Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday Dump {8/9}

-If you ask in a bride group on Facebook how to obtain a marriage license, you probably should reconsider getting married.  Maybe I'm just too smart for my own good.  How is some knowledge intrinsic to some but incomprehensible to others?  #IJustDontGetIt

-After the crazy amount of spending I did in July, I have an add-on item in my Amazon cart and I don't have anything else to add to reach the $25 minimum for the add on item.  While I'm happy about this, I'm also frustrated.  #MeganProblems #ThanksAmazon

-I'm an idiot.  I didn't put my next book on hold because it was available from the library.  It was available on Sunday night, so I figured I would download it on Monday, nbd.  Yeah, someone had checked it out on Monday and so I'm like, wtf am I doing with my life while I wait on library books?

-I don't remember who it was that said it recently, but a blogger I follow commented about how they hate when books use the movie poster as the cover of the book.  YAAASSSSSSS, I'm with you, Lady!

-I've made it a goal this week to spend 10-15 minutes practicing our dance moves that we know.  I'm hoping this will make Teh German more confident on Friday night and we can make more progress.  Ya know, you get back what you put into things. #LifeLessonsByMegan

-I'm considering making homemade laundry soap.  The homemade shower spray I made did not make me happy.  If I can obtain all the ingredients/materials for under $20 then I will try it.  I hope I haven't been peer pressured into a(nother) poor life choice.  #TryingNewThingsIsHard

-Monday night, Teh German was home way before me so he cooked our veggie since the meat was already done in the crockpot.  Since he was being extra nice, I made a pit stop on my way home to pick up beer for him.  #BestFianceEver

-Several Gentle Readers commented yesterday about how my review of Beartown made them bump it up on their TBR list.  #YoureWelcome #WorthIt

-I started using my personal laptop at work.  #notsorry #rainbowkeyboard4lyfe

-How not to be a twat-waffle on Facebook Marketplace.
1. If someone asks you a question, RESPOND TO THEM.
2. Don't play hard to get.  I just want these things out of my house, not woo you. 
3. I assume if you ask me if an item is available you are interested.  Don't leave me hanging.
4. If you are no longer interested after contacting someone, TELL THEM.

-I am taking it very hard when I am told no to things regarding the wedding.  From RSVPs to people not wanting to do things that I'm trying to plan.  For instance, Teh German's Mom is a runner, so I thought it would be cool if she did the 10k with us since she's going to be in town.  She said no thanks because she's already scheduled events with her sister and BIL, who will also be in town.  Teh German pointed out that this is good since they will be keeping themselves entertained.  I countered and explained that my time to hang out is extremely limited due to work and school and when I offer the chance to hang out, that is MY chance to hang out.  I don't know know why I'm so easily upset by this.

-Sometimes we have family sing alongs.  They bring me so much joy.

-Why in the shit is it still a thing to put tags on the waistband of pants?  All those things do it scratch up my back.  It's like they want to force me to wear an undershirt or something.  Rude.  I've had these pants for almost 2 years (I bought them after Teh German and I started dating) and I didn't wear them for almost a year (because fatty) and now I can fit in them again (hooray surgery/wedding diet!) and I was irritated (physically and mentally) because of these stupid tags.  After all day of dealing with it, I removed those tags.  #TAKETHAT

-Some of you may have seen my post yesterday about finding a mobile bookstore but if you didn't, yesterday I accidentally stumbled on a mobile bookstore and it was awwweeesssoommmmeeee.  Granted, they only had new books, which meant paying full price which I didn't totally love, but they were right across the street from my work AND there was a "guard" Corgi who let me love on her AND they were parked at the coffee shop right across from my office so I didn't even break a Charleston sweat getting there.  I considered my purchases as #supportlocal buys sooo yeah.  I also may have been caught up in the SUYB excitement since it was SUYB linkup day.  #notsorry  PS.  I'm going to be pissed if Ramona Blue and Words in Deep Blue are disappointing since I paid $17.99 each.  It was also raining yesterday so the theme of the day was like everyone's favorite Eifle 65 song (Blue, if you didn't get that reference).  I'll be diving into these books as soon as I finish with my challenge books.

-The library finally sent Bonk and South of Broad (in ebook and audio formats) back to me, so I'll be finishing up those suckers in the next 2 weeks.  I feel like Bonk is going to be one of those books that will be a slog to get through.  If it gets worse than manual animal stimulation/masturbation, it's going to be DNF town for this book.  I just have to put my foot down somewhere.  Or maybe I'll just skim through those sections?  IDK, I need to have a limit.

-It's been a super rainy summer and I'm loving it.  I'm not digging the headaches that come along with it, but I seriously love the rain.  #Intheminority

-I started this new thing with Teh German where I tell him one reason why I loved him for the day right before we go to sleep.  He is required to reciprocate.  I'm hoping I can keep this going for a while.  #FormingHabits

-I left the gas station yesterday without getting gas and without closing my tank.  I had to stop and close it and I was super frustrated.  That's what getting stuck in Charleston rain traffic, being stopped by the same train TWICE, and then being told that I have to see the cashier when trying to pump gas (what is this, 1992?) will do to my brain.

-I've noticed a several comments on the BAB FB page saying that their website isn't viewable on mobile devices.  This is applicable because I shared the links to a few posts that I wrote about the wedding on the cIdad FB page yesterday.  It annoys me that this is actually a problem, but from what I've read, they are troubleshooting it.  They don't seem to be making much headway though since it's been a problem for several weeks now.  I'm as disappointed as everyone else.  Their suggestion is to view it from a desktop/laptop.  My suggestion is to maybe use a Chrome browser on your phone and request the desktop version of the site.  It loads for me, but I am using an android.  #TechnologyIsHard #2017Problems

-I do believe that Teh German likes wearing his silicone wedding band for more than just "getting used to wearing a ring" and that doesn't hurt my heart one bit.  I'm hoping he will order his ring by the end of this week since he's been in contact with company that makes the ring he likes.  #MegMo2017


  1. I'm the only person who doesn't seem to care about movie posters on books. Eh.

    I checked to see if my library had either of the books you bought after SUYB yesterday...and they didn't. Epic failure.

  2. I hate when books use the move posts too. I guess it doesn't really matter on audiobooks...but a hardcover? Ugh! Waiting for book from the library is such bs right???? Let us know how your homemade laundry detergent goes.

  3. I love that you tell each other one thing you love about the other one before bed. That's a great habit to form!


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