Thursday, July 9, 2015

Weekend Review {7/6}

Yep, this is days late.  #sorrynotsorry #myblogmyrules #reallifecomesbeforeblogging #movingsucks #ididnthavetheinternetsforforever #byforeverImean3days

Let's get to it, shall we?


Since it was a 3 day weekend, I got to flex my hours on Thurs instead of Friday, woot.  I ended up leaving around 1235 to have lunch (or dessert if you were me and had lunch at 1030) with Mr. Scrooge.  He agreed to Sesame since I really wanted an adult milkshake.  It was totally worth it.

After lunch, Mr. Scrooge went back to work and I went to the new house to unload Yurtle.  After everything was moved in, I back towards the old house.  I stopped by the used bookstore on my way home and picked up You by Caroline Kepnes for my book challenge and scoured the store for Disney books for Teh Sister.  After, I headed home to hang out with the dogs and wait on Mr. Scrooge to get home.

We decided to go on a ride to get dinner.  Mr. Scrooge led the way to Carmen y Juan's which was pretty delicious.  I'm a sucker for huevos rancheros, so that's what I got and their cilantro sauce stuff was on point.  I wanted a gallon to bring home, but we were on the bikes and I thought that might be ridiculous.

After dinner we headed back home and Mr. Scrooge magically conned me into walking the dogs.  You see, the real problem with this was that when we'd arrived home, we'd seen the storm clouds rolling in.  The storm was imminent.  It was definitely going to happen.. and yet, I still went with Mr. Scrooge to walk the dogs.  We weren't even a quarter mile into the walk when the rain started.  It had been thundering and lightning in the distance, but that distance quickly closed.  Eventually we were walking in the pouring rain.  The entire time I was "bitching".  I put that in quotations because it was playful bitching, to include telling Mr. Scrooge that if I got struck by lightning I was going to call my dad.  We magically made it back home, but not before Meri had a meltdown in someone's yard and almost refused to keep walking because water makes her melt.  Seriously, she tried to lay down in someone's yard so she didn't have to walk.  Mr. Scrooge scooped her up and was going to carry her home and I did NOT let that happen.  I will not coddle the dog.  If I'm suffering, everyone will suffer.  ANNNDD if Phil the storm dog can handle it, Meri can handle being wet.  Mr. Scrooge asked about Phil at the start and I told him that if I could "weather the storm" then Phil could too.

When we arrived back home, I toweled off the dogs and jumped in the shower and then we watched X-Files for a bit.  I kept telling myself I needed to put another load of crap in Yurtle, but it didn't happen.  Instead we just hung out.  I clarified to Mr. Scrooge that my bitching on the walk was completely playful and if I had really been pissed off, I wouldn't have been talking to him at all.  He agreed.

Eventually, Mr. Scrooge went to take a bath and I took that as my cue to go lay in bed and read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell (a whopping too soon, tyvm).  Finally, it was bedtime since Friday was a big day.


Friday morning the dogs let me sleep in, which was miraculous.  I got up and blogged instead of packing Yurtle.  #solidlifechoices  As I finally started loading up the remaining kitchen stuff, Mr. Scrooge got up, which was solid timing because a springform pan fell off my stack and clattered onto the floor making the loudest racket.  At which point Mr. Scrooge told me to stop stressing and I told him I wasn't stressed, a pan had just fallen off, which was at least half true.

I was semi working under a deadline because the plumber was supposed to be at the new house around 11.  At 1015, I checked my phone before I took a shower and noticed that I had a missed called and voicemail from 0945.  It was the plumber.. FML.  When I called back, they said that they had went to another job but would be by the house in about an hour and I told them that was perfect.

I got ready and headed over and was unloading Yurtle when they arrived.  Turns out, all you have to do to get hot water when it doesn't work is to turn the nozzle on the top of the water heater.  Good talk, Plumber-man.  The plumbers were amazed at the antique (1992) water heater and even took a photo of it (mostly to show to the property management company because it was their suggestion that it be replaced).  As I was dealing with the plumbers, Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover (WJL) called me to tell me that she was at the old house and had failed to check her phone to notice that I'd texted her the address of the new house.  As soon as I finished unloading Yurtle, I headed back to the old house to meet Teh WJL and finish loading up miscellaneous items in Yurtle and to wait for the movers (who were 2 hours late due to weather and an elevator that was out).

Cougar Movers were the first movers I've had since leaving VA that were American/English speaking.  It was nice to be able to understand what they were saying (and not feel like they were talking about the excessiveness of all my crap).  I tried to help as much as possible, but the point came that it was better for us to just get out of the way.

Around 6ish, everything was loaded into the trucks/vehicles and we headed to the new house.... which had NO power because of the storm.  I got to meet my across the street neighbor who clarified that the entire neighborhood had no power and it wasn't expected to come back on until 8/9.  Le siiiigh.  Fortunately we had just enough daylight to get everything put together (the bed and dining room table mostly).  While the movers were unloading and I was putting together the bed, Teh WJL was putting everything in my kitchen away because she's amazing.

