Friday, January 31, 2014

Fill in the Blank Friday #46


1.   My most favorite birthday was   all of them?  Usually it involved a gathering of significant people in my life, so that counts for something.

2.  My worst birthday was   I can't remember a worst birthday.  Wow, I'm such a first world kid.  

3.  My favorite birthday memory is   when Teh Bear's birthday card arrive on my birthday and they presented it to me at my bday dinner.  Talk about perfect timing!

4.  The best birthday present I've ever received was   my Scotland ring last year from Teh Bear.  I had really wanted it when I was in Scotland, but didn't buy it.

5.  The best birthday present I've ever given was   my presence.  I showed up in FL for Teh Bear's bday with cupcakes.  That definitely required some coordination.  Then he didn't even act excited........

6.  Birthdays are   to be celebrated.  Even if you "don't celebrate" (Teh Bear), I will still make you celebrate.

7.  My favorite age so far has been   perpetual 27.  when I was 26, I told people I was 27, now that I'm 27, I've got it right, but this year doesn't seem like 28, so I'll probably still say 27 because I can't count. 

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