Friday, September 25, 2020

Five on Friday #242

EINS - Random Shit

If I get a bill for $10 from your office for medical treatment performed TWO YEARS ago, I am less likely to be pleasant when I have to pay it.  TWO FUCKING YEARS.  $10.  Like you couldn't just write that off?  Go fuck yourself.  Worse is that it wasn't even for a fucking procedure, it was just a sit and chat to discuss issues.  This is after you already billed me in May for $30 and I paid it without being a bitch.  Also?  Fuck shitty US health insurance.

I could get on my soapbox about how I'm lucky I am able to afford my medical expenses and how there are people out there that cannot afford to be nickled and dimed for an office visit, but I will not.


In that same vein, my new health insurance card FINALLY arrived, coincidentally on the same day that I took my last hot flashes pill.  Called "the Walmarts", had the script re-refilled, headed to the store after a while to pick up the items on the grocery list and pick up my meds.  I went by the pharmacy to pick it up and I didn't have to sign anything and was preparing to get out my card and I asked how much it was and the lady said there was NO CHARGE and I almost peed my pants I was so excited.

I'm used to paying $25 a month and that's with the manufacturer coupon since my prior health insurance was (apparently) rather crappy and wouldn't cover the medication.  3 months (with insurance) would have been $350ish and I refused to pay that, but the manufacturer was actually refusing to let me use the coupon when I went to refill the medication in August because my insurance company was not paying enough on the medication.  So I was used to paying $75 per 3 months.  Zero dollars definitely floated my boat.


Sold (everything we listed):
-Loft couches
-Entire master bedroom set
-Teh German's Bobber bike
-End tables
-Teh German's Suzuki bike (white)

I'm NOT sad to see the master bedroom suite go.  That headboard was an absolute monster to move every.single.time.  It was heavy and awkward and huge and we gained a significant amount of square footage in our already huge master bedroom by getting rid of that bed.  Considering that we are planning on downsizing for the next house, it was like a weight off of my shoulders to get rid of that entire suite.  It fit my needs when I bought it and apparently having all that storage really enabled my hoarding tendencies (inherited from Teh Dad).

In my defense, we had 3 queen size beds in this house and when I emptied out the drawers I unearthed at least ELEVEN sets of sheets.  Granted, that entails a warm set and cool set for each bed, but that's 6 sets of sheets and that's still not absolutely required as the 3rd bed was only used TWICE while we were in this house.  So I purged and selected the sets I will keep (5, as we will have a guest room at the next house and we still have 2 queen size mattresses unless I decide to get rid of the guest room mattress that Phil/Meri/Pax have put holes in, even though it doesn't affect the sleepability (that's a word now, don't look it up), it definitely makes the mattress look extra shitty).

To the twat who only wanted the 2 end tables and played me into separating the set for the 2 end tables and the chest of drawers that you "coincidentally" couldn't fit into your car but made sure to tell me, "If someone else comes along and wants this piece, it's fine."  Go fuck yourself.  The situation worked out, but still, fuck you for being the way you are and taking advantage of someone being nice.  It was me, I was being nice.  I didn't even know what you were doing until it was too late.  This is why I hate everyone. 

This move is about lightening the load.
I am not fucking sorry a little bit.
Also, someone please remind me of this when I start buying shit for the next house.


I think my realtor told our buyers they shouldn't come to the inspection (because we work from home) and then had to roll that back after I told her, "If my day is going to be a royally interrupted in the middle of it, it needs to all happen at once."  Unfortunate for them because they had also asked to see the house again this weekend.  I figured if they came to the inspection, a weekend visit wouldn't be necessary.  The buyers didn't show up to the inspection.  Guess who isn't in the mood to vacate her home with her entire farm for the buyers to come and peruse this weekend?  THIS GIRL!

It would be one thing if they wanted to come while we're home and I wouldn't have to leave with the dogs.  That's cool with me.  Come over, chat with us, we can get to know each other or whatever.  I'm cool with doing things NOT "how they are always done".  But asking me to pack up my entire herd for you to come and just reassure yourself that you're happy with your purchase?  No thanks.

Obviously, I'm the weirdest home seller ever.  That's what I've decided.
Also, my realtor thinking she knows me and spouting shit off before she even asks me?  She needs to learn some thing quick.  I'm a wild card.  You don't know me.  If you are expecting me to do something, you're probably wrong unless you've known me for a REALLY, REALLY LONG TIME.  And she don't.

It annoys me that we have to have these hired middle (wo)men for home buying/selling.  It also annoys me that the buyer and seller rarely get to know each other.  I have pertinent knowledge about this super huge thing you are about to buy from me and I want to share that knowledge with you, but for some reason, we're expected NOT to talk about anything ever and just let the transaction happen?  It's awkward and weird to me.  I, obviously, hate everything about this entire process and I'm sure home buying will be equally painful.


