Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Weekend Review {8/28}


Brevity is the name of the game today..

I sent Teh German this picture during class to tell him that thanks to his family I knew how to properly pronounce most of the names.

After class, I headed to work.

I made my own Mezzo Mix (orange Fanta + Coke) at work.
It's not exactly like the German drink, but it'll do, America, it'll do.

My boss "owed" me banana pudding and he came through.
He even delivered it to my desk after he scared the bejesus out of me.

Traffic was garbage (surprise, since it was raining) and I met Teh German at dance lessons in West Ashley.  We had dinner at the same pizza place as the weekend before since it was delicious AND we both tried something different (which is not our usual behavior pattern).

Teh German: Deluxe personal pan
Teh Megan: pepperoni and mushroom calzone

A fun peek into the majority of the shit I carry around in my backpack.
I'd like to put all this on the scale, buttttt I'm going to live in denial instead.

Rather than go home after dinner, we went back to the studio for a line dancing class.  Teh German got extremely frustrated and headed home early.  I stayed for a while and the dance instructor tried to explain to me that learning to dance was a lifetime benefit, which I've heard her say before.  I did very good at filtering and not saying, "I'm not sure if you noticed that the person that is my dance partner got frustrated and left early.. but that one is mine.  Not sure if dancing is in our future."


I was feeling motivated on Saturday and decided to do a run.  My FIRST run since my surgery.

I took my time and it was "feels like" 91°F outside, so I wasn't going for a record.  I did a consistent walk/run so that way my hip didn't take a FULL beating my first time out.  I don't think my first run was supposed to be 4 miles, maybe like 1-2, buttttt I'm still me and my 1/2 marathon training plan is ticking by, day after day, so I felt like I needed to make up for miles that I haven't been doing.

Charleston summer seems to be coming to an end, so I'm hoping that normal people summer will start and I can actually be outside and run without dying (aka coming home and chugging no less than 100+ oz of water and dealing with a headache for the rest of the afternoon).

Since I burned calories, I had no fucks given about shoving one of these tasty morsels down my throat after the Baker Neighbor delivered them.
PS.  These are the smores cupcakes that I very anxiously awaited!

Teh Dental Hygienist and Teh AF Maintainer were hosting the Mayweather/McGregor fight and we planned to go over to watch, so I made crockpot wieners to share with everyone.  I, of course, made too much, but #YOLO.

I spent most of the afternoon resting in bed/napping trying to nurse away the dehydration headache before we headed over to watch the fight.  Since I live with a German, we were there shortly after 7, since that's what time the invitation said everything started.  People slowly started arriving after 8. 

I never have any interest in watching fights, but I go because Teh German enjoys it and I like the good company of my Neighbor Besties.  We ended up getting home after 0100, but that was fine.


Sunday morning, we hit up Holy City Brewing for brunch with Teh AF Maintainer since he needed to escape the baby shower activities at his house.

A bowl of delicious.

When we got home, I buckled in for some serious homework.  4 hours later, I had done as much as I could do.  That 4 hours included a crying session, emailing my math professor to set up an appointment to meet to discuss if I should be in the class or not, ignoring phone calls from Teh Dad, Teh Mom, and Teh BFF, as well as all social media.

If you can tell me what any of this means, let's be besties.

This is what my table looked like after my homework session.  The dining room table has become my desk.  Not that I don't have an office or anything, but this gives me ALL THE SPACE!

I didn't have a dinner plan, but Teh German agreed that leftovers were fine.  PERFECT.

We did practice our dance Sunday night after having a discussion about Teh German's frustration about dancing and why I enjoyed it so much.  I think it will come together in the end, but practice is definitely needed more regularly that just when we meet with the dance instructor.  I think I've got Teh German to commit to that, so I'm looking forward to the first dance being awesome.

I also talked to Teh BFF for a bit while I walked the dogs.  Then Teh German made nut balls while I chopped up a watermelon and we chatted with Teh Dad.  Afterwards, we watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec and called it a night.


I have a feeling that my weekends are going to look like this for the foreseeable future.  I know that my math class is going to be a burden and I will need to commit hours of my life to it to pass.  At this point, my goal is to PASS.  Ideally, with an A, but minimally with a C.  After the discussion with my instructor, who pointed out that this class was a requirement for a computer science class that is a requirement for most of my higher level computer science classes (Math --> CS class --> majority of CS classes) AND it isn't offered in the spring, we agreed that I will just stick with it and pray hard.

I keep telling Teh German that I miss him, even though we're both home, we're definitely not hanging out together.  He has been entertaining himself with garage projects and his Apple TV games.

I've come to accept the fact that my blogging schedule is about to get jacked.  If I don't have this post scheduled on Sunday night, it will not happen on Monday, thus the product of being at school all day long and then maybe PT and/or work.  But let's be honest.. if all my weekends look like this, it's not so interesting I need to blog about it, so maybe you are saved!

I definitely get a lot of Wednesday Dump fodder, so that's a positive.
Happy almost September, Gentle Readers!!!


  1. oh my gosh, your homework session is giving me anxiety. good for you though, good luck and i obviously hope you pass :) i am the same with blogging, i rarely post on mondays for that reason. congrats on your run!

  2. -Those smores' cupcakes look amaze-balls.

    -Good luck with math...I cannot help, but good luck.

  3. I need a cupcake. There was a student walking in front of me in the hall with one and I wanted to steal it. I'm starving.


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