Monday, September 28, 2020

Weekend Review {9/28}


In the morning was work things, lunchtime included dropping off Willow for 30,000 mile maintenance and picking up Willie Jewell's for take-away lunch, and the afternoon consisted of more work things.

I actually got to do a work task and it was minimal, but I did it!

In the evening, we went to Subaru to pick up my car, but it was locked, unlike what I'd be told, and I was PISSED we'd wasted a trip out.  I mean, I hadn't been overly pleased at the idea of leaving my car unlocked on the lot, but my ride (Husband) wasn't available until after they closed, so I figured it'd be fine.  It was not fine.  I couldn't bring Willow home.  DID NOT LIKE.

Since we'd eaten a big lunch, we snacked for dinner and spent the evening watching Silicone Valley.


Saturday morning was going pretty good until Teh German asked me if I wanted to go pick up Willow and I remembered how livid I was at the dealership.  UGH.  We handled that situation, I went by the grocery store to pick up ice cream for the Willie Jewell's bread pudding we'd gotten on Friday and by Bojangles for a gravy biscuit since I was already out. #SorryNotSorry.  I got home and ate my breakfast and Teh German and I did some slight house keeping to make sure that the house was picked up since we'd agreed (despite how pissy I was about it) to let the buyers come view the house again.  I'm not really sure what they needed to see, they kinda did another complete walk through.

There was some initial sass about the dogs being home (although they were outside) but things smoothed out from there.  We tried to explain some of the smarthome stuff to them and explained that we'd leave a list of apps that go with each device so they can manage it.  I chatted with their realtor about Barbados (after she asked when we'd be vacating) which was fun.

They did decide they wanted the washer and dryer and we agreed that if we were required to replace the HVAC drip pan (that has a motherfucking rust spot in it, despite having been replaced such a short time ago, also, fuck that HVAC) that the money could come from that.

I was rather irritated when they arrived because we were literally sitting around waiting on them to arrive and we noticed a car pull up at 2:15 and then another 10 minutes later and they didn't actually come in until 2:30 and their appointment was for 2 and well.. tardiness and I are not close friends.  Also, I was just generally angsty because what if these people were horrible and wanted to replace the floors and take down the pallet wall and repaint the walls AND THEN THEY TOLD ME?!?  By the end, it wasn't so bad, but still, I'm an escalator and shit was escalating quickly.

They left by 3 and our day resumed it's normal nothingness.  I got motivated and decided to make this sweet potato/chickpea patty recipe I'd found (with a greek yogurt dipping sauce) and it was an absolute flop.

1- I had to hand grate an entire sweet potato.  Rude.
2- I don't oil fry things, so I had to determine time/temp to put these in the air fryer.
3- They just weren't that good.

So blah that Teh German and I agreed we wouldn't be eating the leftovers if I cooked them, so I didn't even bother to cook the rest of the patty mix and tossed it (I would have fed it to the dogs, but it had raw onion in it).

Teh German had posted our trailer and the fish tank for sale on Marketplace and the trailer was gone within 2 hours of the listing.  Teh German's next goal is to acquire a covered trailer, which he's been talking about for a while, with the money from the trailer and motorcycle sales.

In the evening, we watched Silicon Valley until WAYYY too late and finally went to bed by midnight.


Teh German and I agreed that we needed to start hitting up some of our favorite CHS places before we leave and Holy City brunch was HIGH on that list.  We agreed to take the bikes out and go to brunch on Sunday morning.  We were functional at 0900 when the realtor messaged us asking us to call.  Things I was not interested in: dealing with house/realtor that early in the morning.  Things I did: ripped off the bandaid and called the realtor.

The buyers were negotiating repairs/washer dryer pricing, the also wanted to purchase the trailer.  I straight up told our agent, they should have spoken up yesterday when they were here/to my face if they wanted to buy stuff.  We're selling as much as possible so we don't have to move it...  We discussed some options and then I got off the phone and Teh German and I got ready to leave.

We headed out by 1030 and still there was a short wait when we arrived.  We were seated and had ordered when the realtor called me to discuss their rebuttal.  Gentle Readers, I HATE negotiating.  HHHAAATTTEEE ITTTTT.  I hate having to overprice everything to get what I actually want to get from a transaction.  Having come off a Marketplace selling streak, my skills are sharp right now, and also, I was really taken advantage of in Bahrain multiple times because of my ignorance.. so I'm bitter too.  But the reality is, these buyers are making me feel like I'm being nickeled-and-dimed for every.little.thing.

