Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Confessions {6/24}

-Queue 8 year old girl squeals: Fred Warren sent all the PostSecret secrets to the Smithsonian.  You better believe I'm going to hit up that museum if they open an exhibit.  #PostSecret #Ivenevermailedinasecret #Imjustalurker

-I judge the shit out of people who follow stupid groups on FB.  "Stupid groups" is completely subjective, BTW, but IDGAF.  If it posts photos of minions with silly sentences beside the photo, it's probably copyright infringement, but that's neither here nor there.  If it's stupid memes used as linkbait, you're not helping society.

-I'm still completely clueless why women think bleached blond hair/blond highlights are so awesome.  I tried it once as a teenager and it wasn't appealing.  Your dark eyebrows would STRONGLY indicate that your blond hair isn't natural.... Judgy McJudgerson here to be the Fashion Police and let you know that blond highlights should have went out with the 90s.  Bleaching my hair to dye it blue was the scariest experience of my entire adult life.  #letthatshitgolikeElsa

-What is the song Fireflies by Owl City really about?  I loved that song in 2009 when I discovered it (and played it on repeat which I should probably apologize to certain people (Teh Bear) for listening to it on repeat/as loudly as possible when it would come on) and I heard it recently on the radio and I still have no idea what he's talking about.  #IdontknowwhatthewordsmeanbutIsingthemanyways

-For my fellow runners, do you consider the people that you see on a regular basis while you are out running "your people?"  Do you wave at other runners/walkers/bikers/physical exertion-ers when you pass (assuming you aren't constantly seeing people, I can see not acknowledging "your people" then)?

Since I run between 0500-0630ish, I don't usually see very many people.  There are 3 other runners that I see on a regular basis and 1-3 walkers/pet walkers.  Since it's such a limited number, I always wave/say good morning (if I'm able to speak).  Truthfully there are several reasons behind this.  1- These are the people that will notice if I'm not there/help me if they see me passed out on the sidewalk.  2- I have ZERO running allies in SC, unlike in MD.  3- I consider these few people "my people" because we're suffering together at 0530 when it's 85% humidity and at least 75 degrees and the sun isn't even up yet.  #runningproblems #mypeople #summersucks

-We have a new guy at work who is really nice and fits in with the team and whatever crap you're supposed to say nice about the new guy before you say something possibly offensive... buttttt when we're in meetings, the only thing I can hear is his breathing.  He is a heavy guy, so that is part of it, but holy fuck dude.  You're KILLING me with your breathing sounds.  #takeitdownalevel #notamouthbreather

-Dear girls with big boobies, wearing a strapless dress with a regular bra is unacceptable unless your bra is covered with a sweater or something.  I understand wanting the girls to be supported, but you look trashy with your bra hanging out.  I know, people do it with swim suits all the time.  It's a double standard.. I know, I know.. but it's inappropriate, so fix yourself.  Also, if you're white and you're wearing a white bra, people can still see it.  Same for if you're black wearing a black bra.  It's just a thing.  Most people aren't blind.  #theamountofclassisoverwhelming

-I know that two spaces after a period is soooo out of fashion these days, but as I was reading Hyperbole and a Half and there was only 1 space between the periods and it was difficult for me to find my place if I got lost.  #twospacesisbetterthanone
-Teh Sister and I sometimes have conversations in only facial expressions.  This is problematic when we aren't occupying the same space so we have to send chat selfies to make our point.  Example:

-On Monday, I just so happened to be in the bathroom at the same time as 2 other women.  I announce this because it's very rare that anyone else is in there with me and to lead to my point.  One of the women finished at the same time as me, so we were both washing our hands at the same time.  No big deal.  Until I watched her get soap all over the counter.  Now our soap dispenser isn't a difficult machine to use.  Put your fingers under it and push with the heel of your hand.  I don't even know what this lady was doing, I could see her pushing but it's like her fingers were nubs and she couldn't catch the soap.  It was very strange.  I made sure to give her the stare down as I managed to catch all the soap in my hand when I pushed the lever.  #itsnotbrainsurgerypeople

-I have a huge announcement to make, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow.  I'm horrible, I know, but trust me, it's worth coming back for.

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  1. Fun little factoid about Owl City...they're from like 2 hours from where I grew up. My cousin & I do the whole facial expression too haha. If we aren't together or using Google Hangout, we'll just send pictures of our faces. I still use 2 spaces after periods. Always. I don't understand why people don't. A)It's easier to read. B)if you have a length requirement on a paper dear students it makes your paper that much longer.

  2. A regular bra with a strapless dress?! BLASPHEMY! Also, I've been writing forever and was unaware I wasn't supposed to put two spaces after periods anymore. Where have I been? I'm still gonna do it.

    Your blurb about the coworker with the soap made me LOL. What's wrong with people?

  3. - PostSecret exhibit?!?! OMG!

    -Bras & dresses: I second this motion. I try to wear cardigans or shrugs if I have to have a bra.

    -I will definitely be back for the news! I hope it's something good/happy/you are confident about :)- PostSecret exhibit?!?! OMG!

    -Bras & dresses: I second this motion. I try to wear cardigans or shrugs if I have to have a bra.

    -I am getting to where I only use 1 a psych major I had to do tons of paper in APA format witch requires only 1 space after a period. But it honestly changes, so I just try to make it consistent within the post/email/etc. Can't promise it will be the same on the next one though, haha.

    -I will definitely be back for the news! I hope it's something good/happy/you are confident about :)

  4. Haha OMG the soap thing was LOL for me. I had a friend have a soap thing explode on her one day so it took me back and how can it be that hard?! I would totally wave if they were the same people because I would want them to notice if I was missing!! #paranoid Yes to bra straps showing...I have this open back part in one style of dress I own and I don't want to have to wear a different bra so I just wear a nude or black depending on color of dress but the straps is unacceptable in a strapless dress!

  5. No idea what the fireflies song is about but yep totally rocked out to it back in the day. Also I ALWAYS say hi to the people out in the mornings while I walk the dogs for the exact same reason...THESE PEOPLE WILL NOTICE ME MISSING. I am guilty of the strapless with a bra but only at my house and never in public. Also I wear a normal bra with the sporty tank tops that are racer backs. I know you can see the straps but I can never find the things that attach so that it makes my bra a racer back. Also I can't wear normal racers because my shoulders are basically like a line backers....

  6. Ugh...huge announcement??? You are just going to leave it like that huh? Well fine then....I will save my comments for tomorrow too. TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME :P

  7. I can't muster up the strength to say hello when I run. I'm usually in pain. I have a grimace on my face that scares other people.


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