Friday, September 22, 2017

Five on Friday #124


Things I bought this week:
  • New sunglasses which were MUCH needed.  Originally, I had asked Teh German for new sunglasses as a wedding gift, but I just couldn't wait anymore.
  • Groceries
  • Spotify subscription
  • Wedding dress alterations (this time having a bra sewn into Lacy).
  • Copies of the house key to distribute/hide
  • Cookout milkshake
  • Shutterfly photo book of our 2016 Disney Runs (FINALLLYYY)
  • Starbucks on campus.
  • Bills, bills, bills... (Verizon, sewer, surgery stuff)
  • New bra from Victoria's Secret since I had coupons and a free panty.


Random Things:

-Our screened in pergola permit got denied.  A variance is unheard of.  AKA, we're fucked.  File this under: shit I'm going to hear about for the rest of my life.

-It often takes me 6+ hours to do my chemistry assignments.  I met with the professor on Wednesday after lunch and said she tried to make the assignments about 1 hour long.  ONE HOUR!  HAHAHAHHAHA. 

-My first computer science test is today.  Ugh.  We can fill up a sheet of paper with notes for the exam.  I appreciate higher education understanding that it's not about memorizing, it's about application. 

-My first Chemistry test is on Monday.  Extra ugh.  We get 1/2 of the front of a sheet of paper for a "cheat sheet."  That will not be enough for me.  Guaranteed.  Also, why not just a whole sheet?  Seriously?  1/2 of the front?  How is that enforceable?  Ughx2.

-I heard it was supposed to be fall after Irma.. and it ain't been anything like fall around here.  LIES.

-Teh PT Wife's Mom (yeah that was complicated, sorry) gave me a gift certificate for a massage for being their wedding photographer.  That was in July.  I have yet to schedule that since I was waiting for after school to start since I was so stressed before it started.  Turns out, that stress level hasn't went down that much.  Also, finding the time to get a massage is complicated.

-I haven't scheduled bridal portraits or a makeup/hair trial.  #WorstBrideEver  Seriously though, I think I have solid messy bun game.

-I tasked Teh Mom, Teh Dad, and Teh German with rounding up some RSVPs.  Completely embarrassing, all the outstanding RSVPs are from my side of the family... I could probably just assume that most of them aren't coming, but I just like knowing because OCD.  Teh German gave me answers for all his people the same day.  #BestFianceEver

-I had signed Teh German and I up to do a 9/11 run and it was cancelled due to Irma.  I've not seen anything about it being rescheduled.  Soooo essentially, they just took my money.  No me gusta.
Update: I checked their FB, they are trying to reschedule to Oct 29 or Nov 19.  Fingers crossed for Nov 19 since the weekend of the 29th is already booked with wedding events.

-I really should get on that whole planning the beer cruise thing for the wedding weekend.  My motivation levels are epic-ly low since I spend hours of my life doing homework.  Le siiiigh.

-I have to mail my wedding band back tomorrow to get resized.  Which means I have to force myself to make time to go the post office.

-To the fool on FB who wanted to buy the Mike exhaust that I have listed on marketplace... You only wanted a small part to the entire thing and THEN you wanted me to meet you since you're 2 hours away?  Pulease, just go buy the damn thing online and don't be such a cheapass.  #Somepeoplekids


I got nothing for this section, but this post was prenumbered and I'm not going to mess up my numbering, so this is me bullshitting something for this section to say there are 5 things here.  Pinterest and Someecards resulted in nothing amusing enough for me to share with you.  This is what happens when your Pinterest board is taken over by wedding things and Someecards is a stupid click bait site.  Ugh.


From my phone:

Friday celebration.

This old ass elevator is creepy as shit to ride.
And sometimes I use it because going up and down 3 flights of stairs several times a day with my 20+ backpack isn't my idea of a good time.  #notsorry

What do you call a pile of cats?

The day-to-day wedding countdown begins on Oct 1st!
The last time I did a countdown, it was when I got out of the Navy.

When you don't have kids and forget that school traffic is a thing...
There was also some asshole that drove down the wrong side of the street, almost causing no less than 2 accidents, just so she didn't have to sit in traffic.. THEN she did a u-turn just to wait on her kid getting released.  SERIOUSLY?  For once, I was disappointed that there wasn't a cop parked in that area (where they usually are).

Sloppy joes for dinner.
I'm out of motivation and good ideas for things to cook.  Seriously.
I wish I could afford someone to cook for us.

What do you call a group of disorganized cats?
a cat-astrophe.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Coffee actually waking me up.
  2. Pax puking 2 minutes before the alarm would go off, compared to one hour before the alarm.
  3. A mostly, no school weekend (last weekend).
  4. Cheat sheets for tests.
  5. PASSING my math test (78/100, the class average was "in the 70s", I'll take it).
  6. Washing my phone case.  That beeyotch was nasssty.
  7. German tests being easy.
  8. Finishing books.
  9. Successfully programming things in CS lab without any assistance.
  10. Either my anxiety meds are working or it's the placebo effect, but either way, sleeping through the night is pretty miraculous.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. LOL 3 is my favorite section. Sorry about the pergola & the race money.


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