Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Review {8/7}


Nothing about me was motivated on Friday.  I stopped by and picked up a coffee on my way into work for a job well done on surviving the week.  It felt like work took forever to be done with, but by lunch time I was freeeeee.

I headed towards home and car karoked (rather than listening to my audiobook) and was almost home when I got motivated to take care of some errands.  I headed towards Summerville.  I stopped at Tractor Supply first and picked up birthday pig ears for Roux who joined the big 3 years old club.  I also picked up new camping chairs for Teh German and I since one of our is ripped.  After Tractor Supply, I went to Joann's to look for fabric for collars for Pax, mostly.  I also picked up fabric that can be used to make a wedding bowtie for Teh German if he doesn't wear his leather one that I ordered.  It matches the potential sash I bought for myself.  We'll see what the tailor thinks in a month or so.

After Joann's, I headed to Lowe's to grab some paint samples of our wedding colors that our wedding planner requested.  Picking colors is way hard, FYI.  I tried not to overthink it and spent no more than 10 minutes comparing and picking out which ones I liked best.  I could have waited to do this with Teh German, but I didn't think he really cared, so done.

While I was in Joann's, Teh Sister sent me the information for her Best Buy card so I could order the laptop I wanted to compare.  I ordered it while sitting on the floor in front of the fabric remnants.  I hadn't received the "pick up your order" email, but I headed to Best Buy anyway.  Fortunately, I was able to pick up the laptop early.  The traffic for tax free weekend had already started and I vowed to stay away.

I headed home to set up the new computer and hang out with the beasts.  I gave them treats from Teh Running Bestie to entertain them. 

Pax with his trachea.
Meri didn't seem interested in hers until I brought it inside and let her have it on her dog bed...

While the computer was running updates, I wrapped up Roux's birthday present and walked the beasts down the street to deliver his present.  Roux's Humom had a procedure done on her foot, so I knew she'd be home.  It was a surprise visit, but it worked out well since Roux got to see his friends, they all burned crazy amounts of energy doing zoomies in the yard, everyone got birthday cupcakes, and Meri and Pax got out of the house.

Photo by: Roux's Humom

When we got back home, I messed around on the computer some and was mostly not impressed.  Eventually, Teh German came home.  I had my schedule mixed up and thought our lessons were at 6.  They were actually at 7:30, so we chilled for a bit after eating sandwiches for dinner.  Teh German agreed that we could leave early and run some errands before dance lessons.  Originally, I had planned on us picking up the laptop, but it was already taken care of.

We stopped by Walmart for different meds for my HS, then we went by the pet store to get a tag for Pax made.  I had looked on Etsy for a tag, but I just couldn't stomach the cost of the tag, then an additional $5 in shipping for something that should cost 1 stamp.

After the pet store, we headed to Summerville for our dance lesson.  Teh German started to get in one of his moods and I finally exploded on him, "If you're going to be like this every time we have dance lessons, I'm done with this shit.  Fuck the first dance because I'm tired of dealing with you like this every week." 

We learned a few new things at lessons and it became imperative that Teh German take smaller steps when one of the moves we were doing was making my hip hurt.  He finally got fed up at the hour mark and I could tell that he was getting (more) irritable and frustrated.  Despite me trying to push us to get out of the studio, the instructor wanted to take her time.  While I'm glad for getting my moneys worth, I was really afraid Teh German was going to have a meltdown before we left. 

Once we left, we headed home and we were both tired.  We checked social media for a bit, but then it was bedtime.


I got up and fed the dogs and went straight back to bed on Saturday morning.  Teh German had an unusual level of motivation very early (0900) and we were up and making bacon and eggs for breakfast.  By 1000, Teh German started knocking off items on our task list that I had written down for him.  I was not feeling the same level of motivation that Teh German was experiencing.  Nonetheless, I helped him make shit happen.

We used tie down straps to lift the washer and dryer onto the trailer, so I wouldn't have to bend down and lift with a gimp hip.  Yay for German ingenuity!  After loading the washer and dryer, I put on some pubically acceptable clothes and we headed to an appliance store to see if they wanted to buy our stuff.  I'm honest to a fault, so I told them that the washer was going bad and they said if that was the case, they weren't interested.  Teh German wanted the washer and dryer out of his parking spot, so we opted to bring them to the metal scrapyard.

