday, I headed to the gym.  The repair place had called to tell me Mike was ready for pickup, so Mr. Scrooge and I headed over around 3:30 to pick him up.  Much joy was had from Mike the full-blood Prince (if you're not getting my half-blood references, I'm sorry for you).  Mr. Scrooge doubted my time estimation (an hour +/- 15ish minutes) and I was spot.freakin.on.  Be jealous of these mad time estimatin' skillz, ya'll.

There was kind of a rush because 1- it was going to rain/raining and 2- Mr. Scrooge was supposed to have a makeup softball game at 6.  We made it back home by 4:45 and I was all, "BOOM BITCHES!  IN YO FACE!"  (Ok, so I maybe didn't say these exact words, but Mr. Scrooge can validate that I might have said, "told you so," when he tried to point out how long it had taken.  Beech please.)  On our way back home, we did get caught in the rain, which was a good time for this girl, who has never had to drive a motorcycle ever in the rain.  It wasn't so bad, I was extra cautious and fortunately, it was never more than a heavy drizzle.  It was so hot that I was dry by the time we got home.

Due to seeing the lightning (which definitely lit the fire under my ass to get home as quickly (abet safely) as possible), Mr. Scrooge and I both assumed his game was cancelled.  There's this nazi lady who is in charge of the fields/something and she is the enforcer of all the rules, to include no pets in the ball area and all members of the team definitely having the proper ID to be able to play.  Really lady?  It's intramural dudes softball, relax.  If Phil and Meri had been being obnoxious, I would have seen kicking them out, but they weren't, so I didn't really understand that other than the fact that I had blatantly ignored the signs that said no pets when we walked through the gates.  I should have just lied and said they were service animals.

Moving on, obviously not bitter at all about that mess, we hung out at home for the evening.  Mr. Scrooge stayed up doing whatever he does on Friday nights and I went to bed at normal time after soe reading because I was exhausted.

PS.  I really missed Mike Wazowski.  More than I anticipated.


When the dogs roused at whatever time it was, I wasn't interested in moving.  Earplugs + flexeril really make for a Megan that doesn't really get bothered, so I rolled right back over and went back to sleep.  I woke up when I heard Mr. Scrooge get up to feed the beasts and I had all the sleeps to get back to so I was unconcerned.  I woke up at 0715 and Mr. Scrooge was still gone and I considered getting up and going on a run then I was like, "hahah funny Megan, just be a lazy ass and enjoy having the whole bed to yourself," then I went back to sleep.  I repeated this process on and off for the next 1.5 hours until finally I guilted myself into getting up just so I could beat the Saturday shopping crowds since I had to go by Target and possibly the grocery store and Victoria's Secret.

I got ready and finally emerged from the bedroom to find Mr. Scrooge asleep on the couch and the dogs were no where to be found.  He hadn't let them back inside after they ate, oops.  They were obviously fine other than the lack of human contact they'd had for what must have seemed like a life-time based on their reaction to being let back inside.  I tried to print out coupons, but my printer hates me and I used up my 3 tries so I had "reached my limit" on the coupons I was trying to print, which really pissed me off because I would have been saving about $10, which is a lot when you're only spending $50ish.  This wouldn't have really been an issue if there was more than one laptop in this house, which is totally a first world problem, but dammit seriously.  I'm not used to only having 1 computer in the house after living with Teh Bear and Teh MD Roomies.  I mean, technically my broke laptop is somewhere in the house, but I was too frustrated at that moment to consider that option.  Next time...

I headed to Target, list in hand.  On the way there, I was being a moron and rear-ended someone.  I saw the light turn green and there weren't brake lights, so I left off my brake and then that overly-loud sound of plastic bumping into each other occurred and I almost had a fucking heart attack in Yurtle because this is the first time I've hurt her like this.. and because I rear-ended someone and I really don't want to have to pay for another bumper for someone (I paid for a bumper when I was 17 because some assholes insisted I had messed up this girls bumper when I backed into her (I didn't) but it was still a $750 lesson since she had a souped-up (do the kids still call it that these days?) super awesome Dodge Neon. /rolleyes #yepstillbitter).

The dude ended up being pretty cool about it, thank Allah.  As soon as I came to from the spike in my heart rate, I pointed to the right so he would pull off the road into the mall parking lot since we had been in the middle lane of traffic.  Despite only wanting to check on Yurtle, I immediately got out of my car and checked on his car and waited on him to get out of the car so I could ask if he was ok, that's what adults do, right?  I think I got it right, because he nodded.  He was on the phone (and I'm thinking, "How rude!") so he was doing the 2 conversations at once thing, but he had to keep repeating everything he was saying to the person on the phone, at which point I realized it was the 911 operator, he had called the police and I'm like, well fuck, might as well stop acting overly concerned now.  I went and checked Yurtle, who was fine.

