Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So What Wednesday #1

I've been reading Shannon's blog for a while now and I thought that her "So What Wednesday" could be a good replacement for my "It's Ok Thursday" linkup (that I greatly miss).. so I'm joining in today.


...Monday rolled around and I was completely mentally prepped for a normal week, but after 10 hours of work, I finally broke down and posted a negative FB post.
...if my phone is filled with photos of Phil sleeping in his jammies on the couch with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out.
...I said that I would burn at least 200 calories before entertaining myself via TV/PS3 and have only fulfilled that requirement once.
...that the biggest reasons I haven't been meeting my 200 calorie goal was because I was so unbearably sore from my workout on NYE (as in Teh Bear touched my butt playfully and I almost stabbed him with the knife in my hand) and the unbearable cold outside (which isn't an excuse not to use the rowing machine).
...that I hate the Navy one day and want to stay in the next day.  Making up my mind is tough work.
...that I didn't start my EAWS stuff in December like I said, I enjoyed the break!
...if I forgot to announce ON Teh Blog that the web address changed.  Ooops, my bad.
...if I bring Phil back to work with me when I have to go back in at night.
...if only want to play Katamari Forever on the stage where you make the ball as big as possible to make a star in eternal mode.  Something about rolling up whole cities gives me great satisfaction... and brings me back to my days of playing Katamari for the first time when I was in college... when I'd tell the ex-fiance's same-name friend that I wanted to play Katamari and he would know that I wanted to play the level where I could roll up all the things and he'd turn everything on for me and let me have at it.
...if I got lots of tutoring for my EAWS test.
...if Teh Bear and I spend most of our time watching The Office.
...if I get extremely over-aggressive about games where there is a winner (ok, this is probably not very so what).
...if I combine recipes to make a better recipe for taco soup/chicken tortilla soup.
...if eating dinner at 5:30 doesn't do the trick, eating again is acceptable.

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