Friday, July 3, 2015

Five on Friday #56


I'm amazed that I survived Wednesday... still, 2 days later.  Here's a rundown of shit that happened (because I kind of still can't believe I survived this day without tears):
+Went on a run
+Took the dogs on a run
-Phil scratched the crap out of my leg because he was rearing back like a horse since he was so excited
-Meri tried to chase a bunny and I fell and skinned my knee
-Got stopped my Nemesis Train 3 (sooo many trains)
+Got to work early
+Took my Kindle to the bathroom with me since no one was paying attention.
-Got locked out of the office because I didn't bring my keycard.  No one heard my pounding on the door so I had to wait for someone to come out/go in.
+Had my Kindle while I waited.
+Got to trouble shoot a problem at work that wasn't in my normal realm of responsibility
-Couldn't solve the problem
+KNEW what the problem was though (this was super impressive to me honestly)
-Had to scarf down lunch because "normal" people don't eat until noon, which meant that food was ready at noon:30 and I had to leave at by 1240 to get to my house in time to be there for the move-in inspection and Internet/TV install.
+Had a super awesome move-in inspection where the lady photographed EVERY.SINGLE.THING that could have been wrong, including the stains on the counters and the vines growing over the back of the house
+Learned I have wisteria growing in the vines!!  Let's just hope that killing off the vines doesn't kill off the wisteria.
+Unloaded Yurtle after the move-in inspection
+Loaded Yurtle back up with emptied boxes and some unused moving boxes that I had found in the laundry room (woot!)
-At 2:30 I recieved a text from AT&T saying they weren't going to make it by 3.
-At 3 I called AT&T to find out when someone was coming.
+While on the phone with AT&T, a tech called and said he could be there in 35 minutes.
+The AT&T guy finally arrived
-I realized that there were no keys on the counter for the house so had to call the property management (PM) company to inquire.
+They said someone would be there with the keys within 30 minutes.
-The AT&T guy was having some serious issues and finally came in to explain there was no line ran to my house and someone had to come digging and lay the line and then it could be set up.  Also that if someone had been to my house on time, it probably could have been fixed today, but because the request went in so late, it wouldn't be until Thursday that the line was laid then they could come back but I'd be a priority install.
-An hour after I called the PM, no one had showed up.  I was super stabby by this point because it was now 5pm and I was going to have to drive through rush hour interstate traffic.  As I finally had decided to just lock the doors and figure it out later, someone pulled up and handed me keys.  I think she could tell from my "Thanks" and glare that I wasn't pleased. #IDGAF
-Took 40 minutes to get home because... rush hour traffic.
+Arrived home to my puppy heads
+Self-medicated/drank the pain of the day away.
+Mr. Scrooge rubbed my back (yep, definitely gonna miss that)

Thursday didn't fare much better honestly.  After 3 calls to AT&T, I was able to get the installation rescheduled for Monday.  What this really means is a weekend without internet which under normal circumstances might actually kill me, but Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover is coming and I still have Suzy2.5 if I'm desperate (so if I don't respond to your comments within 24 hours (which is usually my goal) blame AT&T for being douchemagos).  PS.  If you're ever in my situation where you get fucked over by a company, ask for an inconvenience credit.  A magical $75 got credited towards my bill for my hassle.  #Yespleasethankyouverymuch

Moving a lot teaches you about things you should always bring in the first load..
like chairs and a table and your medal rack.


I should be packing.  I'm writing this instead.  You're welcome.
That's dedication to my "art," Gentle Readers, dedication!

I'd say about half of my "stuff" is moved already if you don't include the furniture, so that's good.  Most of the items left at the old house are smaller or fragile and since I'm not really "properly packing" I'm trying to save those for last.  By not "properly packing" I mean most of my crap was just loaded into Yurtle not in a box.  Sadly, I don't think that's gonna work for most of the remaining stuff because it's mostly smaller items.  Bleh.

Also, moving makes me want to purge.  I'm so excited about that going down when I start unpacking.  Lookin' at you dog beds (going from a 2 story house to 1 story caused this problem), dive gear (I'm kinda sad about this one, but I've been toting that stuff around since GTMO and haven't touched it once.  It's time to go), probably some other stuff that I can't remember off the top of my head.

Moving makes me want to buy stuff, too.  Like rugs (which is really a necessity when you have Slippery Floor Dog Phil) and new curtains and throw pillows and a new can opener.. but definitely not spoons or spatulas or silverware or glasses or clothes.  Finally, I really want some plants in my living room.  The problem with this is Meri is a goat (/kangaroo/cat/dog).  We'll see what happens.  Speaking of Meri, I'm a little concerned about her and the fence jumping possibilities.  This situation needs some problem solving applied to it.


I haven't started reading for my book challenges yet because I'm in the middle of Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and I'm hooked and I just want to finish it and life just keeps interrupting.  I totally should have went to the gym more this week just for reading time.  Nah... I'll just keep locking myself out of the office at work instead.  That worked just as well AND I didn't get sweaty!

The only book I'm missing is You by Carolina Kepnes if anyone wants to lend it to me through Kindle I'd love you a long time.  I also need to check my library and see if they have it on Kindle, but I'm not holding my breath.

I went into the local used bookstore last week and cleaned out their Disney books for Teh Sister.  Also, why do used bookstores feel so... cluttered?  Maybe it was just this one (ok this one was definitely part of the problem, I mean there were stuffed animals on shelves on the walls), but the ones I've been to in Raleigh had really close aisles.  As I get older, the more claustrophobic I get, so stuff like that deters me from going in more frequently... and the dust.



I saved the best for last:
TEH WORLDWIDE JESUS LOVER IS ON HER WAY TO MY HOUSE AND I'M SO UNBEARABLY EXCITED I CAN'T STAND MYSELF BECAUSE I'VE MISSED HER SO MUCH AND THE INTERNET ISN'T CLOSE ENOUGH TO HER FOR ME (but I just signed a new lease which means she has to come stay with me because mortgages are stupid and houses can be sold).

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck on your move!! And ouch! Your knee looks really painful!

  2. That is quite the intense Wednesday! Yay for visitors! That toilet seat funny is the best.

  3. Good luck with the move! Moving is terrible but purging is good (stuff and people).

    That one about the vests? SO funny. And true.


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