Friday, October 13, 2017

Five on Friday #127


Random Shit:

  • I worked from home on Tuesday because I had 2 different doctor's appointments.  I had lofty goals of accomplishing homework.  I accomplished nothing but spending money for wedding things on Etsy.  BUT I GOT SO MANY AWESOME THINGS (and spent so much money)!
  • 6 more months of handicapped parking for meeeeeeeeeeeeee and I seriously need to do my exercises regularly.
  • Math test today.  FML.  Just need to pass, just need to pass.. and this time I didn't have hurricane week to study.  No bueno.
  • I hired a house cleaner this week.  I feel like such a lush, but the reality is, Teh German isn't going to do it (and if he did it wouldn't meet my OCD standards) and I don't have time.  Additionally, the stress of thinking about cleaning when I have so much shit going on was making life even worse.  I am committed to the laundry and Teh German is committed to the dishes and we are a pretty good team about dinner these days, but when it comes to cleaning the floors and the bathrooms and dusting... it just isn't happening.  Honestly, paying for someone to come once a month to take care of these things is totally worth the hit to the GI Bill money we're getting.
  • Remember back when you could watch your computer defragment itself?  I miss that.  Oh, just me?  Nevermind.
  • Teh PT Kid asked for Willie Jewell's this week and we were happy to agree on a dinner date on Wednesday.
  • When I drink Teh German's coffee, it keeps me up for approximately 24+ hours.  I wish I was kidding.  I did a test on Wednesday and drank less than half of what Teh German makes at home (he drinks more coffee at work) and I wasn't tired at 11pm.  I had gotten up at 0530 that morning and finished that coffee (water down with milk and creamer and sugar) by 0730.  WTF AM I BUYING HIM AND HOW DOES HE FALL ASLEEP SO EASILY AT NIGHT?!?!?
  • After class today I'm going to a HUGE book sale and I hope I'm not disappointed.  Teh PT Wife and I have been planning on attending this event for over a month now.  Since books are half off on Sunday, I'm totally willing to go back.  #priorities #bookworm4life
  • My genius idea to do photos at Charleston Library Society may flop.  I need to deal with that disaster in the very near future... considering I wanted to do the portraits next Wednesday.  /facepalm #thisismylife
  • I have approximately 4x2 hours worth of Chem homework to do this weekend.  The professor said the assignment was supposed to take 4 hours, which means at least double that for me.  I cannot wait to waste my life this weekend learning shit that I plan on forgetting in 2.5 months.


Money spent:

  • 1 year of Bagheera insurance.  I saved $5 from last year!
  • A new beer collar for Pax, which Teh German asked for when we got Pax, but I couldn't find one either of us liked enough to purchase.  Then, Teh Dental Hygienist accidentally stumbled on the most perfect collar a few weeks ago and I contacted the seller with my needs and she said she was happy to comply.  Done.
  • Razors for Teh German from since they were $1 each.  I got him the women's razors because I liked the colors better.  It's good he loves me.
  • Groceries... 3 different times.  Yay for Walmart Grocery pickup.  Seriously.
  • Wedding - cake topper, personalized hangers (which are completely frivolous, I know but I was finally starting to feel giddy about wedding things, so I went with it.)
  • Doc copay to tell her that anxiety meds were working and for her to order more meds for me. Ugh.
  • Ortho copay (ugh, I'm tired of paying this one)
  • $1 to the DMV for my handicapped sign.


From my phone:

Teh German tried on his entire wedding ensemble.
I'm gonna marry that sexy man.

We coffee-ed together last weekend.
Pretty sure Teh German's coffee kept me awake most of Sunday night.

I found out that my homies are doing a Princess themed bachelorette party for me.
This image represents what is probably going to happen.

When your math homework looks like this, everything sucks.

The Neighbor Besties gang went to the rodeo on Saturday night.
The ladies found it humorous that the men all were in the same position.

Wedding presents are awesome.

Finally wore my rain boots this week!
My chem lab teacher complimented the fact that it was raindrops and not polka dots and said it was very fitting.

