Friday, August 7, 2015

Five on Friday #60


I have a date with Monty today and I'm so unbearably excited.  PS.  Monty is the bicycle. 

Apparently, in a past life, Ginger Beard was a bike mechanic?  IDK what those people are called, so I just made that title up.  Anyways, he brought over a magical device to blow up Monty's tires and then spent an additional 30+ minutes adjusting Monty's pieces making him better.  I tried to tell him that Monty was just for the tri, but he wouldn't listen.

His dedication to my problems was very much appreciated.  Now I just have to get better at riding the bike (in a week).  I was WAYYYY better at cycling when I was 13. 

PS.  I've already decided that if Monty gives me problems, I'm just going to run the bike portion of the tri.  #whohaveIbecome

PPS.  I became friends with Ginger Beard on FB.  I haven't decided if I was ready for that or not.


I didn't get to finish reading Saint Anything before the due date and I really wanted to.  I'ma book club failure.  Oh well.  Life has been getting in the way of reading and well, life has been getting in the way of a lot of things, so I've just accepted it.  I guess what this really means is blogging>reading, so you're welcome, Gentle Readers.

I do hope to finish it before the Show Us Your Books linkup next week though, so there's that. 
This does mean that I probably won't add the newest book to my reading list since I've already got too many books to read.

Also, if I had time to spend at the computer that wasn't for work (haha) or checking FB which seems to take me longer now that I have less friends (since I'm actually interested in the stuff most of these people share, I click on more links), I'd probably acquire more audiobooks because now listening to music when I run isn't as satisfying.  This is primarily due to ads on Pandora (which I use because it uses less data than Spotify and because I mostly like the music I get from the stations I set to shuffle) but also because time seems to pass faster when I'm invested in something vs songs that I've already heard a mabillionty times.


The world decided to get together and release all new music on Fridays a few weeks ago.  I hate this.  I used to look SOOO forward to new music Tuesdays.  Now I have to wait until Fridays and I'm rarely at work for a full day because flex hours, which means less music listening... and because I often need things to look forward to during the work week besides Tasty Tuesday.


Teh Wisconson Blond mentioned something about his getting a massage and now I'm jonesin' for a massage... or a pedicure.. but probably both.  I need to find somewhere between work and home (or relatively close that isn't in Mt. Pleasant) to get a moosage (that's how I saw massage every time in my head).  Time to check out LivingSocial/Groupon!!!

**I searched "massage" in giphy and I had to share this gem with my Gentle Readers because I'm still horrified.**

What the fuck is happening there and WHYYYY??


Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!


  1. Uh oh...being FB friends takes it to a whole nother level! Haha! I finished Saint Anything super fast and actually enjoyed it. I don't know if I am getting on board for this month's book or not though. I am kind of meh about it.

  2. I always loved new music tuesdays!! What's with the change?!

  3. -GB sounds promising! And good luck with the tri :)

    -I've only gotten one massage, and it was only okay. I should have asked for deep pressure instead of medium...apparently I have sensory issues or something because- and there is really no way to say this without sounding sexual so I might as well give in- I like it hard. Hehe.

    -Your quotes at the end are getting happier & stronger- I like!

  4. Saved that 2nd quote fo sho! I love it. I watched that gif far more times than I'm comfortable with. Which really I wasn't comfortable the first time but I kept watching it & my eyes kept getting squinty-er

  5. Searching "massage" on google images is a bold choice to make. Ahhh...the dating/FB choices...I had a friend this past weekend post a picture of her at an event with a guy. I know this guy has been in her life, but it was the first FB pic. Of course, I assumed they were getting serious for this to take place. I will never be used to new music releases not being on Tuesday.


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