Monday, September 4, 2017

Weekend Review {9/5}


After class on Friday, I headed to work.  Around 5 I headed home.  Originally, we had planned to stay home for dinner, but Teh Neighbors twisted our arm when they invited us to Carolina Ale House for dinner.  We joined them, leaving at 6:30.  Fortunately there was no wait and our server was awesome.  We were there until around 9:30 when we decided it was time to go.  When we got home, it was smoking hour. 

While we had been at the Ale House, Teh Mom and her friend had arrived at the house.  They weren't interested in going over to Teh PT House with us, so they continued watching tv at home.  When we got home after smoking time, Teh German went to bed while Teh Mom and I stayed up until 0400 talking. 

How cool am I?


Saturday morning came too early, but by 10, I was awake.  Since Teh Mom's bday was on Thursday, I planned a Charleston outing for everyone.  We would have lunch at Page's Okra Grill then go on a Fort Sumter tour.  Good ideas in theory.  I purchased our tour tickets, then we got ready, and headed to Mt. P.

I did have a #meganfail when we got to Page's and I realized that it was a holiday weekend and even though it was Saturday, there was a 40 minute wait.  We needed to be at the ship at 2:40, so I had to come up with a different plan.  I then directed Teh German towards Charleston Cafe.  Google had me alarmed since it was saying that the restaurant was permanently closed, which seemed suspect.  When I checked Yelp, it said they were closing in 15 minutes and rather than be the assholes who show up at closing time, I re-redirected Teh German to Graze.  Thankfully, he didn't get frustrated with me, but I started to get a little hangry at all the other bitches on the road who wouldn't gtfo of the way.

As we sat in Graze, it started pouring.  I hadn't planned for rain so we had no rain ponchos or umbrellas.  After lunch, we had a few extra minutes and we went to Fleet Feet.  Teh Mom wanted to check out Oofos flip flops (because #solidlifechoice) and I wanted to pick up the new Toasted Marshmallow and Smores GU gels to try out.  They also had socks on sale, so I splurged and bought 2 new pairs.  #notsorry

Teh German braved the downpour and pulled up to the curb so the ladies wouldn't have to get AS wet.  When we got to Patriot's Point at 2:30, it was still pouring, but we could see the end of the rain cloud... it just wasn't coming fast enough for us to NOT have to run through the rain.  I made a dash for it and the rest of the party joined me a few minutes later.  It wasn't until we were all standing there that a worker announced that our ship would be leaving at 3:30, NOT 3, like several of us had planned for (including us).  Grumbly and wet, we went into the gift shop to look around to kill some time and headed back out to the link at 3:15.

Discovered these fossils at the gift shop.

The tour was pretty cool.  It was $21 per person, which isn't bad considering that it included the boat ride and access to the island.  Compared to some of the historical homes, it was cheap.  We returned by 6:30, which included an hour to tour the Fort on our own.  I had brought my DSLR to get photos (which I haven't reviewed yet).

When we got home, I started working on my homework.  It only took a few hours, thankfully.  After homework was complete, I joined Teh German on the couch and finished reading my book while he watched YouTubes. 

My TBR pile..

We headed to bed around 1230.


Teh Mom and her friend left on Sunday morning.  After they left, Teh German and I ate, did some cleaning up, and practiced our dance.  There was a gathering to be held at Teh PT House later in the afternoon, so we were just burning time until it was time to go there.

My head started hurting and I ended up laying down for a nap instead of getting ready.  When I woke up from my nap, I realized that I had forgotten to do some homework.  While Teh German showered, I worked on starting our dinner that we were bringing over with us and completing the last bit of my homework, which only took about 10 minutes.  Once it was complete, I got ready and we headed over.

We ate and socialized with our Neighbor Cool Kids.  Around 8:30, I got super tired and headed home for bed.  When I got home, Asshole Dogs (PAX) had been so tempted by the prepped dog food that they had knocked their water jug off the counter trying to get to the food.  AN ENTIRE GALLON OF WATER.  I wanted to kill them.  Instead, I just cleaned it up and hoped that they hadn't destroyed Teh German's iPad or Go Pro batteries, like the douchewads they are.


Overall, a pretty quiet weekend, which was nice.  I did some purging and these books are looking for new homes.  I just ask that you pay shipping.

The spiral book is the AP Style Guide from 2006.
The bottom book is a German textbook and since I paid $368 dollars for the one for class, I think I can let this one go.

The Citadel has class today, so I'm in school all day while Teh German goes flying with a coworker.  I'm excited for him and I'm also a little bit excited that he won't be home until late and that I get some Megan time after school.  I'm planning a fun time of doing work (so I can have a shorter day on Friday) and doing homework.  WEEEE!!  You should totally be jealous.

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