Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday Dump {9/6}

-When Teh Running Bestie and I were in Orlando for the Princess Runs (Feb 2016), we went to dinner at City Walk and then did some shopping.  I'm a sucker for the Fossil store and I bought my current wallet and a full size perfume.  This information is mostly irrelevant.  Since Feb 2016, when I use the perfume, I make sure to put the lid back on the bottle with the side that reads "Fossil" on the same side as the sprayer.  Obviously, I've practiced this behavior for a year and half and it's ingrained at this point.  Wellllllllll... when Teh German put the cabinets up in our bathroom, I moved my stuff around and I kept consistently opening my perfume and the sprayer would NOT be facing me, like it should, since the Fossil side of the lid was facing me.

Gentle Readers... it took me a week of this conundrum to figure out wtf was happening.
Both sides of the lid say Fossil.

Sometimes, I extra mean it when I say, "It's hard to be me."

-Sometimes I thank automatic flushing toilets... like outloud.  It's weird.

-Textbook manufacturers are now doing this UNcool thing where they print out textbook pages on loose-leaf pages and then package it all up and sell it to students.  This is extra shitty because these books cannot be sold back (usually) and they don't even come with a binder to hold it all together!  WTF.  After several days of having to carry around a book in my hand because everything didn't fit in my backpack, I finally broke down and did some research and ordered, what I hoped, was a backpack that fit all my shit in it.  The same day I put the bid in on a backpack on ebay (i.e. a commitment I can't get out of), I had a revelation that the least shitty part of a loose-leaf textbook is that I don't have to carry the ENTIRE textbook with me!  I can carry the current chapter we are on ONLY.  Teh PT Wife donated a few of those folders with the brads in them to hold loose-leaf papers to my cause and Chemistry textbook underwent a physical change (class term in use, you're welcome) from weighing several pounds to a few ounces.  Sadly, I was still committed to the backpack, butttt I've already heard seams popping on my current backpack (probably from being overloaded) so I'll consider this other backpack my... backup plan.. HAHAH.

-I want to go back to Sweet Frog for more Dole Whip to NOT share with Teh German.  He likes vanilla milkshakes and he is not to be trusted with ice cream decisions.  EVER.

-My coworkers all pointed out to me last Thursday that I hadn't changed the joke all week.  Ya'll, I put that joke on the board on Tuesday morning.  I think they are expecting daily jokes.  I'll run out of jokes if I change them that often.  Nonetheless, this feels like TFLN Nuggets* responsibility all over again.  #Imokwiththat

*TFLN Nuggets was a M-F email that I would send out when I was stationed in GTMO to a special distro.  I would copy/paste the new posts from the Texts From Last Night website since it was blocked and I could see it through my Google Reader (RIP).  When I stopped sending "The Nuggets" when I got to Bahrain (because actual work), many, many people were disappointed.  #HeretoServe

-I learned last week that dry erase boards are "addicted" ONLY to dry erase board cleaner and that you should NEVER use anything else on them because it ruins the finish.  I learned that AFTER my boss walked by as I was using a clorox wipe to erase a joke.  PS. Specific cleaners for specific products work much better than other random cleaners.  #WhoKnew

-Sometimes I have these epic realizations about things I've been wrong about for a long time... FOR INSTANCE... While checking out Hurricane Irma trajectories (and putting NO confidence in ANY of them, because meteorology), I checked out the other side of the world to see what was going on and realized that Sri Lanka is NOT off the African coast.. That would be Madagascar.. Sri Lanka is the piece that broke off the southern end of India.  #HowDidIGetThisFarInLife

-We took a quiz in Chemistry on the first day to assess where we are in life in Chemistry.  I received an email last week directed towards people who got less than 50% of the quiz correct.  It encouraged us to go ahead and seek out tutoring from academic support.  Most excellent.  I'm hoping that as my rusty ass math skillz are polished up, my deficiencies won't be so bad.  Then again, it may not make a difference if the instructor continues to be as confusing in her explanations as she currently is.  She shows us 2 ways to do things, the standard convention and her "easier" way.. and I'm pretty sure that all she's seen from me is my angry do-not-understand face.

-This made me LOL:

Of all the classes where an old school pencil sharpener could be, this one is in my computer science classroom where 90% of us use our laptops.

-I had already planned to call the doctor on Tuesday morning to set up an appointment for some anti-anxiety meds (after, yet another, breakdown with tears over school (Teh German consoled me and held me while I snotted all over myself like the #bestfianceever that he is)), but after ANOTHER debacle with the Dan Ryan repair dude/builder, I almost lost my shit at work (i.e. crying at my desk, yelling isn't really that significant).  A perfect storm had me coming back home at 0930 on Tuesday morning to meet contractors that I didn't know were coming.  They, of course, had left the house and when I called the builder back 2x and he didn't take my call, I called his boss.  I was fed the fuck up with this shit.  It's not hard to communicate with people when you are scheduling people to be at their house or confirm when you say you are going to confirm.  When I checked my calendar, I had workers scheduled on Thursday with no time and a question mark (since the builder was supposed to confirm and didn't). 

TL;DR: After a month of my life being a shit show and me dealing with it as best I can, I'm going to the doctor for some anti-anxiety medication.  #ShowYourUgly 

The reality is, my life isn't likely to get less stressful in the near future and I'm sure that Teh German would appreciate less tears from me.  I'd appreciate feeling less overwhelmed all the time by everything.  So I'm getting help. 

-Cherries are delicious, but obnoxious because SEEDS.  Also, it's super unladylike to have to spit out seeds.


  1. I am so ready for my life to be less stressful. Not that it's going to happen anytime soon over here either. Solidarity!

  2. Power in numbers, ladies. :)

    Old skool pencil sharpener, holy shit.
    Yeah my mom and I both are addicted to cherries. And yes, it's terribly unladylike spitting the seeds. Lol

  3. I hope the meds help- sorry that you are stressed but glad you have a plan & a support system to help manage it.

    Everything you said about cherries is 100%. I love them, but WHY SEEDS?!?!


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