We have learned that the buyers "don't like animals".  I'm not sure if that a realtor's way of saying "doesn't like dogs" or these people really don't like animals and two things.
1- DAFUQ?  Who doesn't like animals.
2- As Teh German told our realtor, "They are going to have a hard time in this neighborhood."
^^ he ain't wrong.


After dealing with Best Buy/Geek Squad fuckary, my new laptop finally arrived.  Should I have had to be the one to initiate the calls to actually start the process of getting a new computer?  FUCK NO.  So FUCK YOU Best Buy.  

There are times that being an absolute control freak is annoying and anxiety inducing and times that it is beneficial and this was one of those times that it was all of the above.

Anyways, while I wanted a 17" MSI, they were all sold out on Best Buy's website and since I had the insurance policy, I had a store credit for the value of what I paid for the last laptop to use on a new computer.  I considered selling the gift certificate and then realized what an absolute pain in the ass that would be, so I just settled for a 15" MSI, that was essentially the new version of my old laptop.  I ended up paying $180 out of pocket for a new laptop with a 1 year warranty on it (because we are moving and well... I'm me).  I considered waiting to see if any of the 17" would come back in stock, but I really needed my laptop back, so 15" it was (and also, none of the 17" MSI options are in stock).

The last photo of Teh Regenbogen!
Look at all those fantastic stickers!!!

So I've accepted the 15" life.  And here's how you know I'm committed to this new laptop:

The first sticker was a RBG sticker.

There are more stickers to add, but I'm trying to figure out proper placement.
I also need to make another STEMinist sticker and that requires setting up the Circut and ugh, so much work.


Downloaded 398482949294492 (approximately) fonts yesterday.  I really should just keep that folder and save it on my external hard drive so I don't have to keep redownloading the same ones, but here we are.. doing it the hard way since 1986.


It's ring day for some of my favorite cadets/Citadel seniors.  I'm super excited for them.  Like, more than I thought I'd be.  I'm sad that they are having to do the ceremony without their families there, but at least they are able to have a ceremony and run across the field to tap on the doors of the Chapel.  I imagine that even the rain (that has been off/on all day) won't stop them.


When you sell your entire bedroom set and you gotta do some rearranging.

So empty.

I've also realized that I'm too old to be sleeping in a bed so fucking low to the floor.  Jesus, I'm old.


Lesson: Do not schedule a multi-hour maintenance appointment at 2pm.  Take my word on this.  As someone who was told that her unlocked car would be waiting for her under the camera in the Subaru parking lot since I wouldn't make it to the dealership to pick up my car in the 25 minutes before the service department closed and said car was NOT unlocked when said someone was delivered to their car after 6pm when the dealership was closed.


ZWEI - Money Shit

-Foreign Transaction Fees (rude)
-$10 charge from my former OBGYN for some uncovered shit from 2018.  Thanks United Healthcare for all the ways you fucking suck.
-plastic containers for moving/storing shit.
-KFC for lunch
-impromptu moosage (absolutely zero fucking ragrats)
-Stingrays mask for Teh German.
-Stretch/plastic wrap for moving

DREI - From My Phone Shit

It came ... too late, but it came.

Teh German was able to take the Bobber on one last ride since the guy who bought it doesn't have his motorcycle license, lol.

When you sell your furniture and have to empty out all your hoarder storage spaces.

When you sell all the things and have all this cash.

Sandra really gives Meri no choice when it comes to sharing her space.

When you want to set up your new computer, but it's dead and the outlet is full.
So you just sit and look at it.

My guard dog being guard-doggy.

And then there were ONLY TWO.

Betty Crocker creation: Pizza fries.
Must figure out how to make the fries not get soggy from the pizza sauce.

Pax drooling on my couch.  Classic Moose.

These floofs.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Not this week.  Sorry.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Lightening the load.
  2. $$$$ for the load.
  4. The lady who bought the bedroom furniture had to make 2 trips.  When she came the 2nd time she brought 2 men with her who were competent and had the ability to move furniture without damaging it or the house.
  5. Class of 2021 getting their rings.  Technically, I was supposed to be class of 2021, so many of CS cadet homies got their rings today and I'm super happy for them.
  6. Sandy sitting on Meri and Meri not snarking at Sandy.
  7. Getting to do ACTUAL WORK!  It was something simple, but I did it myself!
  8. Getting Willow's 30k maintenance taken care of before we start the 2020 Migration.
  9. A Husband who talks me down from my rage when we wasted a trip out of the house and who, earlier, had agreed to Willie Jewell's for take-away lunch.
  10. Silicon Valley.  We started watching it and there were actual lolz.  1- I'm a nerd.  2- Teh German appreciates that and still finds humor in some of the less nerdy things.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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