When your chem lab calls for making bubbles in a compound with a straw and you think,
"I do this all the time with my adult beverages, so I'm practiced at this."
and then no chemical reaction takes place because the compounds were too weak....
So much hot air wasted.

PSA: Creamer will make you fat.

What do you call Dracula when he has hay fever?
The pollen Count.

I won't lie.  Testing out wedding cupcakes hasn't hurt my feelings a little bit.

You can't really read the output of this script, so I will write it for you:
Enter a string to be tested.
Type quit to quit.
quit (<NO.

The edge of the clouds looked like a woman overlooking an area on my dog walk last night.

Mamaaa, touccchhhhhh meeeeeeeeeeeee....


From the internet:
  • Steph's notes from the Philadelphia Women's Conference where she listened to some awesome women speak, to include Michelle Obama and Shonda Rimes.  I won't lie, I'd jizz my panties to see Michelle Obama speak.
    • My favorite take away from Steph's notes:
      If you meet someone and they tell you you are too much for them, they are right. Do not dim your light for someone else's convenience.  ~Carla Harris
    • The names you give people and things matter.  Words are power.  ~Shonda Rimes

Very few of you probably noticed that I did not do a SUYB post this month.  A handful of you probably noticed there was no weekend review this week either.  You are not mistaken, these posts did not happen. 

I've had the SUYB post drafted since last month's post went live and have kept the book list updated as the month chugged along, but never bothered to write reviews and my Goodreads reviews are seriously lacking this month..  Priorities have shifted (sadly) and blogging about reading is just not as doable as it once was, such is the effect of spending so much of your free time doing homework.  If you are interested in my #bookwormlife, I update my reading progress daily on Goodreads.

I will give you a general summary of my progress since I would be remiss if I didn't:
Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy  4/5 (hard copy, own)
Winter by Marissa Meyer  4/5 (library, ebook/Audible audiobook)
The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas   4.75/5 (Audible audiobook)

In Progress:
The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson  */5 (Audible audiobook)
Stars Above by Marissa Meyer  */5 (hard copy, own)
Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers   */5 (ebook, library)  

TL;DR: If you're wanting social commentary, check out The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.  Don't worry about being late to the game on this one.  Julie Murphy followed up Dumplin' with Ramona Blue and I'm not disappointed I own it.  I would still like to read Fairest by Marissa Meyer to finish off The Lunar Chronicles, but we'll see if I receive it from the library before YALL Fest.  The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson is approximately a mabillionty hours long (45.5 hours to be exact) and after 10 hours of listening to it, I'm ready to find out what happens, but not ready to need to feel like I need to read/listen to ~10 follow-up books in the series.  I have Jamie and Claire to get back to!  I am most excited about reading Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers because Brit gave it ALLCAPS REVIEWS and I'm all, #FOMO over here, so I downloaded the first book of the series the day after I read her review because I have no self-control when it comes to reading.

PS.  School work definitely interferes with reading progress, but I'm soooo lucky that my commute is even longer to school than to work!  All that extra listening time!  LOL.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Fantasy books that intrigue me.
  2. Not needing to drink coffee this week.
  3. Peppermint mocha creamer.
  4. Buying wedding decorations and starting to get giddy excited about the wedding.
  5. Writing my vows, that really took a burden off my shoulders and I only cried a little bit when I read through them.
  6. Feedback from my instructor saying that I was doing well on my computer science tasks.
  7. Teh German's encouragement to step away from my math book and decompress before my math test instead of sitting and staring at the book trying to understand it.  PS.  Proof by induction and all it's relatives are fucking stupid.
  8. Dog walks where I listen to my audiobooks.  I can't run, so this is my substitution.
  9. Planning surprises for people.  
  10. UNDER 20 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. LOL I have that exact creamer in my coffee right now. #WorthIt Good luck on your math test!!!

  2. Can't believe it's coming up so quick!! :) Eeep!

    You'll love the Instant Pot if you haven't already tried it. Makes some good stuff and cheesecakes, OMFG - to die for. :)


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