He was more concerned about getting to work on time, he explained as I walked back to his car.  There was a slight scuff mark where I'd tapped him, but nothing obvious.  The officer showed up and checked both cars and told us that we could handle it between ourselves and I was so relieved.  I offered to exchange info with the dude and what that went down the office explained that she had rear-ended someone twice in the last few months, once in her personal vehicle and once in her police vehicle.  I understood that she was sympathizing, but the dude had actually said, "I honestly won't worry about it if I can get to work on time."  I let him send a text to his phone from mine so he had my number if his bumper ended up falling off or something, but I'm praying still that he'll wash his car and the scuffs will come off.  We both admitted that we definitely needed to wash our cars.  We got back on the road within 10 minutes of the accident occurring and he was able to pull into AT&T right at 10, so I'm hoping that means his phone auto deletes messages older than 30 days or something so my phone number is lost.  Also, his name was Chris and he worked at AT&T and if you know anything about the Ex-Fiance you will find great amusement in this coincidence.

I enjoyed a satisfactory smores frappuccino for breakfast, something I'd been holding out for all week, since I knew I was going to Target this weekend.  I was able to pick up everything on my list at Target, which meant no grocery store run, woot!  I stopped by VS on my way back home to do a cluster fuck of returns.  I had ordered 3 sports bras in bright pink, which I already have since that seems to be the only color VS wants to make in my size in that style, so I could lock in the cheap price.  $29.50 and $33 instead of $55?  Yes please.  I was able to do an even exchange for different colors and return some of the bras that were nos.

In creepy Megan status, I asked the VS cashier where she got her hair cut since it was similar to mine and apparently no one gets their hair cut in Charleston.  She was apparently a student at USC in Columbia, so she got it done there.  FML.  Also, I leered in the Planet Fitness windows so hard I'm sure people were thinking, "Take a picture, it lasts longer!"  Really, I just wanted to check out the equipment and size of the gym.  The base gym is really, REALLY pushing my limits.  Knee sweat, Gentle Readers, is NEVER ok inside (especially if all you're doing is the elliptical, I mean lets get real here).

As I headed back home, I made a quick stop at the butcher for steaks and then went home.  Mr. Scrooge agreed to go out for lunch at a place called The Junction Kitchen and Provisions.  Teh Teacher Assistant had posted photos of her lunch there a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to try it since.  After lunch, we rode out to BFE and then came back home.  Honestly, I have no idea where Mr. Scrooge took us.  I do know that we went through Summerville because Mr. Scrooge stopped at Walmart and I was so freakin' hot that I wanted to slay him for not just going to straight home but he was going to stop at Starbucks and something about the wrong side of the road.  I was so hot and sweaty I had zero fucks to give about where he wanted to go.  THEN he insisted on getting a drink... and not like a 20oz from the front of the store, no no no.. a freakin' BOTTLE of juice from the furthest end of the store from where we'd parked.

I became nicer as I cooled off, but seriously, Charleston "spring" is teaching me that hotgry is a thing, a very, very serious thing.  Also, it makes me glad I'm not currently in Bahrain because it's Ramadan right now ad the hotgry is real over there too.  It was also real in GTMO, the detainees would get more aggressive because they would fast and it was hot and miserable.  Hotgry is as much of a thing as hanger is.  #truth

The only place we could find to sit was the bench where people come in/out, and I didn't even care I was so tired and annoyed.  I quickly realized the people watching was on point.  After Mr. Scrooge finished most of his BOTTLE of green tea, we finally went back to the bikes and headed home.  I immediately came home and took a shower.  Hot, sweaty Megan is just smelly and rude and ragey at the world.

After a delightful nap, I roasted a butternut squash while Mr. Scrooge grilled chicken for dinner.  We topped the squash with black beans and creamed corn (only because Mr. Scrooge opened the wrong can) and I also added cheese and cilantro to mine.  I'm on this huge cilantro kick lately.  Not sure why, but it's delicious and I can't help myself from eating all of it.  #Iacceptmyweirdness

I finally admitted to Mr. Scrooge that I'd rather watch X-Files over watching him try to pick out a movie for an hour and that it made me pretty ragey when he did it because it reminded me of Teh Bear who used to do exactly the same thing.  Granted, I've done it before too, but I was home alone and no one else had to deal with my insanity.  The audience makes all the difference.

So X-Files it was while we ate dinner.  I ended up staying up pretty late writing blog posts (yay for things planned) because of my evening nap, but when it was time for bed, I was out, out, out.


Again, I had no concerns in the world about the dogs when they woke up at stupid early o'clock.  Mr. Scrooge actually got up and fed them and let them out AND back in then came back to bed.  I woke up later and checked all my phone things (instagram, timehop, FB, email/messages) and then decided to be motivated and take the dogs out before it got too hot.

I walked the dogs 2 miles while talking to Teh Dad and then came back and hosed them down to help them cool down faster.  Based on Meri's reaction, you'd think that she was going to melt from getting wet.  I didn't have anything to dry them off with, and despite several shakes, she still had to come in and fervently rub herself all over all of the living room furniture because water is of the devil.  Phil is used to being hosed down after his races, so he doesn't fight me like she does.  He just tolerates it in the same way he tolerates everything else, "Just finish this horrible thing already, ok?"

