Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Confessions {8/26}

-Why is toilet paper advertised as "double" or "triple" the roll.  Really?  REEEAALLY?  When have I ever seen an actual single roll of toilet paper to compare it to?  Can you just tell me what the ply count is and the total length of the roll without me having to do calculus equations to figure it out?  Plskthx.  #yourenotfoolinganyone

-Rage inducing, WHY THE FUCK IS THIS TRENDING/NEWS??  Why do we give fools the time of day?  #USMediasucks

-As a tech writer, it is my job to be the asshole.. so this happened:
Team Lead (TL): Hey, I made some changes to the diagram, can you look it over and see if there need to be any changes?
Me: Sure, but I'm not sure about technical stuff in that diagram, but I can look at everything else.
TL: Ok.
Me (a few minutes later): So, really the only issue I see is that you have spaces next to your slashes.  As in word / word is incorrect it should be word/word.
TL: Nit-picky.
Me: That's my job.

He didn't respond so I figured he was going to just not bother.  When I got the updated diagram images, there were no spaces.  Small victories.  #YesIlookeditupfirst
I did not correct him on his classifications markings.  #theresalwaysnexttime

-Bar hopping on Saturday night made me feel almost adult as just shopping the perimeter of the grocery store.  #adultingwin

-I confess that after watching The Americans, when Teh German left to go pick up items from his "closet" (aka his house that he doesn't really stay at anymore, yay!), I took 2 very not-small sips from the vodka in my freezer and I would have drank way more if it wouldn't have burned so bad.  #dealingwithproblemslikeanadult

-Teh German has officially spent the night at my house every night for a week now.  #bowchickawowwow

times 7

-That said, we are currently planning to go to Home, Home over Labor Day weekend and do some motorcycle riding, which I told Teh Dad about because that means we'll stay at his house.  He came back to me and asked if Teh Stepmom should make up one room or two.  At which point I said, "One room, he's been staying at my house for the last week.  I think we're good with 1 bed."  If I get asked about it again, I'm planning on responding, "Do you think he's been sleeping in the guest room these past few weeks?"  #adultsleepoversarethebestsleepovers

-"When you're at church, tell Him I said thanks for you."  That's what Teh German told me when I left for church on Sunday morning.  Next time, we'll see what happens when I tell him he should just come with me and tell Him, himself.

-Yurtle is getting a.. butt sag.  And by that I mean, I'm getting a trailer hitch put on Yurtle.  This will enable us to rent a motorcycle trailer for Mike and Suzi (Teh German's bike's name, which is often confused with Suzy, my phone) so we can go to Home, Home and do some NC mountain rides.  I'm super pumped about this.  I'm pretty sure that means there's nothing else I could possibly add to Yurtle.  #shouldhavedonethismonthsago #Iwastedmymoneyonthecargorack #Isaidrack

-I went to the grocery store and picked up a pack of chicken that didn't have the price/full barcode on it.  It had the weight and the price per pound though, so I figured it would be no big deal to just do the math then manually enter the price.  Yeah, that was too overwhelming for my simple cashier.... and his manager that came over to respond to his call for help.  It wasn't until I had pointed out several times to both of them that we had all the necessary information to do the math that they agreed with me.  I had even already done the math on my cell phone so they could see I wasn't making up a random price.  #Wearegettingstupider #Isaystupiderisaword

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  1. Hahaha I love the parents wondering about the bed set up. My parents that still a question/issue and I've been dating my boyfriend almost 5 years and living with him for 2. It's like really? Do you think we're just roommates who have separate bedrooms #catchupwiththetimes

  2. If it doesn't scan, it doesn't sell. What were you thinking trying to pull such ninja moves on the cashier?!?!?!? LOL at asking if you need one room or two.

  3. Bahaha soooo happy I never had to deal with the one bedroom or two ordeal. I'd rather not have to deal with that confrontation with my parents. #awkward!

  4. At least you weren't that annoying ass person that says "oh it doesn't scan? MUST BE FREE!" Fuck off to everyone that ever told me that when I was a cashier.

  5. Yay Hiddles memes! THANK YOU!!

    The FL greyhound husband met my parents a week after we met because same city. But they didn't figure out anything until 8 months later after we adopted Highway...

  6. Yay Hiddles memes! THANK YOU!!

    The FL greyhound husband met my parents a week after we met because same city. But they didn't figure out anything until 8 months later after we adopted Highway...


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