Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday #12/Little Notes #8

Dear Gentle Readers,

The desire to blog has been at an all time low recently.  It's really not anything specific, just a lack of desire to share all the things and the general boringness that is currently taking place in my life.  Work days go something like this: workout?, go to work, come home from work, take Phil on a run, make dinner, sit on the couch with Teh Bear watching The Office, decide it's time for bed, find things to do on the internet for another hour, and finally go to bed.

Weekends have been equally boring, which has been alright with me.  After the business of the holidays, it is a much welcomed break.

Dear Phil,

You have been especially adorable this week.  I'm not sure if it's the threat of the new puppy or you've turned a new stone.  They say that each year can be different with a greyhound (or maybe its just dogs/pets in general?) and that has definitely happened this year.  It might have taken 2 years for you to come around, but that's ok with me.  Your sleeping on the couch and drooling on my favorite pillow has been so adorable I don't even try to relocate the blanket under you.  I feel bad for visitors that have to smell that, but you're just so comfortable and content that I don't even bother you.

The video I got of you playing makes me smile and I'm not even ashamed to over-share this video.

Teh Bear and I are taking you to donate blood today and I'm pretty hyped about it since we don't normally get to take you.  You're my favorite puppy-luppy ever (and don't listen to Teh Bear when he says that will change once the puppy gets here, I'll still love you no matter what, especially when the puppy is being annoying).

Dear work/week,

I anticipated last week was going to be difficult since it was the first full work week since the holiday period.  Oh, oh, how wrong I was.  This week has been almost unbearable.  Monday was fine, but Tuesday kept pretending to be Monday, and on Wednesday it should have just been Friday, Thursday still wasn't Friday, and now that it is finally Friday, I'm just exhausted and need a nap.

I've been making a steady effort at EAWS flashcards, I was voluntold from big Navy to apply for a Navy special project on Tuesday (no one has any idea what this special project is, which makes it pretty stressful for this control freak me), people are getting back into the swing of being at work so the office has been busy, busy, busy, in addition to the escort duties that we've had going on this week, it's been pretty non-stop.  Fortunately, we are off on Monday, but next week doesn't need to be more of the same, kthx.

Additionally, Teh Bear is absolutely, with the passion of 1000 suns, hating his MD job that I was so excited that he got finally.  He is currently looking for anything in S.MD so if anyone knows of any openings, feel free to let us know, because holy moly, his stress is stressing me out.


Dear Navy,

I'm not gonna lie, these last 5.2 years have been difficult.  In the last year, I've flopped from definitely getting out to probably staying in.  That is hard for me.  I was pretty sure I was done after 6 years, but now I'm not sure.  I was 88% sure that my JSOC denial meant that I was done with the Navy, or at least that's what I had told myself and other people.  But after I got that email that said (summarized), "We're sorry but going to VX-1 killed your career, go IA and apply again," I told people I was going to see what orders were available when my window opens since I was approved to stay in the Navy.  I keep giving you all the chances and it's scaring me.

On Tuesday, I was voluntold by Big Navy (meaning bigger than my command, but a message directly from DC) to apply for a CNO special project.  No one has any clue what this project is, but coming on the heels of the JSOC denial really makes me wonder what is going on.  I had to include a photo with this application package, so I took a day and "dated the Navy," to mean that I did my hair nice and wore not my blueberries (so they told me what to wear, whatevs) and I even put on make-up.  I won't hear back for "a few months" but here's hoping to at least finding out at some point what I applied for.

Additionally, this is during the honeymoon of finding out I'm actually getting to go to a class that I've wanted to attend since 2009.  I'm still waiting for the bottom to fall out, like with all things regarding the Navy, it can't be as good as it seems (like shore duty orders to Pax River, MD ruining my Navy career?).

P.S.  I took a very "professional-looking" photo, per the Command Master Chief.

Dear surprise snow,

At some point way earlier than alarm time Thursday morning, I thought I heard it raining.  I didn't really pay much attention and fell back asleep.  After my shower, while I was getting dressed, I thought something was wrong with Yurtle because she was discolored!  Then I realized it was snowing outside!  Big, fat, wet flakes plastered my face as I walked into work and my fingers were freezing, but it was totally worth it.  I took it as a good omen since I also submitted my special package application that same day.  Perspective, I haz it.

5 Goals

-Complete my EAWS this month (since I bought the uniform device already...)
-Try not to use the crock pot for every meal I make for the next week
-Have a date with Teh Bear this weekend since we are both off.
-Take Phil on a walk/run this weekend.
-Figure out when workout app I'm going to go with (since RunKeeper has definitely been a piece of shit recently)

5 Things

-I felt like I hadn't "really blogged" in a long time.  When I look back, maybe I did, but still.
-I feel lazy not taking any classes for 3 months, but I know its for the best, especially after the struggle that was November.
-I really want to hear back from this special project thing sooner rather than later.
-I'm very proud of myself for working out 2x some days this week.
-18 days till my birthday.  Amazon wishlist is available, but I'm also accepting cash donations to help pay for Samwise.

Happy Weekend, Gentle Readers.

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