Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Wishbone

"What's the story Wishbone?  Do you think it's worth a look?"  Anyone else remember that show?  No, just me because Teh Sister insisted it was her favorite show every.single.time.ever.  BTW, she also insisted that Dragon Tails and Mr. Doubtfire and Erin Brockovich and Titanic (the 1st VHS) and Mulan and The Great Mouse Detective and Son in Law were her favorites too... and obviously I've been scarred for life.  Whole other blog post for that... and here I thought my "Scarred for life" posts were mostly moments with Teh Parents.

Anyways.  Moving on.

I'm not really superstitious.  I'll walk under a ladder if its easier to maneuver, I don't hold my breath over bridges (because I've crossed some stupid long bridges), I don't hold my feet up passing graveyards (I'm lazy), etc.  Buttttt, I live for wishbones.  Not really sure why, probably because I love a good competition.  I mean, all you do with a wishbone is pull it apart.  There's someone that gets a wish and someone that doesn't.  Simple.  You "win" or you don't. Whatevs.

Teh Bear and I have obtained several wishbones in the last year or so and for the last 2/3 he has "won" them.  By winning, I mean that after they completely dried, we pulled them apart and he came back with the bigger piece, so he got to make a wish.

Well, I made a whole chicken a few weeks ago, which meant wishbone!

I always heckle Teh Bear when it comes to... anything I could possibly win.  I always talk shit that I'm going to win and he's going to lose and I almost always lose and I do it poorly.  At one point he offered to give me the big piece of the wishbone because I was so "upset".

So I went into this wishbone exactly the same way... heckling my little heart out.
It went something like this:
"It's MY turn to win.  You ALWAYS win.  Don't LET me win though, because that's cheating.  I'm going to win by myself.  Do it good.  Come on, pull your side.  Lets do this.  I'm gonna win.  You're gonna lose.  The wish will be MINE this time!  I will be VICTORIOUS!!!"

And this is what happened (there are photos because I was sure this was my time to win, I wanted photographic evidence of my win)...

Because if it comes out of the kitchen Phil always thinks its for him.
Also, this pose looks like his Cmas ornament.

So what happens now?

I think we tied.  I mean, that's less like losing than when Teh Bear gets the big piece, but I still didn't technically "win."  We're still not sure of the wish status with this situation.  I mean, we both had the same wish (for Teh Bear to get a new job.. like yesterday), but neither of us "won."

Did I mention that I'm probably the most unlucky person ever?  Yeah, that's accurate.  I only get lucky by default, like something good happens to someone else and I just happen to be in the fallout of that good thing.

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