What a fucking adventure.  All the signs that said "we aren't responsible for your vehicle/trailer/stuff if it gets damaged" had Teh German making his tisking-pissed off noise that annoys the ever-living-shit out of me.  He was pissed because he was worried about driving over something and popping a tire.  I finally said, "I don't know why you're pissed off at me.  I've never, ever, ever in my entire life been to a metal scrapyard so I wouldn't have known it was like this."  That at least dampered the tisking.  It was an easy enough process.  Get weighed on a scale with the load, unload the stuff in the scrapyard, get weighed again on the scales, take your ticket to the office and get your pay out.  We weren't really looking to make any money from the machines, which was fortunate since we got $0.06/pound. 

Once we were back on paved roads, Teh German adjusted his attitude.  We headed back home and Teh German took care of the trailer and washed Baloo's floor mats since we had gotten them muddy at the scrapyard.

Teh German also wanted to start the bikes and take them around the neighborhood since they hadn't been ridden in a while.  For the first time since my surgery, Bagheera and I bonded.  I practiced getting on and off a few times, I can't just swing my leg over like I used to, so I have to be very purposeful in my movements.  Sitting on the bike was only mildly uncomfortable.  Nonetheless, I took Bagheera for a spin around the neighborhood.

She runs like she should, in case you were worried.  I probably won't be going out until it cools off some, because my idea of a good time is not sweating my ass off in a helmet, jacket, gloves, jeans, and boots in Charleston summer.

After my circle, I decided to take a nap.  My head had been hurting (it was supposed to rain) and we had plans on Saturday night with Crossfit Friends and I knew I needed to not be a grouch.  While I was sleeping, Teh German insulated the back of the smart closet which was awesome since it involved taking some of the stuff out of the storage closet, then putting it back in.  Although when I looked in the closet it looked like a cluster fuck, but ya know, I didn't have to do it and I'm certain that when it all collapses on me when I go in there to pull something out next time I won't be so zen about it.

We met up with Crossfit Friends at Rodney Scott's BBQ.  Teh German and I hadn't been there before.  When we arrived at 7, we had to prey on people who were about to leave for an empty table.  Fortunately, we were able to find something right as Crossfit Friends arrived.  When we went to order, we were informed they were out of pork...  Strikes were amassing.  Teh German ordered the ribs for me instead since I had mentioned it while we had been looking at the menu.  The food was really good.  I wasn't a fan of the sauces or the flies that were dive bombing us. 

Look at me, all dressed like an adult.

After dinner we had some extra time since dinner didn't take as long as I had anticipated so we decided to head downtown and find parking for the show and then walk and get dessert.  We ended up at Peace Pies which was overpriced/downtown priced ice cream sandwiches.  Nonetheless, it was pretty good.  I got the peanut butter brownie one and Teh German got the banana cream.  No complaints.

After some people watching and chatting, we headed to Theater 99 for our last stop, The 99%, a standup comedy show.  Honestly, I wasn't that impressed with the show.  The 3 comedians were: Jason Groce, Tim Hoeckel, and Jessica Mickey.  Jessica mostly talked about not wanting kids and then proceeded to bitch about parents the entire time, which verged on being funny and not funny.  That said, she did joke about pulling out a menstrual cup and pouring blood on someone as self-defense over needing to carry a gun.  That made me laugh.  Jason was moderately funny in an Eeyore-type of way.  Tim wasn't funny to me.  He was just loud and repetitive.  There were cast members from the Improv show in the audience behind us who thought he was hilarious and I just didn't get it.  The end of the show was the best when they had the audience supply words and they had to make up a joke with the word.

After the show ended, we headed home and went straight to bed.


Teh German was on dog duty Sunday morning and I slept in.  But in a reversal of things, I was the one motivated at 0900.  But rather than put that on Teh German, I snuck out of bed and went downstairs and started getting shit done.  First on my agenda was giving Meri a hair cut.

In an absolute horrible dog Mom moment, I seriously nicked Meri's ear with the clippers.  She was bleeding very badly, so I had to yell for Teh German to bring me a wet paper towel to wipe it up.  The worst part was that there was a dangly bit that I had to cut off.  My heart broke.  Fortunately, Meri didn't even react.  I also nicked the stretchy skin on her leg.  I feel like the absolute worst dog mom ever.  So now my cute eared girl has a chunk of ear missing because I'm clumsy... and now paranoid.

After sweating off the bbq from the night prior, I also decided to finally pot the succulents I bought a few weeks ago when I got Groot.  I miscounted and I needed 6 pots instead of the 5 I had, but I made do with the pots I had on hand.

This little guy was hanging out in one of the succulents that I repotted and he really wanted to be my friend.  I relocated him to the yard.

