Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Weekend Review {7/31}

Day late and a dollar short.  Well, a lot of dollars actually.  Yesterday I got carried away with work and accomplishing tasks that I've been putting off for wayyyy too long (DJ's website and contract that I've had as a task for 21 weeks (yes I just counted)), so here we are.  My bad.  But extra thanks to those Gentle Readers who were like, WTF is happening right now?!?!  You da bestest.


I finalized a document Friday morning and then I procrastinated starting the next document on my docket.  I headed home at 1130 to meet the screened in porch dude and wait for Lowes to drop off my new favorite appliances.

The screened in porch dude gave me bad news, no screened in porch for us for certain.  Apparently there's a code that says we can't have any permanent structures within 20 feet of the end of the property line.  To get a variance/exception would probably involve getting an attorney and well, I'm 1- not that rich, 2- not that invested.  It was pretty crushing for Teh German, but we're finally moving ahead with a pergola type of plan.  I think we both have it in our minds that we'd like it complete before the wedding so that when everyone comes to visit, we can chill outside without being eaten.  That's an unspoken thing at this point, but I know it's been my motivation recently.

Around 1:30, Lowe's finally delivered.  YYYYYYYYYYAAAAYYYY!!!!!!

The beasts were interested at first, but then they got back to the normal agenda.

Iz sooo pretttaayyyy.

When they were bringing in the washer, they slammed into the pole in the dining room/entryway.  HARD.  And unfortunately for them, I watched it happen.  Fortunately, it was only cosmetic damage.  Teh German was a lot more pissed off about it than I was.  They gave me an extra 15% off on the washer for their fuck up, which comes out to about $100, so I'm totally ok with our dent.  The pole faired well enough and I'm hoping to have the Dan Ryan repair people take care of the chipped pole when they come to fix the drywall/paint issues at the end of this week.  #notsorry

The most important button here is the "My Cycle" which we also call "Teh German's button."
Ya know, for if I die and he has to do his own laundry.

While the laundry room was empty of appliances, I swept up all the dryer lint/dust from the old dryer (#2 on the list of things I will not miss about those appliances, #1 being the washing machine's brake noise) and tried to clean up as much as I could.  I continued that process until Teh PT Wife and Teh Dental Hygienist decided to go out to pick up coffee and run some errands.  Coffee was acquired, we picked up my meds from the Derm, and then we headed to base to pick up Teh Dental Hygienist's meds.  Since Teh PT Wife had never been on base, she was super excited at all the things and we made a special trip to the Exchange for her. 

She also got very excited over seeing the static aircraft on our way out.  It made me giggle.  I take these things for granted after being stationed at VX-1, apparently.

We got back to the neighborhood around 5 and Teh German and I headed out soon after for our dance lesson.  We are definitely making progress.  Two steps forward, one step back type of progress.  Teh German was getting mad at me and there was one point that I jerked away from him and indicated that if he touched me I was going to freak out.  Finally, the instructor stepped in and said something about letting her teach (where the fuck was she when he started getting irritated?) and she finally talked to Teh German and broke it down for him that he wasn't mad at me, but her and to stop taking it out on me (thank you.).  He explained that he needed a pattern to follow and she said no.  She explained that she didn't want him to learn a pattern because that wasn't the end goal at this time.  He was allowed to start learning a pattern after he knows all the steps we need to learn.  He was still frustrated, but he stopped being a dick to me, so that was a positive.

When we finished our dance lesson, we headed to Sesame for dinner.  It was storming like crazy.  Of course, it was delicious.  Since Best Buy was still open, we swung by to return the HP laptop and order the new laptop.  It wasn't overly complicated.  I ordered a 15" ASUS ROG.  I'm concerned because it has the same video card the HP has, but we will see if I love it.  If not, there is a different 15" ASUS ROG that I'm willing to try with an Nvidia 1060 video card which gets ahmazing reviews and is way better than the Nvidia 1050ti that is in the HP and the one I ordered.  We'll see what happens.  If I don't love it, it goes back to Best Buy.

We stopped at Total Wine to get a growler filled before heading home.  When we got home, we were planning on going over to Teh PT House for smoking and socializing.  Buttttttttttttttttttt attack of the #Goatdogs happened.

