Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Weekend Review {10/2}

 Weekend review on Tuesday?  Hello new normal. 


Friday was work and school.  I had a German vocab test, nbd, and I attended a Cyber Club meeting as a culture event for my math class.  I hate stupid requirements like this, but it's an easy grade and I need the boost, so I do the stupid shit. 

I closed down my office and headed home after 5:30.

Teh Neighbor Besties decided to have dinner at Toast, which went poorly.  The food was disappointing and I was hangry and Teh German was being a douche.  After dinner, we headed over to Teh PT House for smoking time.

Max tried on his woolly mammoth costume.
Aka, Teh PT Wife put a fuzzy dick on her dog's head.

Finally, it was bedtime.


Saturday morning, I got up to feed the beasts.  Instead of going back to bed, I stayed up.  I snuggled with the dogs on the guest bed for about 30 minutes, then finally got up and went downstairs and had leftover biscuit for breakfast while I puzzled.  Teh PT Wife agreed to let me tag along while she ran her errands and I knew that if I had went back to bed there would be no way I'd be ready by 0830.  After puzzling for a bit, I got ready and headed over at 0828.

New plates were a registry gift!  Woot!
PS.  Thank you was already send.  #Likeaboss

After dropping off Teh PT Kid at camp, we headed to Walmart for some items and shenanigans.  Apparently these costume heads are a thing and Teh Running Bestie told me they were perfect for Teh Blog.  CHECK.

A sloth and a creepy bunny.  #winning

After Walmart, we did some damage at Sam's Club, we picked up Teh PT Kid right on time, and then headed back home. 

Teh German and I had a noon Skype date with Aunt P.  My German comprehension isn't that great yet, but I feel like I'm picking up on more than I used to.  Or maybe I just recognized the topics and could keep up that way.  IDK. 

After our Skype date, I had lunch and puzzled.  I had a massage scheduled for 2:15.  It was pretty good and much needed.  When I got home, I did some puzzle for a little bit before finally showering and getting ready to head over to Teh PT House for a dinner gathering.  Teh German arrived a bit later since he was working on his pallet project and he wanted to finish painting the frame boards.  Don't worry, it didn't make much sense to me either.

He eventually arrived and eventually it was dinner time.  Teh PT Husband made his chicken riggies, which he toned down the spice for me, but it was still really spicy for me, but tasted delicious.  After dinner was cleaned up, we headed outside for smoking hour.

Eventually, Teh Dental Hygienist and Teh AF Maintainer joined us.  Shortly after, it was bedtime for the old folks.


Sunday morning, I got up with the assholes and went back to bed after.  Eventually, Teh German got up and I got up shortly after he did.  We had breakfast and Teh German told me that it was his goal to finish the pallet wall in the living room by the end of the day... which would require my help.  Ugh.

1 thing I've learned in the 2 years we've been together, we don't work well on projects together.  I take all of Teh German's rage personally, even though none of it is usually directed at me.  I think really it's a matter of Teh German not working well with others, but I won't tell him that.

After breakfast, I finished up my puzzle then attempted to start on homework.

Unfortunately, when I'd start getting into a groove of doing things, Teh German would summon me.

The back/framing for the pallet boards.

Most of my Helper McHelperton job was done after the back frame was put up.  I did have to assist with putting the TV back on the mount, but otherwise, I was able to accomplish homework while Teh German installed the boards on wall.

While Teh German was working, I tried to keep the dogs entertained and out of the way.  Pig ears for both.  Meri got a little grumbly when Pax came too close since he always finishes his treats super fast.  I mitigated though and no one got hurt.

Apparently, Sunday was also "Black Dog Day" and I used this as an excuse to get some photos, even though I don't really subscribe to these random ass special days.

Teh German finished up putting the boards on the wall right before dinner.  He saved cleaning up to do on Monday evening so he could have a bit of time to wind down after so much manual laboring.

With the project complete and a standstill on homework, we settled for the evening and watched and episode of Mad Men and then it was bedtime.


Monday was a school day and it was a fabulous 63°F when I woke up which meant: SWEATSHIRT WEATHERRRRR!!!!!

Few things bring me as much joy as wearing a sweatshirt.  Let's just hope these temps stick around because I love me some fall weather.

School was school.  I made a 21/20 on my German test.  I headed home after doing my lab homework in class since class ended early.  I hung out with the crazy beasts fighting a headache.  When Teh German got home, he announced that it was out last date-aversary as a non-married couple.  I asked if he wanted to celebrate and we eventually decided yes.  We opted to go get dinner and after debating a couple of places near home, when Teh German suggested we take it back to the start and go to Home Team BBQ, I was down.  When we pulled up to the intersection across from Home Team, our parking spot (the spot closest to the door) was taken. 

Then, as we crossed the street, I noticed that the car in the spot was halfway out.  I told Teh German that the person was leaving.  As we turned into the parking lot, the car had left and our spot was open!  It was meant to be.

After dinner, we headed back home.  We did a quick walk with the dogs who needed to be worn out since they were driving me crazy.  Pax had been extra chatty while I had been laying on the couch trying to fight off a headache and Meri was incessant with her rubbing against me for butt scratches.  They are my assholes.  After a walk, we all plopped down in the living room for an episode of Mad Men.

After the episode, we did our bedtime chores and it was bedtime.


Overall, a pretty good weekend spent with Teh Neighbor Besties.  Teh German finally accomplished his pallet board project and I'm glad it's done with.  He has been stressing over it for several weeks now.  It looks good and I think adds a nice aesthetic to the living room.  Now if I'd get motivated and finish the picture wall for behind the couch, the living room would be lived in.

I'm thinking that a tool belt and new stud finder would be perfect gifts for Teh German since he's been so into projects lately.  I'm interested in a new pencil gripper (like those foam ones) and a big eraser since I'm probably going to use up the eraser in my mechanical pencil (aka lead pencil) in the near future.  I'm thinking some of those fun holiday erasers like kids get at birthday parties would be perfect.

This week's agenda is light.  I have a German test on Friday, we have dance lessons on Friday night and we're already planning on getting pizza from the delicious place down the strip.  I am also slated to run a 10k on Saturday, but that's looking like a no.  There is a 5k option which I could walk, but I'm just not sure if I'm going to bother at all.  IDK.  I have some wedding tasks to accomplish this week (fill out the music forms, write my vows, make a photo shot list, call about the brews cruise, call about the rehearsal food reservation, and call about bridal portraits/a makeup trial run) and I am going to try and stay ahead of my homework... ahahahahahahhaah.

Happy October, Gentle Readers.
May your sweatshirts be warm and your marshmallow candles be sweet smelling.

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