Friday, October 6, 2017

Five on Friday #126


Random things:

  • Why the gas station would put a $150 hold on my card for gas is beyond me.  I drive a fucking Kia.  #Rage
  • It took 2 peppermint mocha creamers and some sugar to make my coffee bearable.  Thank you, Company, for providing all those things for freeizzle.
  • I had Doritos for breakfast one day this week.  #notsorry #adultinglikeaboss
  • I was searching through my photos on Google for a specific picture that I couldn't find and ended up scrolling through 3 years worth of photos and I loved every minute.
Can we just talk about the sweetness of first time snuggles?
And how dark my Meri-Meri was when she was a baby?

  •  After talking to a photographer about bridal portraits and location options and seeing places charging $50 for 30 minutes in their location, I noticed a picture on Pinterest of a bride in front of a wall of books... AND THE GENIUS HIT ME.  I called the Charleston Library Society about doing a photoshoot in the library and they said yes.  They are only going to charge me $100 for 2 hours, which is wayyy better than some of the other historical homes.  DUNNNN.
  • I sat outside for most of the afternoon yesterday at work and it was fabulous.  Temps in the 70s bring me such joy during the daytime.
  • It's been a delightfully quiet week for me, despite being a full moon.  *KNOCK ON SOME MOTHERFUCKIN WOOD!*
  • JK.  Right after I typed that, Teh German informed me that there was a poopsplosion on our guest bed.  I knew I jinxed myself.  *Quietly repeating to myself: My dogs are so cute, my dogs are so cute, do not kill them, do not kill them.* 
    Update: I have no idea what actually happened here, but I'm 90% confident the mattress is ruined.  In good news, I didn't even get upset, so YAY for the anxiety meds working.


Things I bought this week:

  • Groceries/house things from Walmart/Sams
  • Gas
  • Banana pudding at Home Team
  • Friday coffee and an apple fritter that I mostly didn't eat.
  • Subway (I had a coupon and I've been having a craving for Subway, it was weird.)
It has become alarming how much money I'm NOT spending.  Like maybe I'm forgetting to buy something?  Idk, I'll take it.  JK, I'm about to drop a ton of money on wedding things. Siiiigh.


From my phone:

We saw this at Walmart and I appreciated someone else's ingenuity.

Got pulled over Tuesday morning for speeding.
Apparently, you should slow down when the officer gets behind you, despite the fact that you know they caught you going 10 over the posted speed limit...  Fortunately, I only received a warning.

Family peanut butter time.
The beasts received frozen peanut butter kongs and I treated myself to a frozen peanut butter hot chocolate while I did homework outside.  This ensured that Meri didn't nudge me for butt scratches for a solid 20 minutes.

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

Another joke that I forgot to selfie with:
What does a didgeridoo?
Whatever it wants to.

What do you call a bird who drinks too much?
An owlcoholic.

Teh German has decided to start a new project and he went and fetched a new motorcycle last night.
It was obviously a full moon because when he asked me I said yes.
Now he has something to do while I do homework... or so he says.


From the internet:

Things that are harder to acquire than a gun..

I've been Pinterest-ing tattoo ideas.  The itch is baaaadddd..
I'm torn between a tree theme, large geometric sleeve, something Disney related, or a book theme.  #MeganProblems


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Sitting outside at work.
  2. Friday coffee.
  3. Homework assistance from the instructor.
  4. Doing well in my German class without much effort and compliments on my essays.
  5. Doritos for breakfast, Fruity Pebbles with marshmallows for dinner.
  6. Hoodies.
  7. Making forms in Microsoft Word (don't judge me).
  8. Dog walks in the evenings.
  9. Reading.
  10. Teh German's happiness/relief when he said, "Hey Babe, can I buy..." and I said yes without him finishing the sentence.  And that's the story of how a 3rd motorcycle came to be housed in our garage... 

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I don't think most of the places where I live charge for pictures in front of their locations. But, I must say you got a fair price for getting them done in front of the Library Society. Can't wait to see them.
    Wowzers, that's a lotta poo!
    I really like that tat on the top right.


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