Friday, August 4, 2017

Five on Friday #118


Our date-aversary was Wednesday and, as always, I am a lucky woman to have Teh German by my side, dealing with all my quirks and annoyances.  He sure is one lucky dude.

We went to a restaurant called Oscar's which exceeded my expectations.

Appetizer: Crab stuffed shrimp with a honey dijon mustard sauce. NOMMMM
Teh German's meal: Rib-eye Oscar style (crab, asparagus, hollandaise)
My meal: Seafood burrito
Dessert: Ice cream crepe

Celebration dessert was on the house!  #win

I ordered silicone bands for us by Teh German's request.  I hadn't really thought much of it, but SHIT GOT REAL when I would see the ring on his finger.  We even did it super cheesy style, asked if I'd be his wife and he put my ring on my finger and I asked if he'd be my husband and put his ring on his finger.  It was just as sappy as you imagined it.  I loved it.

But really, seeing that ring on his finger gave me more feelz than purchasing my own wedding band.  Seeing the ring made it real.  Like, this is for forever real.  I'm not even a little bit scared.

After we got home, Teh German agreed to walk the dogs with me.  The sky was a gorgeous red that I wasn't able to get a good picture of with my cell phone but we hadn't taken a selfie all day and we needed to, so the sky was a good excuse.

I also tried to take family selfies.  Let me show you how well that went:

89 days, Gentle Readers.


I was able to pick up my new laptop on my way home from work on Wednesday.  The jury is still out on if I love it or not.  I'm still getting a GUI error in Lightroom with the Nvidia 1050ti and IDK if that's a problem with the Nvidia card, the fact that the computer has 2 graphics cards (Intel integrated and the Nvidia) or Lightroom just being an Adobe Douche (that's probably actually a hashtag somewhere on the internet).  The biggest thing I love?  The rainbow backlit keyboard.

The touchpad is clunky, but that could also be a learning curve.  The home/end and page up/down buttons are on the number pad and to use them I have to turn off number lock, which is annoying.  Also there is no number lock on/off indicator that I've seen.  Additionally, the computer boots with numlock turned off, which is annoying when I go to put in my password.  Again, these could all be #meganproblems.  I do like the way the keys feel when I type, even though there is a dot on the W button since this is a gamer computer.  That will taking some getting used to, but nbd.

I'm already happier with the ASUS than I was with the HP and I was warned against HP so I did that to myself.  This computer reacts faster than the HP, which I like.  I haven't tried editing any photos on it yet, but soon the time will come.  I have a mabillionty photos to select for frames for the living room, so that will be a good test of speed in general.

There was one more computer that I was possibly interested in, another ASUS, that has the Nvidia GTX 1060 video card, but it was even more money.  The reality is, I probably don't need a video card that powerful, butttt I also don't plan on having to buy another laptop in next 5 years (please please please let it be at least 5 years).  The only downside to the laptop with the 1060 video card is that it doesn't have the rainbow keyboard or a SSD boot-up drive.  I know, it's a small thing, buttttt it's me and I love all the colors and it's just so fucking cool to be able to change the back lighting of the keyboard. 

I am going to have Teh Sister purchase the other laptop so I can sit them side-by-side and do a comparison and then I won't wonder if I settled for this computer for the rest of my life.


Funny things:


Things I bought this week:

  • Friday coffee and a muffin, #notsorry
  • My wedding band!
  • Tickets for the comedy show on Saturday night with Crossfit Friends.
  • Tickets to see Jason Segal at YALL Fest in Nov with Teh German.
  • Dog food/groceries
  • Oil change/alignment for Yurtle (an alignment was suggested after they weren't able to figure out why she keeps making a "clunking" noise when we go over bumps, damn I'm a sucker).
  • The At Home trip last Sunday...  2 pieces of furniture, a stand for Groot, the bench cushion.
  • Brunch last weekend x2.
  • A handle for the beer fridge, another Teh German request.
  • Dance lessons through August (ugh).
  • New bra and panty from VS (my bra was half price and the underoos were free after my coupons).
  • New shorts/shirts from Belk.
  • Bikini bottoms from the Exchange and a pack of underwear and some air filters.
  • New cork board for my cube and hangars.
  • Silicone rings for Teh German and I.
  • A visit to the Chiro.


Goals for this weekend:
  • Go through the house and mark repairs with blue tape.
  • Have Teh German go through his clothes and purge things he will not wear.
  • Purge my own clothes.  I really should eliminate some dresses that never get worn.  I need to be more cut throat about it and stop counting it when I only wear something once per season.
  • Buy more clothes hangers.
  • Compare laptops.
  • Go to Joann's to find fabric for: a sash, a bowtie, tag collars for Pax.
  • Go to Lowe's for paint samples of wedding colors for vendors and the wedding planner.
  • Finish Cinder, hopefully get South of Broad and Bonk back from the library and finish those books.  Then start A Dog's Journey.  Then pick out a book with an animal on the cover as my last book for Erin's Challenge.
  • Do new PT homework.
  • Plant succulents in new pots, pray that nothing dies.
  • Bring the old washer and dryer to an appliance place for $$, possibly check out new ranges.
  • My planner says I need to put checks in my wallet and take photos of the rugs in the garage (I'd really like to sell the rugs, but my hopes aren't high) and give the dogs their heartguard/tick stuffs.
  • Do a puzzle on BabyKindle each day so I can complete the 7 puzzle of the day in a row goal.  
  • Vacuum upstairs.. or just relocate Roomy upstairs and let him do his thang.
  • Walk 2 miles.  This is part of half marathon training.  I was told that I'm not allowed to run yet, but I am allowed to walk the 5k in September.  #ProgressIsSlow
  • Stay patient with Teh German at dance lessons tonight and try not to lead.  #ThingsImNotGoodAt
  • Encourage Teh German to decide on his wedding band and purchase it.  Last night he said he's thinking about doing something that will save $200 and I was mostly for it, because it wasn't prostitution or anything else illegal.
  • Encourage Teh German to talk to a neighbor about pergolas as a screened in porch substitute.

I think that's enough goals.  Whew.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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