Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday Dump {8/30}

-When ID Face Friend posted on FB asking what she should put on their baby registry..  I told her that my babies enjoyed a good bully stick, leftovers from my plate, and their metal bowls.  #ImHilarious

-As a freshman, I'm in several classes with the same people.  That's not usually a problem, except that one kid is in my German and my Computer Science (CS) class.  He likes to do Duolingo throughout German class until he gets called out by the professor, then he usually falls asleep, but since he napped in German class, he likes to teach the CS class.  I want to punch this little motherfucker in the face.  I'm not sure if it's a power trip from having veteran status or if this kid is just a twat.  I'm going with the 2nd thing. 

-It took me 2 days to discover that my backpack isn't big enough for all my shit.  Fan-fucking-tastic.  Not that I really want to carry all my crap all day, but with only 10 minutes between classes, I don't have time to fetch shit from Yurtle in between classes... so I will tote it around with me all the day long... IF I can find a large enough backpack.  I'm not ready to succumb to the rolling bag yet, but if I do, I'm just going to use a small suitcase that I already have.  #efficiency

-So I got a lot of mixed feedback about my Hello Fresh comments.  The most articulated thing about Hello Fresh was that the recipes are something cooks wouldn't otherwise use unless they were handed to them.  This was also one of my biggest pros for a meal delivery service.  Then I signed into Hello Fresh (you can create an account for freeizzle) to make sure that I had definitely cancelled and wasn't going to get charged a surprise $70 (the worst), when I noticed that the menus are always available.. FOR FREE.  So if you love Hello Fresh for the recipes, just sign on for the recipes and buy your own ingredients.  Trust me.  Buying a family pack of chicken breasts, wrapping them individually, and freezing them is way more cost effective than subscribing to Hello Fresh.  Also, all those fresh herbs?  They have them at your grocery store.  But if you really want to be environmentally conscious/cost effective, grow your own herbs.  It's super simple.  Even I can do it.

-Teh Mom and her friend spent the night last night as they make their way to FL for their cruise.  It was fun.  They'll be back on Saturday for Round 2.  #hostestwiththemostest


I still hold that these notebooks did not have holes for binders when I was a using these in high school.
Despite what my friends on FB might say.

Having 4 different bbq sauces (5 if you include the Sweet Baby Ray's in the fridge) is NOT a poor life choice.

Got my first parking citation.
Still debating on if I'm going to fight it or not since there was no clear sign near those spaces.

You can't plant flowers if you haven't botany.

My fuzzy little guard dog.  /swoon.

Pink sky in the morning, Sailor's warning.
Pink sky at night, Sailor's delight.

 With a sunrise like that, this day can't be bad.  I'm certain I just jinxed myself.
BUT I wore long sleeves today (because the high is 80°F) and my sleeves have thumb holes (like the best shirts do) and I am UNSTOPPABLE!!!


  1. That kid is a twat. My eyes kept getting bigger & bigger & *I* wanted to smack him.

  2. -You found your Scott! That was the terrible terrible annoying guy in my last two years of college. Hubs came to a presentation once and immediately afterwards said "Yep that's Scott isn't it?" Apparently my rants over the years made it easy to spot :) So now all super annoying people are "Scotts." I'm sorry you found yours.

    -It was 69 here and I was legit a little cold #WinterIsComing #IThinkThatsGOTright


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