Friday, September 8, 2017

Five on Friday #122


In case you live under a rock, a Hurricane Irma is ravishing it's way up the East Coast in the next few days.  I'd prefer to stay home and weather the storm if it's Category 1/2 and evacuate if it's Cat 3+.  I can handle no power for a few days, it's ample reading and nap time and Chemistry time for me.

Originally, we had planned to evacuate to NC since we have a place there, but from the projections I've seen, unless it heads back out to the Atlantic, the mountains will also be getting dumped on and we'll have to drive back through all the mess to get back to Charleston, so I'm not sure how smart of an idea that really is.

We'll be making a final determination after Irma hits FL and figures out where it will be visiting next.

Unfortunately for me, The Citadel cancelled all classes after noon today, which does me ZERO good since my last class of the day ends at 1150.  So if you'd like to impersonate me and pass my discrete math test for me at 1000, that would be gggrrreeeaaattttttt.
Update: after drafting this post yesterday, The Citadel announced that all classes were cancelled today.  HOOOORRAAYYY no math failures today!  Maybe next week!  JK, because Irma translates into "Opportunity for Megan to become proficient at discrete math and chemistry."


Things I bought this week:
  • Bojangles on Tuesday morning.  Turns out, I was preemptively treating myself before my day blew up.  #solidlifechoice
  • A clean/dirty magnet for the dishwasher at work.  I'm over having to rewash dishes because my coworkers are incapable of looking for the signs of clean or dirty dishes.
  • A power strip for my desk at work with a long cord.  I'm over hitting my head on my desk when I plug in my laptop.
  • Socks and GU gels from Fleet Feet
  • Fort Sumter tour tickets
  • A new outside dog bed
  • A mini stapler and colored staples #YOLO #notsorry
  • Prescriptions
  • Dr copay
  • Rain boots

Things I showed restraint on and didn't purchase:
  • A Cookout milkshake after my doc appointment on Thursday
  • StoryPeople "sale"
  • A new leash/gentle leader for Meri
  • Coffee
  • Vending machine candy when chocolate would have soothed me.
  • A pretty running skirt (to go with all the ones I don't currently wear....
  • Buying a new planner that has a weekly notebook format (days of the week on one side and a notes page on the other) that has pages where gel pens won't bleed through... #firstworldproblems

This weekend is for decisions, so next week's list will probably be long from some retail therapy.


From Dorothy:

Milk is the fastest liquid on earth...
It's pasteurized before you even see it.

OF COURSE I bought this shirt.
Thanks, Woot, for enabling the shit out of me.

We had math in my German class.
After my tearful breakdown on Monday, I just need to resign myself to this life.

I'm in the middle of challenging TWO parking citations now.
I'm just trying to follow the rules.

When you make your own scale because maybe kinda both 0 and 1?
What this really means is that Discrete Math is ruining me.

Couldn't resist a little hurricane humor.
Also, it's incredibly hard to find a joke that isn't about "holding on to your (coco)nuts".. ugh.
So I made this one up myself.  #solidgold
PS.  If you in Florida, my prayers are with you.  We will weather this storm (like all the others).

The battery pack being charged has 2 implications:
either we're going to Disney or a hurricane is coming...
And sadly, we ain't going to Disney.

Our Saturday plans got  nixed because Irma... so I appropriately updated our weekly menu.
Teh German didn't see me do it, but found it quite hilarious the next time he went to the fridge to get water.
Instead of our Saturday plans (9/11 5k and Couples Night, which were both cancelled), it reads:
Imra fucked up our plans.  Beeyoch.


From the internet:

I love Parks and Rec and Rob Lowe is spectacular as Chris.  Rob Lowe is just spectacular, but IDK of another actor that could do Chris like he does.  #girlcrush

You Know You're a Goodreads User When...  This list was an eerily accurate description of my life.  In other news, how do I get a job with Goodreads???  #HowPerfectWouldThatBe?!?!?!

The reality is, I don't really have much time for Internet-Tom-Foolery anymore, so pickin's were/will be slim...


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Practicing our dance and actually remembering the steps without having to look at the sheet or Teh German getting frustrated!
  2. Having generated my SYUB post as I read books rather than the Monday before the post.  Sooo much easier...
  3. My coworkers being surprised at seeing me at work on Tuesday since they thought it was Monday and I wouldn't be there.
  4. Finding a primary care doctor.  Poor lady spent 45 minutes with me discussing all my health problems.  Hello, my name is #HotMessExpress.
  5. No one getting upset or frustrated at dance lessons on Wednesday night... at least about dancing.  I was frustrated at spending 2 hours in Yurtle driving from work to home to dance lessons.  #DogMomLife
  6. Writing code that only needed a few tweaks to be correct.
  7. Kinda starting to understand dimensional analysis for chemistry.
  8. Getting to test out some anxiety meds...  let's see if they take the edge off without de-Megan-izing me.
  9. A new power strip for my desk at work so that I don't have to go under my desk to plug in my laptop charger, which usually results in me hitting my head and cussing very loudly.
  10. Using my planner to track my tasks.  This usually helps to quiet my head when I have too much shit going on.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
If you're in the path of the storm, make wise life choices.
^^I should probably heed my own advice.


  1. I hope that you don't have to evacuate! Sorry that the late cancelled classes doesn't help you out. That's always a bummer.

  2. I need that shirt. Also to charge our powerbanks this weekend too.

  3. I want a job with goodreads!!! I hope that you guys stay safe and that Irma pivots herself back out to sea where no one currrs. Have a great weekend!


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