The only catastrophe was a terrarium dish.  WOOT.

After the movers left, we headed to Willie Jewells for dinner with Mr. Scrooge.  After dinner, we swung by the old house and picked up the dogs and came back to the new house for the night.  Thankfully the power was back on by the time we got back.  Phil did fairly good with the slippery floors, since I wasn't able to completely cover them with rugs.

We unpacked some, but we were pretty tired so we crashed soon after we got home.


We woke up Saturday morning and had nothing to eat for breakfast because moving = no food in the house.  Before you inquire why I didn't take food from the old house, I'll explain why.  Groceries/stuff from the store and utilities were my contribution since Mr. Scrooge covered the rent.  I didn't feel like it was fair to Mr. Scrooge for me to stick him with everything AND take all the food since it was my decision to leave.  I did ask him to go through the pantry/fridge and pull out the things he wouldn't eat and I would take them.

We semi-started unpacking, but hunger got the best of me and after some deliberation with myself, I decided to take Teh WJL to Early Bird Diner, since it's one of my favorite places and I knew the food would be delicious.  After breakfast, we hit the town for some shopping fun.  We went to TJ Maxx, Total Wine, Ross, Target, and Food Lion.

The country scramble.
While it was delicious, I paid the price dearly.  

We got back to the new house and instead of packing, starting doing a puzzle, which was WAY better than unpacking.  Teh WJL and I chatted and jammed to 90s music (and some lip-sync battle playlist) and put together puzzle until it was time to head to see fireworks.

Puzzle supervisors.

They were setting off fireworks at the park that is a few blocks away from where I work and Teh SC House Finder and family were going there to watch fireworks, so I figured that was a solid place to see them (since tickets to sit on the deck of USS YORKTOWN were completely sold out).  We got there and I showed Teh WJL my office and my desk and then we started the walk to the park.  When we were almost there, one of the ladies directing traffic told us that they were evacuating everyone in the park because of the storm that was blowing in.  Le siiiiigh.

I called Teh SC House Finder and we agreed to meet at DIG once they were able to get through the madness that was the traffic.  Teh WJL and I sat at DIG waiting for a bit and then we decided to just pick up a movie on the way home and make a frozen pizza for dinner.  We didn't watch the movie, but we did do puzzle until stupid late o clock when we finally decided it was bedtime.


Since Teh WJL hadn't been downtown at all, I decided we were going to do brunch downtown.  We ended up at Another Broken Egg because that's where I take everyone and because their huevos rancheros is delicious (and also because they take reservations).  I had assumed there would be a wait and had planned to walk through the market while we waited, but it turned out there was no wait.  I promised Teh WJL that we would peruse the market after brunch.  We both picked up 2 new sets of earrings (yay!) and I also got the information for a hairdresser from a lady at one of the booths.  After we finished at the market, we passed up Kilwin's (but tried to sniff all the waffle cone smell from the air as we passed) and headed to the old house to pick up Mike Wazowski and the few items that I had left behind and the food items that Mr. Scrooge was donating to my cause.  I took Teh WJL the long way so she could cross both the Cooper River Bridge (the one I ran in March with Teh MD Adult Roomie) and the 526 bridge (where you can see the Cooper River bridge).

floppy hat selfies

Note: The old house is barren without all my crap.  Mr. Scrooge has stuff like a couch and a recliner and a TV and kitchen things, but apparently all my crap really made it homey.  It kinda looks like a vagabond lives there.

As I was getting off Mike after arriving home (heh, I like that), someone on an orange motorcycle pulled up to the end of the driveway and cut off their bike.  I was curious as to why a stranger was stopping, but I had a feeling it had something to do with the fact that Mike had just arrived, which makes everything about me about a billionty percent cooler (and, per Teh WJL, my motorcycle jacket makes me look super hot (and I had to clarify if that meant temperature or sexiness (she said sexy))).  The person took off their helmet and it was a he-ginger who introduced himself as Eric, a neighbor who lived a few doors down.  He suggested going on a ride sometime (not in a dirty way) and I said that'd be cool.  He never once acknowledged Teh WJL which we found slightly amusing, even if slightly disappointing that he was rude.

After meeting Eric and releasing the hounds, I hung curtains while Teh WJL supervised and chatted with me, which is really the only thing that kept me motivated to keep hanging curtain rods.  Especially after the living room wall ATE my drill bit (I don't wanna talk about it).  For so many years I assumed that hanging curtain rods was difficult (and it was per the way Teh Bear had done it) and I was able to hang 4 rods all by myself, AND I was missing some of the screws and had to make do with the miscellaneous container of nails/screws/bolts that I've acquired.  #likeaboss

Teh WJL put all the things in the attic for me and helped me set up the living room and break down boxes.  She's the best, really.  Especially for the attic thing.  Climbing the ladder into an attic really creeps me out.  It's a completely unfounded fear, but it doesn't even matter to me, no me gusta.  Eventually, it was time for Teh WJL to head back to the mountains, despite my begging her to stay (and not because of her attic skillz).