While I was talking to the realtor, our food came and I started eating because I was starving.  I was confused at the presence of onions on my meal, but just kinda pushed them to side and dug in.. Then I got off the phone and was explaining the call with Teh German (since it was too loud inside for speakerphone) when another entrée arrived to our table and was offered to me as "the meal you actually ordered."  I hadn't even remembered what I had actually ordered.  In my defense, they entrée they brought first was actually my backup choice, so that's kinda why I couldn't remember... and I was distracted when the food arrived, so that too.

L: Poutine; R: taters + egg

Everything was delicious.  I had almost ordered the chicken and waffles, but we might actually go back to HCB next weekend because they are my favorite brunch place.  It is what it is.  We stayed for a while and sipped our beverages (mmmm sweet tea) and discussed the situation with the buyers and negotiation and just stuff.  Eventually, we decided it was time to go and we agreed to ride down to Folly Beach and then come home.

The ride out was great.  The weather is perfect riding weather, not too hot, not too cold.  Also, I hadn't been to Folly in a hot minute.  I was supposed to do a half marathon there in Feb, but I was dying of the Death Sickness (was it COVID?  Was it not?  no one knows!) so I didn't get to run that race.  Fun fact, riding the distance on a bike felt just as far as running it!

On our way home, we encountered a pretty bad accident where our entire side of the highway was shut down so we had to turn around and make a significant detour to get home.  Fortunately, the weather held out so the ride wasn't bad, but my poor inner thighs were screamin' by the time we got home and lawd was my crotch numb.

When we got home, I showered and started working on Meri's birthday cake.  Teh PT Kid came over for some math tutelage. We worked through his study guide so he'd ace his upcoming test.  When the cake was done, I fed him cake.  I also prepared birthday treats for all the beasties (resident hounds and neighbor hounds).  I dispensed bday cake (human vanilla cake + dog icing (greek yogurt mixed with crunchy peanut butter) topped with an apple slice and some mini marshmallows) to our beasts and new toys.  After Teh PT Kid departed, Meri and I walked down to Roux's house for some yard/social time and to deliver birthday treats to neighbor furiends!

Around doggy dinner time, I headed home to reunite with the fam.  Dinner was pizza fries.  Evening entertainment consisted of dog petting, screen time, and Silicon Valley.


Overall, a fabulous weekend.  Good weather = motorcycle date, which is one of our favorite activities, for sure.

I cannot stress enough just how over the entire house selling/buying shit I am.  Because, truly, I hate everything about it.  From "that's the way it is done" to negotiating and feeling like an asshole for standing my ground.  I know that we'll walk away from this process with money in our pocket, but it feels tainted and there's no joy because it feels like every penny we get to keep in our pocket we've had to fight for and it's exhausting (also, most of that money is from when we were overpaying on the house payment, but ya know, details).  And the worst part is... we're only half way through this garbage.  So many of the things our buyers have asked for are things I'd NEVER ask for.. but I'm confident as soon as the MD realtor says, "that's just the way things are," I/we'll be asking for the same things and feeling like an absolute sleezebag.

We have to repair the HVAC drip pan and replace some vent cover thing outside the house that Teh German acknowledged breaking (which is a few dollars).  They also requested that we repaint the wall in the living room with all the photos on it and I straight up said NO (and the realtor backed up me on this since it's cosmetic).  We're leaving the extra paint for you to do your own touch ups.  You know what, you have to do SOME work when it comes to buying a house and moving in.  I'm not doing it for you.  I have to do MY OWN MOVE and buy my own house and deal with all the same shit.  How about you think of that?  Jesus, take the wheel.

I did agree to having the carpets cleaned because they have needed to be cleaned for a while and I never had it done because we were waiting on the HVAC to be repaired, then it got side-lined because school, then we painted and I wanted to wait till after that.. Then COVID.  Soo, fine.

They will be purchasing our washer and dryer, which saves us from having to move those bitches and being paranoid about mold from any water that remained in the washer and them from having to wait on ordering something that is currently backordered.  There was also talk about purchasing the curtains/rods, so I'm waiting to hear about that.

The appraiser came earlier today and took her photos and measurements.  It was super quick, she was very friendly, and we talked about the resident beasties. 

I am beyond NEEDING to go to the Chiro.  I'm about to have to have Teh German drive my broke ass.  I had considered going this evening but it's POURING rain and these fools around here can't fucking drive in the rain, so I'm not even going to bother.  This is extremely shitty since I'm not sure I'll be able to go tomorrow or Wednesday and I am in some serious pain.  My neck keeps tweaking and despite how warm it is, I imagine that a heating pad is in my future.

Ya know what we haven't had in a while?  A countdown to something that is ALL positive and barely causes any anxiety. 

So that anxiety causing is more of a when I don't actually put any detailed thought into the situation of international flights during a pandemic, but here we are...  trying to ignore real life, kthx.

Happy ALMOST OCTOBER, Gentle Readers!

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