Thursday, July 16, 2015

The kind of girl...

I'm completely stealing this from Kimmi because I'm pretty quirky, as if you weren't already aware, and people should be warned about me.

~I have a big mouth.  I was that kid who always won "most talkative" in elementary school, always.  It's almost a guarantee that I'll be the first to say something and usually it's what everyone else is thinking but not saying.

~I don't have a favorite color because I like them all except for brown, and brown isn't a part of the rainbow, so HA.  Because of this I wear a lot of rainbow-y things.

~My hairdressers are more afraid of cutting off "too much" of my hair than I am.

~I get angry quickly, but if I'm yelling at you, then I'm not super mad.  If I stop talking to you though.. THEN you should watch out.  The longer I don't speak to you, the angrier I am.

~I have been mistaken for a lesbian more times than I can remember.  It might be the rainbow wearing or pixie style hair cut I once had.  I've never been offended by it.  I've also been called Mister several times... that is a little more offensive (mostly because I have these ridiculously large boobs that make it hard to comprehend why it would happen).

~I'm fiercely independent and headstrong.  The second you tell me to do something, I'll consider doing the opposite on principle.

~I'm very oblivious sometimes and will completely miss a pun or something someone was trying to do through behavior.

~I feel like walking from the couch to the kitchen is too far, so I save all the things I need to do for one trip.  If I get off the couch, I'll usually be away for several minutes because I have to pee and get more water and put my dishes in the sink and prep the dog's dinner and fill the kongs and pick up the house and grab an item, THEN finally come back and sit down.

~I love silly, punny humor.  If you make fun of or refuse to laugh at my jokes, I quickly lose respect for you because it feels like you are demeaning my sense of humor.

~I am NOT afraid of being ridiculous.

~I cussed like a sailor before I was a sailor but try to filter it in front of my parents/Granny/parents of friends (unless my friend cusses in front of their parental units).

~I have a sick thing with delayed gratification.  I wold really love a vacation, but I know that I'll be in DC in September, so I'm trying to save up my days until then so I can just take more time then.

~I get ridiculously excited about some things.  I was so amped up over my first color run that I was annoying myself.

~I'm very observant of behavior patterns and I use them to assess things about myself and others.  This usually leads to seeing there are problems before I am told of/aware the problems.  I.e. The desire to sleep all the time usually means something is going on that I'm trying to avoid, angry Megan around mealtimes means I need to be fed, etc.

~I purposely set low expectations of myself so people aren't disappointed when I can't meet their high expectations, but only set high standards for myself.

~I get disappointed very quickly and deeply, especially if it is something I had been planning for.

~I'd rather be told no than given a wishy-washy answer because someone "doesn't want to hurt [my] feelings."

~I believe that if you bitch about something, you are not allowed to do it.  That said, I will never bitch about people who talk and drive.

~I like to eat dinner by 6:30pm and be in bed by 9.  I also take 5 pills a day (sometimes more if I had to add a sudafed and advil for my barometer head).  I'm pretty much 90 and completely embrace it.

~I talk to my dogs constantly.  Most of the time I use my special "kiddy" voice.

~I always have the best intentions.

Tell me about you!


  1. what a fun post! i get disappointed easily as well, and i love the if you bitch about it you can't do it, that needs to be a rule!

  2. Yep I'm the same when taking simple trips from one place to the other - that's also why it takes me about an hour to go to bed. I just keep seeing things that need doing. I also get disappointed easily, and I'm like an elephant - I will never, ever forget if you've caused me a disappointment!

  3. Barometer head- I love that! I feel like I'm 90 sometimes too, especially when I go "It's got to rain soon- my head is killing me!" Something about the pressure that happens right before a storm has been messing with me this year.

    I am probably also going to steal this ida, btw, so TIA.

  4. I curse like a sailor... There are a few exceptions to where I'll filter this. In front of my parents is not one of those.

  5. I like this post. I too like punny funny things. And corny jokes. Annnnnd I have a pretty dirty mouth and I am sick and tired of orbit telling me to clean it up. No thanks. But I never let words slip in front of my parents haha.

  6. The more I yell, the more mad I am! I always think "oh I'll show them just how pissed I am by giving them the silent treatment...." but then I'm so mad that I can't hold back saying exactly what's on my mind, ha! I wish I gave the silent treatment instead!

  7. I am with you on that walk to the kitchen from the living room thing. I save it all for one trip and sometimes I fail to ever get back to the couch! And on the hairdressers "cutting too much" --- I had this one and I told her I wanted three inches off....she effing trimmed my hair like no cut. I looked at her and said, um what language do I need to speak with you.

  8. YAAAAS! So glad you did this one! I totally do the kitchen to couch thing actually I do it for any room I am going to....two trips are for the weak!


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