Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday #59


I survived my first online dating date.  It was actually awesome and I kinda feel bad I don't have any horrible stories yet.  But I'm sure they will come... I've been told they will.

Apparently he lived under a rock from 2003-now because he didn't understand when I made an End of the World reference.. so I HAD to show him.. right then.  Did not care.  It was for the betterment of his life.  He laughed, which meant that I didn't need to leave right away.

In fact, we stayed about 45 minutes after we finished eating to chat.  It was fun.  Too bad the waitress was a bitch who refused to refill my sweet tea until I made obnoxiously direct eye contact with her.  After the bill was paid, she didn't bother to even offer to stop at our table for anything much less refill my tea.  #Iwillshankyouoversweettea

Also, he ordered UNsweet tea and I may have audibly gasped, but I think I managed not to squish my face into my "no me gusta"/other disapproving reaction face.  I did just recall that he's from up north, so that would kind of explain it.. buttttt sweet tea>unsweet tea forever.  He needs to embrace the South Carolinian he's become.

Also, he joked when we were in the parking lot about waving to all the parking lot security cameras so that way if I died on the way home, the police would see that he wasn't the one that killed me since he would have been the last known person that was with me.  Lolz, all the lolz.


I've been listening to Wonder (an audiobook, just for clarity) and I am loving it.  I listen to it when I'm showering/getting ready and when I'm in the car.  This book is going to break my heart.  Also, I feel like I should have gotten on the audiobook train a long time ago.  My only problem is that this is an audiobook that I "acquired" and Suzy2.5 doesn't save my place, so I have to remember the time when I stopped and forward to it from session to session.  I've taken to texting myself the time that I stopped, so I don't have to hunt for it.  I'm sure if I just broke down and got a subscription to Audible or something, this wouldn't be the case, but #elcheapo here...

I do wonder, does Spotify do audiobooks?  That would be awwwwweeesome.  (the answer is no based on my limited research.)

Also, I signed up for Oyster since it was 99 cents for 3 months and I can't figure out how to make it work on Teh Flamin' Kindle. 

#allthefirstworldproblems  #mustreadallthebooks


I'm considering getting my Security+ certification to make myself more marketable (and because what else do I have to do besides read, date, hang out with my dogs, clean my house, and sleep?).  The nerd in me is excited.  The realist in me is all, UUugggggghhhhhhhhhhh.

Recently I've been having this self-debate about going back to school for a technical type degree because I don't feel like there won't be a need for developers/internet jobs between now and when I stop working.  But it's commitment and class and most of me is seriously not interested in education right now.  Maybe if I wasn't working full time.  Committing to school is overwhelming, always and forever.



I did yoga this morning.  I should do that every.single.morning.  Seriously.  Not only do my pieces feel better, but it woke me up slowly and perfectly and it was just a good time all around.

Dear left calf,
If you and I could be friends, that'd be great.  I know that sub-10m/m pace is a bit strenuous, but we can do it! 

Dear 7 miler,
I see you on my calendar.  I'm already dreading you.  I wish that wasn't the case, but the idea of running around the neighborhood several times or around the neighborhood and then up/down the streets makes me uninterested.  Also, left calf and I are currently having a disagreement.  You can see how this is problematic.

I'm always saying I'm going to run, then sometimes don't.
When this sign went up, it was just too perfect.


I just wanted to publicly say thank you for all the support from all my Gentle Readers on Wednesday.  It was humbling and overwhelming and I just wanted to hug all of you back (and I'm not a hugger, so that's a pretty big deal). 

I accept the good days and the bad as things move forward.  I also knew it wouldn't all be smooth sailing and at some point it would hit me.  I'm often very delayed in feeling things, in the moment I'm nonchalant and stoic and do whatever needs to be done to get shit taken care of.  Mostly that means shutting down emotionally and going through the motions until I can catch up and process on my own.  I think it's an Aquarius thing for the most part.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. He sounds funny...funny is good! Being from up north is no excuse. I'm from MN & I hated tea until I moved down south where it's sweet. He'll learn.

  2. I have not heard of that book before! I need to check this audiobook thing out!

  3. Florida greyhound husband says "how can you live in the south and not drink sweet tea?" I totally agree.

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  5. - Unsweet tea is, in the words of a friend, "dirty water." I'd rather just not bother if it can't be sweet.

    - I resisted audio books for a long time, but now I love Audible (also hubby can do audio books better than hard copies since he has a longer commute). If you are curious, there is a banner add for I think 2 free books on my profile (yes shameless plug for affiliate links but still- you get it free so)

    -I know I really want/would benefit from going back to school...but ugh. I don't want to risk the rejection again because I'm just building back up from that (also I'd have to retake the GRE or try the GMAT and that cost $$$)

  6. He sounds nice. I've never done online dating, I'm just too scared.

  7. Unsweet tea? Is that a thing? Scary. I wish I would do Yoga more...but I get all self conscience (yes in my own living room) of my wobbly bits. I'm a big hugger so I would probably freak you out since I hug people just randomly LOL, but I am glad that you are out there dating and having fun and living life...not waiting!


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