Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekend Review {9/11}


School was miraculously cancelled on Friday, so my math test anxiety could carry on for another week.  #GoodTimes  Actually, it means an extra week of studying, so I'm taking it.  I also worked from home since we had been instructed to do so, a gift I will never say no to.

When I woke up, I took care of some priorities:

like ensuring the battery supply was charged up.

I had my morning meeting and then after, I took a break to head to Walmart before the insanity started.  I needed to pick up my meds that the doc called in on Thursday and pick up hurricane supplies.


Yet another fuel to the anxiety fire: the doc didn't call in any of the prescriptions that we discussed, to include the anxiety meds, AND they weren't answering their phone when I was calling at 1130 on Friday.  Annoying.  I later decided I should try to call again around 1:30 and got a machine recording that said their office was closing at noon on Friday and they'd be closed through Tuesday because Irma.  Yeah, let's not talk about that amount of rage.

Teh German came home and left right away to go help Teh PT Husband upgrade truck things.  IDK.  I do know that I slaved away making broccoli casserole and he wasn't here when dinner was ready and I was mildly annoyed since I actually had to do work on this stupid thing.  It came out good, but still.. I hate having to cook shit, just to recook shit.

Beautiful broccoli casserole.

While Teh German hadn't been home, I had been doing work work and working on homework/studying.  Late last week I discovered this assignment section of my Chemistry class that I hadn't been aware of.  Oops.  So now I'm playing catch up on that and still trying to learn the stuff up to now and it's mostly a disaster.  To say I've spent hours studying/doing homework isn't an exaggeration.

When Teh German came home, I finished up what I was working on and we headed over to Teh PT House for some socializing.  Eventually, we were all having a yawning war, so we headed home and went to bed.


I woke up to this on Saturday morning:


I tried to talk Teh PT Wife into a run, but she was already committed to her coffee, so that didn't happen.  Instead, I ended up talking Teh German into a dog walk so I could actually focus on school work and not be distracted by dogs begging for my attention (MERI).  Teh German and Pax meandered behind me while Meri and I hoofed it around the neighborhood.

For hurricane prep, they moved the Porta Potties into the garage.  LOOOOL

When we got back from our walk, I opened the windows (so we could be attacked by allergens) since it was uncharacteristically cool outside (for Charleston in September).

I made time to repair Pax's caterpillar toy (which had undergone a lobotomy by Meri) and the baby Lamb Chop (who was about to missing a foot, again Meri).

After that was done, I headed downstairs to pergatory, aka the dining room table, where I do my homework.  I spent no less than 5 hours doing available German homework (20 mins) and then doing discrete math problems in the book.

Teh German was doing whatever he does when I'm occupied.  I do know he left at one point to go with Teh PT Husband to the butcher and picked up steaks for dinner.  When he got back, I put those in my marinade and went back to math.

When Teh PT Wife asked me if I wanted to walk the dogs, I said yes.  I was only going to bring Meri, but Pax was not going to be left out.  It was the first time Marcy and Meri have hung out together since their incident, but they were fine (and Dog Moms were extra diligent). 

After the dog walk, I showered and we headed over to Teh PT House for dinner.  Since everything was already covered for sides, I brought dessert: walnut brownies with caramel.  EVERYTHING was delicious.

The dudes went outside for cigars while Teh PT Wife and I broke out a stupid hard puzzle.  After we got tired of being frustrated at the puzzle, we sat outside for a bit until it was finally time to call it a night.

When Teh German and I got home, I went to the sink to pour out  my drink and discovered that Pax and Meri had a new sibling!  I should have let him stay to eat all the flies that got in the house while the doors/windows have been open, but I covered him with a bowl and carried the oil outside and freed him in the yard.  I had to shoo Meri and Pax away from trying to eat him!  Ruffians.

After all the excited, it was bedtime.


Sunday was another slow start.  Originally, I wanted to go on a run since it was soooo nice out!  But then I remembered Ortho's face and decided that I'd not run for the rest of this month, but October was game on with no guilt.

I asked Teh German if he wanted to walk the dogs with me and he said no.  I was annoyed and I rolled over and stopped giving fucks about things.  Of course, THEN he was in a good mood and was like, "Let's walk the dogs!"  Me: No, I'll just give them bones.  He was persistent and I made sure to call him out on the fact that it wasn't a good idea when I mentioned it, but he wanted to do it after he suggested it....  Ugh.

Pax has the best ears, you never know what you're going to get.

There had been a package delivered while we were still in bed, so I opened it when we got back from our walk.  New rain boots!  YAY for not having wet feet when I walk across campus in the rain!!!

I warmed up leftover casserole for lunch and headed to my school station for the rest of the afternoon.  Sunday's subject was chemistry.  I worked 60 problems for 5-6 hours.  Many of those problems I did several times (up to 5 times).

Teh German had been working on blacking out his truck decals in the garage most of the day.  When he was waiting on the last coats to dry he came in and said he was feeling bad for me being trapped at the table all day and suggested going out to dinner.  I was down for that as long as I didn't have to change out of my lazy clothes.  We agreed to drive out and see what was open and opted for Bojangles.

We brought our food home and while we were eating I asked Teh German which he thought was better, Bojangles or Wendy's.  He said Bojangles and I had to clarify if he was just saying that for me or for him.  He said that the seasoning on the fries was on point and the spice of his sandwich was good.  #WIN  I ate way too much but it was so delicious, I didn't want to stop.

After we finished dinner, I headed over to Teh PT House to deliver a yard toy for Marcy that Pax and Meri had never touched and some skinny bully sticks in exchange for the cheese sticks that Marcy had gnawed on for Meri and Pax.  My dogs don't love their cheese sticks unless they've been previously chewed on by another dog....  #myweirdos

I got distracted doing puzzle and eventually, Teh German came over to fetch me to come home.  He had put Baloo back together and the blacked out grill looks really good.  We watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec before finally calling it a night.


This doesn't necessarily seem like what a relaxing weekend looks like, but I've been very stressed about chemistry and math class, so studying for 10+ hours was better for me than avoiding my responsibilities.  After we realized that Irma wasn't headed straight for Charleston (sorry FL), we relaxed a little and knew that we'd be weathering whatever we got on Monday (so far rain and some wind).

The Citadel announced that classes will resume on Thursday this week, so that means that we will have missed a week of class.  This will be a delight to make up.  My goal over the next few days is to continue these intense studying sessions.  Weds and Thurs will include extra math cramming/study sessions to prep for the test on Friday morning.  Mostly, I just need to pass.  I'd like to do well, but passing is my minimum requirement for myself.

Hopefully, Irma hasn't treated you too badly, if you were affected.  Word on the street is that it should be nice and cool in Charleston now and I won't look that gift horse in the mouth if Irma did that for me.  I've been wearing long sleeves for a few days now and it's been deligggghhhtttffffuuulllllll.

Also, I would be a shitty American if I didn't mention 9/11.  It amazes me now that there are people who are old enough not to remember 9/11 or even know of it.  I won't lie, it's a heavy day for me because 9/11 and hurricanes and our mf-ing shit show government right now.  We have a lot to be grateful for, but we sure have a lot to work on, too.  As Americans, that's what we're good at, overcoming the adversity and succeeding.  We will persevere.

Tomorrow is SYUB!
Which means that September is almost half past.
Which means that October is almost here.
Which means that the wedding is like 1.5 months away.
Which means that I'm probably going to have a breakdown because I've got to find the time to do homework AND write my vows and make choices.  FUUUUCCCKKKK.

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  1. Those brownies! I need them! I also need more doggy cuddle time. Sunday was perfection.


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