Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Three Things..

Three Things has been going around the blogosphere in the last few months and I felt like this would be a fun mix up from my regular post schedule.  I also like simple blogs sometimes that I don't have to put much brain power into.  Feel free to steal.  #notsorry

Three things I've enjoyed lately

  1. Reading a not ereader book before bed.
  2. Teh German stepping up.
  3. Meri and Pax play sessions.

Three things I dislike participating in

  1. Daily status meetings of a project I don't do work on.
  2. Rush hour traffic.
  3. Charleston summer. It really is too fucking hot.

Three things I don't feel like doing anymore

  1. Laundry (despite the new machines, I bet if we didn't have 2 stories I would be much more productive)
  2. Being healthy
  3. Dealing with Dan Ryan warranty repairs/House things.  It's a new house!  It should just be fine!

Three things I'm excited to do this year

  1. Get hitched to Teh German, which goes hand in hand with seeing all of our people in Charleston!
  2. Ride Bagheera in the fall/when it's not a mabillionty degrees outside.
  3. Run a half marathon again... which I should start training for.... it would help if it wasn't still Charleston summer.

Three things I’m glad I did this year

  1. Hip surgery
  2. Started school.
  3. Hired a wedding coordinator/planner.

Happy Halfway Through September, Gentle Readers!


  1. Girl yes! Rush hour traffic is going to be the death of me!

  2. Ugh being healthy, hot humid summers and traffic are all things that are the bane of my existence. And freaking laundry and dishes. Why are they never done???


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