Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Book Things...

I stole this from another book blogger and I can't remember who, I'm sorry.  Maybe it was several book bloggers, IDK.  I've slept since then and well, excuses.

How many hours a week do you spend reading?

6-10 hours listening to audiobooks per week + 4+ hours of ebook time?
I don't count the hours of things I enjoy.

Do you prefer digital or print books?

I'm flexible.  I like having an eBook on my phone for "business" trips (aka poopin' time) and for when I'm waiting in line/etc, I don't have to obviously pull out a book to start reading it.  Yet, there's something about reading a print book that is comforting.

Audiobooks are by far the biggest convenience to my reading since "I'm 'reading' with my ears," as Kristen put it.  I can "read" while cleaning and driving and scooping poop in the yard.

2 favorite genres?

Young Adult
WW2 Historical Fiction

2 not-favorite genres?

Most things by Swedish authors

Biggest book pet peeve?

Weak female characters
Character behaviors that are illogical/impossible (i.e. most of the facial expressions in any 50SOG book).

Favorite thing about reading?

Getting to "discover" new worlds.
Being surprised when what I expect to happen does or doesn't happen.

Bookish confession?

I love listening to audiobooks while doing puzzles or editing photos.


  1. Audiobooks are seriously the best thing ever to me. I don't have a lot of downtime when I am home to sit there and physically read a book. But I do spend a shit ton of time in my car and I can have someone else read to me!!!

  2. oh i love this! audiobooks seriously are so convenient. i love them. i also don't count the hours, because it changes all the time and because i'm enjoying myself!


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