Well let me back up.  When we came in, Meri barked at me in greeting.  This is not normal.  I let her outside and started calling for Pax.  No response.  Usually, if Meri is barking, Pax barks.  Silence.  I looked upstairs in the loft and the guest room and our room and no Pax, but there was a LOT of plastic bags scattered all over.  I went back downstairs to look for him, heart hammering.  WHERE THE FUCK WAS HE?  In a panic, I went back upstairs and noticed that our bathroom door was closed.  I opened it and there he was.  He dashed downstairs and went outside. 

Me: Holy fuck, he had me so worried, I was afraid I was going to find him dead upstairs.  Also they got into my brand new earplugs and most of them have been eaten.
Teh German: Well, you shouldn't have left them upstairs.
Teh German hugged me.

What had happened was:
1. Someone (MERI) had eaten most of the brand new bag of earplugs I had received earlier in the day.  Let me explain.  I ordered new earplugs (which I use for sleeps) and they had arrived.  Unfortunately, they were individually wrapped.  50 individually wrapped packets.  I put them on my nightstand with the intention of removing them from their packets and putting them into the container that my last earplugs came in.  Meri saved me from that tedious task.  Instead, she replaced it with me counting how many empty packets there were littered throughout the loft and guest room.  Meri has this thing for my earplugs and I've never figured out why.  Usually, she just eats 1/2 earplugs and I let them pass naturally.  But ya'll.  There were 37 empty packets

Quick math:
Original number of earplugs: 50x2=100 earplugs.
Number of open packets: 37x2=74 earplugs.
Approximate number of earplugs Meri consumed: 74.
Approximate number of earplugs Meri left me: 26.

These aren't exact numbers.

Because I noticed one of my new bathroom rugs in the loft, I decided to go check out our bathroom.  Pax had put his paws on the counter because my stuff was knocked into the sink/on the floor.  The rug was messed up.  Fortunately he hadn't chewed anything up.  But when I went to leave the bathroom, I felt something weird and noticed that Pax had tried very hard to let himself out of the bathroom.  I give Pax props for trying to use the door handle instead of trying to eat his way out the door.  I'd much rather replace a door knob than an entire door.

After cleaning up the disaster that was upstairs, I headed downstairs and called Teh Running Bestie in a moderate panic to explain to her what the Asshole dogs had done.  Gentle Readers, no one would have called Meri skinny after she ate all those earplugs.  She was so bloated!  I should have taken a photo of how fat she was, but I was more concerned about WTF DO I DO?  Under normal circumstances I would have just let the earplugs pass, but this was ~74 earplugs!  At the time, I also wasn't sure who had eaten the earplugs, both dogs or just Meri.  Teh Running Bestie and I agreed that I should make both dogs vomit, just in case.

At this point, I told Teh German that I would handle it and he headed to Teh PT House.  I administered peroxide to both dogs (1 teaspoon per 10 pounds, FYI) and waited for the pukes to happen.  Pax was much quicker than Meri.  He only vomited up some food.  I waited.  A few minutes later, Meri started yakkin'.  3 piles of earplugs later...

No.  I did not count them.  Yes, Teh German asked me if I counted them.  WTF?  I did immediately pick them up though so she can't re-eat them.  After Meri was debloated and Pax felt betrayed, I leashed them up and we headed over to Teh PT House.

Meri and Pax were obviously exhausted after their entertaining evening because they didn't want to be outside and settled quickly.  Meri did try to snuggle me out of my chair, which was adorable but not happening.  In the end, she snuggled with Teh PT Wife until it was time for us to leave.  Pax decided that the doorway was his perfect spot.  They are MY weirdos.

We got home around 0100 and I was le tired.


I wasn't feeling it Saturday.  I had a headache that I couldn't shake.  Nonetheless, I was motivated by brunch and Teh PT Wife, Friend, Friend's Baby, and I headed to Page's Okra Grill.  We only had to wait 25 minutes, which is record time for Page's since they don't do reservations on weekends.  Le siiiigh.  While we waited, we practiced our selfie game.  PS.  It's all about finding your best angle.

After brunch, we went by Victoria's Secret where I tried on bras to see if I could mix it up (spoiler alert: no, I cannot) and the sales assistant and I had some issues communicating (mostly because she kept saying uplift and I kept saying push up and she would correct me and say they are not the same thing and I would say I didn't care).  I had a coupon, $10 off, and a free panty, so it was a worthy trip. 

