Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Review {6/1}


I went into work early on Friday so I could leave early.  Despite it being a 4 day work week, it just dragged on and on and on and I was over it by Thursday.  I opted to go home and be a lazy ass instead of going to the gym.  After my nap, I laid in bed and read for a while until Mr. Scrooge came home from work.  I didn't really feel like cooking, so Mr. Scrooge and I went to Madra Rua for dinner and there is no photographic evidence because their fish and chips is on point and it was consumed before being a blogger was remembered. #sorrynotsorry

After we got home, we took the dogs out on a short walk since it was such a nice evening.  Eventually, we went to bed since Mr. Scrooge had a motorcycle class Sat morning and I have a current addition to being in the bed (it could possibly be diagnosed as depression, but hey let's not be negative here). 


Mr. Scrooge left early and I slept on and off until 0930ish.  I considered just staying in the bed and reading or going on a run or something besides staying in the bed because I knew if I stayed in bed, I'd be there all day.  I piddled around on the internet for a while and talking to Teh MD Adult Roomie. 

When Mr. Scrooge came home way earlier than expected and asked me what I wanted to do I explained that laziness was the only thing on my schedule.  We eventually had leftovers for lunch and he remembered that he joined this softball team at work so he needed to go to Dick's and buy cleats and a glove.  *Why is it acceptable that dudes can just pick up sports equipment and play where females can't?  (maybe that's just me and the gender stereotypes I grew up with).*  I showered and then Mr. Scrooge joined the "Megan is naked on me but I didn't have sex with her" club that only my ex-fiance is in.  I tried not to be a pissy-pants about it and I guess I was pretty successful, but I'm definitely still struggling with this issue.  A LOT. #thestruggleisreal

I skimmed the running shoes and I had even brought socks to try on shoes, but talked myself out of spending the money knowing that Mike will be coming out of the shop soon and I'll have to pay for that.  We made a stop by the Total Wine because they have the best selection (per Mr. Scrooge's research, whatevs) of all things alcoholic since we were in the area.  Since we were out, we had dinner at Co since Mr. Scrooge has been wanting pho since before Jan when we went to CA.  He got the three course option (of stuff I don't remember) and I got the Vietnamese ramen and we shared spring rolls.


it WAS cheesecake wontons..

It was deeeelicioussssss.  We decided we'd happily go back.  We headed back home because Teh Granny was set to arrive at anytime.  We were almost home when she called me and said she was lost.  We went and fetched her and came home to settle in the for the evening.

We watched some TV and hung out for a bit then it was bedtime. 


I needed to go to the store to buy all the things, but waited until Sunday morning to do it since I wasn't at all motivated Saturday morning.  Teh Granny came with me to Bi-lo then she sat in the car and played Bejeweled on Teh Flamin' Kindle while I went into the commissary (she couldn't come in because she doesn't have the entry ticket, le siiigh).  After accomplishing the shopping, we headed home and had lunch.  Mr. Scrooge came home and shortly after we decided to head to the beach.

The beach trip was cut short when a couple kicked us out of "their" chairs we had been sitting in.  Mr. Scrooge pointed out there was a number on the umbrellas and maybe they were a rental thing but they were empty when we arrived and I didn't care.  We'd already been there over an hour anyways.  Mr. Scrooge and I had gotten in the ocean and were playing in the waves while Teh Granny played Bejeweled under her umbrella while holding Meri and Phil for us.  When I saw her stand up, I knew something was going on, so we headed over to check things out and this couple had arrived and said we were sitting in their chairs. Mmmok?  Anddddd.. they had more people coming, so Teh Granny couldn't keep sitting in one of the 6 chairs that were there.  I was PISSED..

Then they proceeded to ask questions about Meri and Phil and I just wanted to slap them.  The woman didn't really register my annoyance but the man definitely did and wasn't participating in the conversation at all.  Who kicks an older lady with 2 dogs out of a chair that wasn't currently occupied?  Seriously?  WHO DOES THAT?  Apparently I'm still pretty ragey about that.  Dicks.

Mr. Scrooge and I got into a fight right as we were able to leave and it was pretty awkward for the rest of the evening.  Something about Teh Granny and Teh Dad (who had just happened to call at the wrong time) hearing me yell at him, "GO FUCK YOURSELF!" might have had something to do with it.  So yeah, this relationship is going splendidly and could be strongly contributing to my bed addiction...

Mr. Scrooge had rode the bike to the beach so he could ride and so there'd be more room in the car for the dogs.  He arrived home before we did, but he helped me give the dogs a bath in the driveway before going in and showering.  We had taken the dogs in the water while at the beach then Meri had decided to roll in the sand (because she's the cutest little shit in my house), so the bath was required.  After he showered, he started dinner.  I jumped in the shower and started laundry after I got out. 

We had dinner and after dinner Mr. Scrooge headed outside to clean Clifford (his motorcycle) and water the yard (because he killed the grass with insecticide a month ago and now we're trying to regrow half the yard...  good times).  Teh Granny and I sat inside and she played Bejeweled while I folded flower petals for Teh Sister's wedding bouquets for over an hour and a half, much to her delight (she's pretty much a slave driver who asks me every day if I've been folding).

Eventually they will be pretty flowers!

Finally, it was time for bed.  I definitely could have used that extra day off that we had last weekend for this weekend.  I'd call it a successful weekend since I did get one "lazy" day.  The relationship drama is really killing me and something has to give, SOON.  I'm over this depression and the headache (which could also be pressure related, but I really think its more stress than anything).  I'm over feeling downtrodden and unloved/unlovable.

Is it Friday yet??

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  1. I'm sorry about the current drama going on. Only mean people kick old ladies out of chairs!!

  2. That is just wrong to kick her out of her chair! Those people suck....suck! Also I am still looking for more Disney books! If I find any I will let you know ASAP! Those are going to be some AWESOME bouquets!

  3. 1- more virtual hugs & rum. So sorry, and just...blegh. I hope the changes come soon, because bed addiction, while nice for a while, is not a great way to live your life and I'm sorry that you're having a rough season.

    2- Sounds like Granny played a lot of Bejeweled :) And yes, fights around others sets things up to be SUPER awkward...good luck with that.

    3- somehow, paradoxically, short weeks are way harder to get through than long ones. Last week seemed to drag forever somehow.

  4. I totally think that short weeks always seem to go slower!!


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