Monday, September 25, 2017

Weekend Review {9/25}


By Friday I was really dragging, so before class started, I hit up the not-Starbucks Starbucks (the "we brew Starbucks coffee type place) at the library.  I made a poor life choice to get the large peppermint mocha.

My German teacher complimented me on my essay that I had written for my test and we discussed how I'd been doing Duolingo German lessons for 2 years.  I explained that it didn't really help with knowing grammar, but I had a pretty decent elementary level vocabulary.  We also discussed where Teh German is from and where she is from.  It was good to finally unload that whole "don't be THAT impressed by me."

My 2nd class is computer science, where we were having a test, which was the real reason that I got the coffee, I wanted to be alert enough to process the questions.  Yeah, I was definitely alert.  I was jittery from too much caffeine.  Those jitters lasted through my math class and halfway through chemistry.

After classes were complete, I headed to work for a few hours.  I wasn't able to complete my task that I was working on since I needed answers from other people and I was trying to get home so Teh German and I could ride together to dance lessons.  When I got home, we had a few minutes to unwind and then we fed the beasts and headed to West Ashley.

For the first time, we finally nailed our dance, which made both of us really excited.  Now we just need to keep practicing and maybe not look like robots while we move around.  We'll see.  We're totally going to embrace the Logo figurine look.

After dance lessons, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, per Teh German's suggestion.  It was loud and cold and generally very much BWW.  We both paid for that life choice and I'm hoping that we get to avoid BWW for another long stretch.

When we got home, Teh German headed over to Teh PT House for cigar time and I stayed home.  Teh German encouraged me NOT to do homework, since he said I could use a brain break.  Per his suggestion, I did not do homework.  Instead, I got ready for bed and read in the bed until around 10:30.  Teh German said he came home around 11:15 and I didn't even hear any of it.


We got a slow start on Saturday morning, which started with a Meri-rrito.

She wasn't complaining.

We didn't really have any plans for the day, besides me doing homework (for the rest of my life).  Teh German had said he wanted to work on projects, but he was slow to get motivated.  Eventually though, he did head outside and start working on his pallet project.  I was able to finish my math homework in record time (because I think I might be starting to understand it a wee bit) and I started working on my chemistry cheat sheet (allowed), but then said F this to take the dogs on a walk.  We had arranged to go to dinner with Teh AF Maintainer and Teh Dental Hygienist and I figured since we would be out late, tired dogs wouldn't hurt.

We did 1.4 miles and both dogs were super tired.  SUCCESS.  We headed to dinner around 6:45.  We had picked California Dreaming as our dinner destination and I was excited because I'd never been there before.

The croissants changed my life.

We ended up sitting outside, which was good except for the fact that there were no lights, so we had 2 cell phone flashes turned on with cups of water over them to disperse the light.  Teh German's genius idea.

After dinner, we headed home and Teh German announced that he was going to have a campfire.  Teh Dental Hygienist and Teh AF Maintainer came over for that.  Teh German prides himself on his fire skills, and it was a good fire. 

Around midnight, we finally called it a night and our guests headed home and we headed to bed.


Sunday inadvertently became "MegMo Day".  We had brunch with our wedding planner and since it wasn't a mabillionty degrees, we rode Bagheera and Suzi.  After brunch, since it was so nice out, Teh German asked if I wanted to ride instead of going straight home.  I agreed and we did a "Charleston tour" and then rode through the Francis Marion forest.  It was a several hour ride and both of our butts were hurting.  We stopped about halfway and gave our butts a break and I peed in the woods.  At least my childhood trained me for that.

When we got home, it was homework time.  I studied for my chem test on Monday and finished up my cheat sheet.  Tiny writing, FTW.  After homework was complete, I asked Teh German if he wanted to go to the grocery store with me and he agreed.  It did NOT work out in my favor since our grocery bill doubled due to beer, lol.

Teh German suggested Chinese for dinner since it was next door, so he went to order while I was checking out.  We took it to go and ate after putting everything away.  After dinner, we watched the final episode of Parks and Rec.  I made the executive decision that we would watch Mad Men next since it's now available on Netflix.  Around this time, we both started regretting the Chinese food decision.  Ugh.  This is why I make the food choices.

But, it was bedtime after that.
Weekend, finis.


Today, I decided to ride to school.. This was good and bad.  Good because the weather is absolutely perfect for riding right now.  Bad because my BJB is acting up and really hurting.  I have my first chemistry test at 11 and I'm as ready as I can be.  My cheat sheet is thorough, so that should help, fingers crossed.  I also brought a snack to eat so I don't get hunger stupidity.

This week includes a lot of wedding decisions/tasks, homework (of course), and my final dress fitting (hopefully). 

Happy end-of-September, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Woo hoo on nailing your dance! I really want to go to a bonfire. I need to find someone to have one.


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