Instead of unpacking, I did puzzle and called Teh Dad.  Mr. Scrooge invited me over for lasagna, which I couldn't turn down because, 1- his lasagna is historically delicious, 2- I didn't really buy much at the grocery store for meal prep, 3- I didn't have to cook dinner.  I drove Mike over (yay saving gas) and we watched Paddington which I had rented the night before to watch with Teh WJL.  I didn't anticipate the movie being as good as it was.  I really didn't get/like the Nicole Kidman character, but I didn't read Paddington as a kid, so maybe I was just missing something?  Even Mr. Scrooge laughed several times, so I knew it wasn't a bad movie choice.  I had to leave as soon as the movie was done since there was a storm rolling in.

When I got home, I finished the puzzle right as Teh WJL said she arrived home.  Coincidence?  Probably.  Since I didn't have internet, I took the opportunity to finish Attachments which was good and bad.  Good because I loved the book.  Bad because I stayed up way past my bedtime.

So there you have it.  Moving weekend. Finito.

Honestly, I'm still not completely unpacked, but the new house was livable by Sunday when Teh WJL left Charleston.  I was able to finish the living room up on Monday while I was waiting for the AT&T tech to install U-verse.  The dining room and kitchen are pretty much done.  The breakfast nook (for lack of better definition of the random space at the end of the kitchen that probably used to be a dining room but is no longer) is stacked with empty boxes that need to be broken down and put in the attic and boxes with stuff that I need to figure out what to do (looking at you scooby dress (what the MD movers called my scuba gear) and obscene amount of conch shells from GTMO).  The guest room (aka the carpet room since it's the only room in the house with carpet) is filled with crap that doesn't have a set home.  This is how my moves usually work.  I shove everything that I don't know what to do with immediately into the guest room and slowly work my way through it.

Phil gives no fucks about stuff in the way.

I'm hoping that soon I'll have the dollas to purchase a mattress/box spring for the guest room so people can come visit me and won't have to sleep on the air mattress.

Overall, I love my new house.  LURVE it.  It feels like home  There are times when I miss Mr. Scrooge, but often the lack of irritation that we constantly felt towards/at each other overrides the missing him and helps me know that I made the right decision (as if I hadn't already been told (yes I was listening to you, family/friends/Gentle Readers)).

That said, Mr. Scrooge and I will continue to be friends.  We've already planned to go on a ride this upcoming weekend.  It was a very amicable split (at least, based on my opinion) and I hold no hard feelings or resentment.  I'm not sure if that's mutual or not since I can't read Mr. Scrooge's mind, but I'm going to assume yes since he's still speaking to me.

Having no resentment feels very grown up of me.  I remember a Megan that would hang on to bitterness for years not so long ago.  I'm so glad I left that girl behind.  #growingupishardwork


  1. - We've been in our house 2 years and still that "random stuff shoved into room." It is not our guest room though, which we finally have even though we rarely have anyone stay in it (it is also our only carpeted room- haha!)

    - Mr's house sounds like what my hubby would live in. We've had LOTS of conversations about the house- he would have a recliner & TV and that'd be it. He says a woman has to live there to make a place really feel homey.

    - So happy to hear that you are happy :) And yay on having no resentment...that is huge & amazing thing to be able to say (for yourself even more than for the other person)

  2. Your friend sounds like an awesome friend! I'm glad that you're so happy in your new home & that you two can remain friends. Isn't that grown up feeling great? Yay for Eric! Even if he did come off slightly rude/douchey by not acknowledging your friend. Hopefully he's not like that all the time & you can have a sweet new friend in your neighborhood.

  3. I know what you mean about the resentment. I used to be like that but as I have gotten older, I've gotten better and it really does make me feel so much happier and.. free? free sounds corny but you know what I mean lol. Love the floppy hat selfie!

  4. Oh moving, how it can be so frustrating, tiring, exciting and fun all at the same time, right? I am glad you got the majority of your stuff moved in. I too use the guest room as a catch all until everything has a home...or stays in the guest room homeless haha. I love that you guys did puzzles instead of unpacking some, way more fun.

    Kudos for having a mature, adult split up. I know exactly what you mean about holding resentment when we were younger. I did it too.

    Also, yay for Attachments!!! I freaking LOVED that book! One of my favorites from last year.

  5. I LOVE FLOPPY HATS (even if don't currently own one)
    BEST WEEKEND EVA (no really, amAAAAZing)
    the He-Ging never specified exactly what kind of ride he was inviting you for (although had he been gentlemanly enough to introduce himself I could have assisted you in ascertaining his intentions. Just saying)


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