Friday, September 29, 2017

Five on Friday #125


This week's shit:

-My chemistry teacher seems to have a bad habit of having homework due dates posted and then AFTER they are due, she announces that they are not going to be due then.  She gets ONE more time of doing this before I call her out in front of the class.  Something to the effect of, "If this is going to be a regular occurrence, do you think you could start changing the due dates well ahead of time so I can stop having anxiety attacks while doing 4+ hours of chemistry homework that isn't due for another few days?"

-After Brit posted about perfectionism this week, I realized maybe I need to be better about letting myself off the hook a little bit.  That means accepting my test grades mostly. 

-A quick grade round up as an update:
  • German test: all 95+'s.  Ain't no thang.  2 years of Duolingo may finally be amounting to something.  Who knew.  Additionally, we've had several vocab and essay tests to this point and I don't even discuss them since they definitely do not stress me out.
  • Computer Science test: 94.  I expected a little lower honestly.  Some of the points I missed was because math.  Seriously, I said 3^2=6.  It's 9.  #Meganfail
  • Math test: I got a 78.  I missed 5 points because I didn't put T/F on a group of questions, so I probably could have gotten at least an 80 if I had read the directions.  This was the test that I said, "I either confidently failed or passed."  I knew I wasn't going to do that well, but that doesn't mean I wasn't disappointed with this grade.  I was an A/B student all through high school and apparently those expectations never go away.  No matter how difficult the subject matter.  #Meganproblems
  • Chemistry test: I got an 80.  I felt like I had done a little better than this, but it is what it is.  An 80 is still a B and that's an acceptable grade in my head.  79 would have been a disappointment.  

-My leg crack HS bump/BJB has been on high alert since school started, but this last week it has been extra miserable.  I was just enduring it and it wasn't going well.  It was difficult to walk and sit and mostly do everything.  Part of the reason I was enduring it was because I needed to do some lady-scaping because I knew that putting a bandaid on when the forest was at it's worst could only lead to even more pain.  I finally took care of the grooming situation on Thursday morning and applied a bandaid.  IT WAS LIKE A CHRISTMAS FUCKING MIRACLE.  No more pain every time I moved!  CRRRRAAAZZYYY!!  Like I had purchased those bandaids specifically for that purpose (truth).  FYI, I probably lost at least a quarter of a pound from my ladyscaping + shaving my legs.  Ya'll it was bad... let's just say, I'm glad Teh German is European. Ha.

-It's been shark week around these parts and it absolutely wiped me out.  I had to take afternoon naps after getting home because I couldn't stay awake.  I would wake up tired and then still fall right to sleep at bedtime.  It was rough.  I was also taking naps in my car before class since I usually have an hour to burn since I get to campus so early to avoid traffic.  At the same time, I bumped up my anxiety meds from 5mg to 10mg and it was too much.  I cut back to 5mg just in case.  I may try to bump back up on a week that isn't girl week and see what happens.  If I go back to my exhausted state, then 5mg is my magic number and I'll stick with that.

-Speaking of anxiety meds.  I believe they are working.  Shit that would be the end of the world, no longer is.  It's nice to feel level headed about life again and not always on the edge.  One of my coworkers said to me, "Oh, I thought you were all talk about the anxiety meds," after I said I had started them and I thought they were working.  Uhh, really?  Do you know me?  I finally explained to her that I'm not suicidal, but I know that my anxiety levels were constantly elevated.  When you are operating with high levels all the time, the smallest thing will set you over the edge, very much like what was going on with me.  Someone being slightly late for an appointment would set me over the edge.  The rage would overwhelm me and then I'd be exhausted from the overwhelming rage since I was already on high about everything else.

-Pinterest has a way for you to make ads go away, which I usually do.  I noticed a new option this week: "I just don't like ads."  ME!  THAT'S ME!  This is convenient since FB recently refreshed their algorithms recently and I spent 2 days hiding ads.  Now if FB would give me that option, I'd be set.  But seriously, just because I have a wedding board doesn't mean I need baby shit on my wall.  #ByeFelicia


Things I spent money on:

  • Groceries.. and beer (which I will not be buying for another month).
    • Teh German informed me that I would definitely be buying beer again in October since we will be having guests coming.  I completely blanked on his family being in SC for the wedding and he definitely gave me crap for "forgetting".  It's not forgetting, it's knowing that I'm barely around as it is.  He can take care of all that.
  • Coffee x3 (if this is my new vice, then I'm just going to accept it.  It was girl week and I was dragging ass all week.)
  • Shipping to send my wedding band back.
  • Wedding bills: catering, flowers, plates/etc, unity thing.
  • Walmart things (laundry soap, halloween candy, etc things)
  • Lunch at Codfather...


From my phone:

Chem lab selfies while my experiment boiled.
Do you like my super awesome paper towel vent so my goggles don't fog up?  #hightech

The money I spent on this bad boy was TOTALLY worth it and all I want to do is flip through the book over and over and over.  It helped that there was a code for free extra pages.  I paid about $45 for a $150 book.  #likeaboss

If you like apple Jolly Ranchers, you'll like these.
If you're like me and do not like artificial apple flavor, pass.

Parks and Rec Easter Egg during the DoD Cyber Awareness training.
Of course Andy would call while I'm in the SCIF.
PS.  Do not judge my score.  It was my 2nd time this year doing that training and I was annoyed.

How Meri spent her 4th birthday:
Eating our Krispy Kreme while we were at work.
It's good she's so damn cute.

To finish off her day, we watched Mad Men on the upstairs TV so we could give her some extra birthday snuggles.
She didn't even complain a little bit.

 Teh Running Bestie is going to be so pleased to see this.
We're finally purging some of the mismatched dishes.
We received a set of dinnerware from our registry and I told Teh German that these were going to go.
I kept one set of the mismatches dishes until we receive the 2nd set I ordered (to have a total of 8 pieces each) or after the wedding when we buy the 2nd set.

How does a rancher keep track of his cattle?
A cow-culator

I forgot to selfie with the first joke of the week.  It was:
Why do cows wear bells?
Because their horns are broken.

It was cow week.  Next week I finally get to start incorporating some Halloween jokes.  YYYaaaassss..


From the internet:

It's definitely a click-bait site, but I thought these were hilarious. << Guys thoughts about menstruation.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Riding Bagheera to school.
  2. Walmart Grocery Pickup.  Not going in the store is really a treat.
  3. Passing my chem test with a B and passing my CS test with an A.
  4. Scheduling my hair/makeup appointment for the wedding.
  5. Receiving our first wedding gift (dishes, woot!).
  6. A light homework week.
  7. Starting Mad Men with Teh German.
  8. Eating Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles for dinner.
  9. Having survived my first full month of College Round 2.
  10. Being able to write simple Java code with minimal frustration.

Happy it-almost-ain't-September-no-mo-Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Nothing makes you feel more adult than having all matching dishes :) Haha! I would be calling the teacher out on the changed due dates as well. That is some crap.


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