I was going to make breakfast, but Mr. Scrooge suggested going out to get breakfast (which meant going on a ride), so I told him that was fine but he had to pick a place.  This is a big deal because Mr. Scrooge almost never picks the place.  He started to be whiny about it and I finally said that I had picked the place Saturday morning so he was picking today.  He did good.  He picked a place called Red Drum in Mount Pleasant.  He knew that it had Mexican-y things on the brunch menu, which was the ticket for me.  Otherwise, he had no idea about the place and we judged from the cars in the parking lot, we could be paying a lot to eat here.  It really wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't ordered 2 biscuits which cost $4.50 (BUT WERE TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY) and Mr. Scrooge's coffee hadn't been $3 (wtf? since my sweet tea was only $1.50).  The food was good and the biscuits were the best I've had that weren't actually homemade but tasted exactly like it, but I still hold that the best huevos rancheros is from Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Top: Quail and sausage and cheesy grits
Bottom: Huevos rancheros

Adding butter and strawberry jam?  There was no time for picture before I inhaled that bitch.

After we left Red Drum, we headed to Palmetto Armory because I'm still interested in buying the CORRECT gun.  We had the debate if they were open or not, and it turned out they were despite looking like they weren't.  When we went in, I immediately asked for the Ruger Mark III Target and was informed that they didn't have any and couldn't order them.  I was disappointed, but whatever.  I was willing to look around, but I really wanted to look at the Ruger case and some family was standing in front of it being shown some stupid rifle thing that only someone in SC could buy because you can buy any type of firearm in this state.  Seriously though, I have no idea what kind of gun it was.  I was obviously trying to look in that case and they refused to move.  The sales dude didn't even bother to move either.  I wanted to smack him in the face with the butt of the gun.  After stepping away, my rage wasn't abating in anyway so we finally left.

I know that the gun I buy will be the Ruger Mark III Target.  It's what I've wanted for the last year and some stupid bitch fucked it up once already and I'm still bitter.  I know that if I don't get the Mark III Target, whatever I get will NOT be the same and I'll still want the Target.  So why bother getting a different gun when I know exactly what I want?

We left the gun place and Mr. Scrooge took me to his favorite bendy/challenge road "that someone always crashes on."  Yep, whatever you're thinking is probably what I was thinking too, but then I'm like, "Ok, lets go."  When we got back on the road, my rage mostly dissipated.  Mr. Scrooge was very safe despite the scary road.  He signaled to me when to slow down for the 15mph turns and when to avoid the potholes/rough road sections.  It wasn't an overly fun ride, I just enjoy being out and moving, where he likes to go around the sharp bends and go fast, but I did enjoy being somewhere new.  I was super sore when we got home because holding the throttle is seriously hard work when your arms are this short.

When we got home, I showered and started the laundry while Mr. Scrooge mowed the yard and planted more grass seed.  I also finally sorted through over 2000 photos and put them into their proper folders on my computer instead of just letting them build up over and over and over.  They still need some more filtering (and going through to delete the crap photos), but it's better than it was AND my dropbox is cleared out again.

We had the steaks for dinner and watched X-Files.  I joined the hangout for the Cyber Book Club and waited about 10 minutes before finally giving up because no one else showed up.  Faillllllll.  I really had a lot to rage about Spinster because I felt like it was the ultimate let down.  I had such high hopes and I was crushed.

Overall, an excellent weekend.  Saturday kinda felt like Sunday so when Sunday came it was like a bonus free day.  It was awesome to feel so rested and like I had all this extra time for things and activities!  lol

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  1. Before I get into anything else about your weekend...the whole asking a stranger where she got her haircut reminded me that I had my own creeper moment (which is probably why I never think you're being creepy when you say you are ha) this weekend. There was a girl taking senior pictures at one of the parks I was at & I felt the need to stop, tell her I loved her shirt (she thanked me), & ask her where she got it. She said uhhh & her mom had to save her by telling me where she got it ha. Consider that bitch ordered though.

    Anyway, back to your weekend. How the other person reacts during an accident, no matter who is as fault, can totally make or break my attitude when dealing with them. If you're nice & calm I'll be sweet as hell. If you're a raging bitch, I will turn into a raging bitch & match you step for step.

    Overall it sounds like a really good weekend though!

  2. - boo about the accident, happy he hasn't called you yet!

    -cilantro is the BEST. lime+cilantro=the taste of summer for me

    - it was so hot here last week. My dad heard on the news where it was one of the first times in like 5 years we'd hit triple digits in June here in NC

  3. Ugh accidents are the worst!! Hopefully nothing will come of it and the dude will move on. A smores frappe sounds so damn good right now, why did you have to mention it??? I might splurge one day this week. Because NEEEEED.


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