After being outside for several hours, I was drenched and dripping sweat and I was stinky.  I went inside to check on Meri and Pax and shower.  I had been asking Teh German what he wanted to do for lunch and he wasn't commital, so when I got out of the shower I asked him, "If you wore a bra, would this be a no-bra day or a bra day?"

When Teh German said, "No bra day," I dressed in lazy clothes and we agreed to watch the live-action Beauty and the Beast after I started the laundry.  It was my first time seeing it.  So many times I teared up.  Thanks to Teh Sister, I still know all the words.  While we watched the movie, I posted several items on FB Marketplace (ugh).

After the movie ended, we watched most of the special features.  Finally, I told Teh German I was too hungry to make a dinner decision and he needed to pick. We ended up agreeing on going out for Mexican and we invited Teh AF Maintainer and Teh Dental Hygienist to go with us.

After lots of sweet tea and nachos and a mediocre carnitas torta, I was fed and sassy and it was time to head home.  When we got home, Teh German agreed to go on a walk with me and we marched around the neighborhood with the dogs for 2.15 miles.  This is the furthest I've been since my surgery and even though it was tempting to jog, I didn't.  When we got home, we watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec while I went through my hard drive for better photos of the items I was trying to sell.  Eventually, it was bedtime.


Let me just show you what happened to that goals list I made on Friday:

Goals for this weekend:
  • Go through the house and mark repairs with blue tape.
  • Have Teh German go through his clothes and purge things he will not wear.
  • Purge my own clothes.  I really should eliminate some dresses that never get worn.  I need to be more cut throat about it and stop counting it when I only wear something once per season.
    • I don't really have any clothes left to purge since I've been purging once a month-ish.  With eventual "fall" coming, I don't want to purge through my long sleeves yet.
  • Buy more clothes hangers.
    • Not necessary after Teh German pulled out an entire laundry basket full of clothes to donate.
  • Compare laptops.
  • Go to Joann's to find fabric for: a sash, a bowtie, tag collars for Pax.
  • Go to Lowe's for paint samples of wedding colors for vendors and the wedding planner.
  • Finish Cinder, hopefully get South of Broad and Bonk back from the library and finish those books.  Then start A Dog's Journey.  Then pick out a book with an animal on the cover as my last book for Erin's Challenge.
    • 1.5 hours left of Cinder and no new books from the library. Ugh. Holding patterns are the worst.
  • Do new PT homework.
  • Plant succulents in new pots, pray that nothing dies.
  • Bring the old washer and dryer to an appliance place for $$, possibly check out new ranges.
  • My planner says I need to put checks in my wallet and take photos of the rugs in the garage (I'd really like to sell the rugs, but my hopes aren't high) and give the dogs their heartguard/tick stuffs.
  • Do a puzzle on BabyKindle each day so I can complete the 7 puzzle of the day in a row goal.  
  • Vacuum upstairs.. or just relocate Roomy upstairs and let him do his thang.
    • This was delegated to me when I get home, which will get reassigned to Teh German since he will get home before I do tonight.
  • Walk 2 miles.  This is part of half marathon training.  I was told that I'm not allowed to run yet, but I am allowed to walk the 5k in September.  #ProgressIsSlow
  • Stay patient with Teh German at dance lessons tonight and try not to lead.  #ThingsImNotGoodAt
  • Encourage Teh German to decide on his wedding band and purchase it.  Last night he said he's thinking about doing something that will save $200 and I was mostly for it, because it wasn't prostitution or anything else illegal.
  • Encourage Teh German to talk to a neighbor about pergolas as a screened in porch substitute.
    • This was unnecessary since one of the places I requested an estimate from contacted me on Saturday and we may have come up with an acceptable workaround to the issue that we can't have permanent structures within 20 feet of the property line. #rulesarestupid

Overall, a very productive weekend.  Teh German didn't even complain about the weekend goals list that I wrote down for us to accomplish.  We even added on some extra tasks that weren't on our list (me: shave Meri, Teh German: put numbers on mailbox post).  I already warned Teh German that next weekend is probably clean the bathrooms weekend.

This week I have a dentist appointment and Dan Ryan is really supposed to be coming to do repairs, so we will be going through the house and taping all the things that need repairs by Wednesday.  Ugh.  Also, Teh German was a genius and pointed out that we could use dog toys to block Roomy from getting stuck under the guest bed like the genius he is, so that will be handled this week as well.  Yet another reason why I'm keeping him... even if he's a grouch before dance lessons/when he gets stressed.

16 days until School!
86 days until Wedding!

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