Friday, September 1, 2017

Three on Friday #121


Things I spent money on in the last 2 weeks (I really appreciate the accountability of this.  If you don't dig it, you can skip these lists, I completely understand):

School has really curbed my spending habits.. That's good for me.  It was getting a little out of control for a bit there.  Granted it, a majority of it was school prep/house things, so I kinda get a pass, but spending money hurts..
  • Textbooks/supplies (to the tune of $900+, but I got a $500 stipend for textbooks from the VA.  That $900 includes all my books, backpack, expensive calculator..).
  • Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom subscription $10
  • Alterations for my wedding dress  $140
  • Chiro $25
  • Major grocery restock, no beer ($200)
  • Vet for Meri, included xrays and Pax's heartworm test.  $330
  • Coffee x2 $10
  • Gas, which I'm using a lot more of since I'm going all the way downtown for school, AND it increased in price because gouging errr Houston (it's still gouging since most gas stations haven't received gas since the events in Houston).
  • Rita's $5.
  • A new backpack since the awesome one I originally bought is really not big enough for all my shit.  Fingers crossed the new one can handle it all!  Also, it shouldn't be so complicated to buy a new freakin' backpack.  $100  
  • Also, we committed $7k for a new screened in pergola for the house.  Ouch/YAY!  Payment isn't due until the project is complete, but I'm already counting the money as spent.  Now the permits just need to get pushed through so we can get this shit started.  Fall is coming and it's about to be PERFECT weather/temps for sitting outside in the evening with a hoodie on, and that's pretty much how I want to spend every day.
  • $1250 for the HVAC warranty plan.  9 years with no bills from that damn thing.
  • Chipotle for dinner since I had the buy 1, get 1 free coupon. 
  • Bully Sticks for the dogs $100


From the phone:

Post-bath Meri.
She rubbed herself all over me and the couch and then I captured this moment of stillness while she was listening out for Pax.

NIGHTMARE also got a bath.
I wish the light was better for this picture because the expression on his face is like, "WTF just happened?!"

This is what my math homework looks like.
It's much easier now than it was the first few uses, but that doesn't make me like it.
Nonetheless, it's a pretty neat concept.

Teh PT Wife bought me a present!
She gets me.

A coworker suggested this one for labor day.

Seen at Chipotle yesterday night.
Just buy some crocs already and don't diss the Ninja Turtles.


From the internet:

You get 3 things since class is about to start.
You get what you get around here.  #YOLO

Happy SEPTEMBER, Gentle Readers.
PS.  It's not really fall until I can wear a hoodie and this is Charleston, so maybe next month.


  1. Haha that clothes one is so me! I instantly feel the need for people to know I'm not spending a shit ton on clothes. I'm like TARGET/WALMART/ROSS!!

  2. Hahahaha the socks with the flip flops. A couple who dresses like that stays together. No on else wants them. LOL. I never knew what to do with my hands either. And um, I have accepted that this is just who I am now too. Have a great weekend!

  3. lol my husband wants to buy me socks with a flip flop straps design on the actual sock haha!

  4. All those memes are on point. Also...ew to the socks & flip flops.


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