Friday, August 14, 2015

Five on Friday #61


I GET TO SEE TEH MD ADULT ROOMIE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOOOO!!!!!  We haven't seen each other (other than skype) since March and it feels like sooooo longggggg(uh).  We're doing the Ramblin' Rose Triathlon together in Winston-Salem, so if you're in the area and want to cheer us on, we'll probably need it.

I'm glad that the next time I see Teh MD Adult Roomie it won't be so long as it's been this time.  I'm headed up to MD in September for my Navy-AF 1/2 and the doggies and I will be staying with her and the countdown has been going on since the end of June.  Serious bizness/excitement right there. 


Being in Charleston means being overwhelmed with options for places to eat out.  Even if you exclude chain restaurants, it would take several months of eating out every day to make your way through all the places there are.  Granted, I'll never do that because dollas and fatty Megan, but still.

That said, I'm starting a list on Yelp of all the places that I want to go.  Now if some of these places weren't in the $$$ range and were in the $-$$ range, I'd be wayyyy happier.  Yay for a list of destinations instead of having to search through Yelp looking for a place to go.

I also start to feel bad when I go to the same place over and over and over instead of trying new places because there are so many options here.  If that's not a first world problem, I don't know what is!


I've made the switch from coffee (with loads of creamer) to tea with honey.  I'm so pleased with my life choices.  Now I just have to figure out which tea is my favorite since there are 8 different kinds in the cafe. 

I really, reeeeaaallly dislike the taste of coffee, and creamer and sugar were the only things making it bearable for me.  But tea?  I LURVE me some tea.  I also LURVE me some honey.  This gives me an excuse to use the rest of my MD honey and finally get on to my SC/NC honey. 

The only downside is that the "hot" water is heated to boiling, which means that it is SUPER hot (yeah, yeah I know), but coffee isn't boiling, it's just warm, so I can drink it right away and it doesn't have to cold down to "slightly less than scalding all the taste buds off your tongue" before I can drink it. 


I feel like I've been doing really good on the not spending money front.  In general.  Every day is still a constant battle to not buy a ticket for a DisneyLand run, but I tell myself that other things are priorities.. like bills and saving up dollas for emergencies (like more than a month or two).  I've done good at not buying little things and staying out of stores, which is nice.  I don't miss my every other weekend grocery trips and store runs on other weekends for various items that we may or may not have actually needed.

I'm learning just how little I actually need to buy and it's quite nice.


You are funny, brilliant, and vibrant.
With much adoration, UnsweetTeaMan

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. I kept on saying when we were in Charleston seriously there are so many places to eat and drink!!!

  2. I'm doing so bad on the spending front. I was doing so good but feeling like I'm stuck in no man's land is making it so hard. Is it mid-September yet??

  3. I drink at least 2 cups a tea every day....on top of the cup of coffee I consume every morning. Hehe! Have a great weekend!

  4. Yay for seeing friends & not spending money!! We have done a lot better this month too (so far, anyway) & it's been really nice. I like tea, but more when it's cold.

  5. The quotes are epic and yes DRINK ALL THE TEA. I love tea. I love me some coffee as well but I do truly love tea and wish America wasn't such a downer about having an afternoon tea time. I mean we could all use the break for some tea and snacks amirite?

  6. I have a running list of restaurants to try on Yelp, and on as a Note on my phone. Too much good food all over the place! I think I've been doing well on the lesser spending this month, but I'm not sure because looking at the bank account occasionally gives me anxiety.

    A real sweetheart and a real smartass... yup, that's me!


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