Thursday, September 14, 2017

Shit Teh German Said #13

Retelling a story.
Teh PT Husband: Wait, a muzzle fell out of your bag [to me], is it for you?
tG: She has been a little mouthy lately.

Doing my evaluation paperwork at my first PT appointment after my surgery.
Teh PT Husband: When did this happen?
tM: January 2017.
tG: Febrary 1986.

tG: I just want to make my words sound.

We are upstairs and I was still on crutches after my surgery and my phone started ringing downstairs.
tG: Your phone is ringing.
tM: Let's not pretend like I'm going to go answer that.  We both know I won't make it downstairs in time.

tM: Sometimes I get up in the morning and I'm like (scary noise).
tG: Yep. I just love you.

tM: Ugh, that car doesn't have any brake lights.  Only their rear window brake light works.
tG: They have a disabled tag.  Maybe it's for the car.

tM: Yeah, Teh PT Wife definitely got some angry snaps about that from me.
tG: like [sassy snaps]?

tM: Are you waiting on me to get into bed?
tG: Yes.
tM: Why?
tG: So I can rub your shoulders like you asked.
tM: OH! I had forgot.
tG groans.

While discussing photos of a totaled van.
tM: If you have to ask if that van is totaled, you are an idiot.
tG: Well, by South Carolina standards... You could probably just buff that out.
tM: And add some duct tape.  "Yeah, it's all good now, don't mind the fact that the van has a limp, the duct tape will hold it together."
tG: Put an LED light on it, no one will notice.

After getting a sunburn.
tG: Is the light still on or are you glowing?

tM: I can't even see the Big Dipper anymore!
tG: It's dippin.

tG: They are local.  You can tell from their driving.
tG: Maybe not.

About Teh German driving fast on Highway 181 (which is pretty curvy) on our way up to the Highland Games.
tM: I told you take one of your favorite roads, what did I expect?
tG: Yeah, you did this to yourself.

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  1. LOL are you glowing?? Other people's conversations are the best ha.

  2. Ha - disabled tag for the car :-D

    Jan never says anything funny. Just makes terrible jokes. Like dad jokes... it's about time I made him a dad!


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