After VS, we headed to Belk where I dropped more dollas on clothes that I didn't need but I've been trying to make more adult choices and $15 shorts was hard to pass up.  Teh PT Wife made fun of me for thinking I'm the size of a house.  I believe the brand we were shopping runs huge, but I fit dis ass into a size 6 pair of shorts and I've never done that in my entire life and I'll take it.  I also bought an XS dress. Strange since I have another dress by the same company in a medium.  It's like Lularoe sizing, completely inconsistent.  Some of the XS tops were WAYYYY too big.

Tired, we headed back home.  I went home and worked on laundry (yay!) and organizing the laundry room and setting up the guest bathroom.  I switched out the rugs and put up the new shower curtain.  I rearranged the linen closet and stacked up all the monster stuff.  I really have no idea what to do with the monster stuff.  I love it and I don't want to get rid of it, but I know I probably should because I know that if there comes a time when we get to redo the bathroom for spawns, I'd want to buy new stuff.  Adulting is hard.

When we were at the Exchange on Friday, I bought new bikini bottoms because mine are old and super stretched (probably because I've had them since 2009?....).  I didn't see this at the store but when I saw it at home, I freaked out.  I sent a snap to the Neighbor Besties.  I should have just returned them, but it seemed like a hassle so I washed them.  #poorlifechoice

Do you use a fabric softener ball for your laundry?  If you do, don't be like me and never clean it.  Because this is what it looks like if you NEVER clean the softener ball.  Growth.  When I scratched it off, it smelled delightful, but gross nonetheless.  I tried to clean the ball but ended up tossing it in the garbage anyways since I no longer have a need for it.

While we had been shopping, Teh German had went out with some guys to Red's Icehouse for lunch.  He came home super druuuuuunnkk.  He headed over to Teh PT House for cigars and encouraged me to come over as well.  I told him that I wanted to accomplish a few more tasks and then I'd be over.  After cleaning off the dining room table and vacuuming the downstairs couches, I headed over.

My head had been hurting all day and it wasn't going away.  Teh PT House was extra crowded and I wasn't handling all the noise well.  Everyone was talking over each other, almost yelling, and when the drunks said they were hungry, I offered to pick up the food.  Teh PT Husband made an $85 dollar order at a Chinese place and I left almost immediately.  I cycled the laundry before I left and then headed to the Chinese place.  I had never been to this place, so I was skeptical, but it turned out to be really good.

It didn't take long after we ate for Drunk Teh German to be done with everything.  We ended up heading home around 0945 and I was fine with that.  My head was killing me, Teh German was wasted (he seems to think that he should keep up with the guys he drinks with, which is unfortunate for him since all the guys he drinks with have 75+ pounds on him). 

After getting Teh German in the bed, I put his water bottle and a bag of pretzels on his nightstand for the AM, I finished up the laundry (which is my new favorite thing), and laid in bed and read for a while.  Eventually, I was tired and turned out the light to deal with a twitchy Teh German as I fell asleep.


I fed the beasts on Sunday morning since I knew Teh German probably wasn't having it.  I went back to bed since my head was still hurting.  I had medicated on Saturday night and nothing was helping.  Teh PT Wife and I had agreed to go to At Home on Sunday.  Around 11, I finally got out of bed and showered and we headed to brunch at Iron Dog (who gets the award for best (normal) chicken and waffles from me) and then to At Home.

Teh PT Wife: Buffalo chicken on a blue cheese biscuit and fries.
Me: Chicken and waffles with no hot sauce.
Both = #solidlifechoices

We were at At Home for a loooong time.  Like.. 3 hours... ish.  We ended up having to call Teh German to come with the truck to get all the stuff home.  Nonetheless, we rocked some solid purchases.

What it looks like when you overestimate the capacity of Yurtle..
2 pieces were chillin' on the curb until Teh German arrived.


The entry bench is finally complete with the purchase of the seat cushion.

Dining room piece to hold my crap (puzzle).

New toilet closet cabinet...
It smells like cedar inside and I just keep sniffing it!

I also got the mirror that was in the photo of the guest bathroom above.  Teh German was on it.  When we got home, he helped Teh PT Wife and I get the furniture inside, he fixed the door on the new toilet closet cabinet (the magnet closure thing needed to be relocated), and he hung the mirror in the guest bathroom. 

I definitely appreciated his promptness in completing the tasks.  I worked on the laundry and rearranged our closet/put towels in the new cabinet.  I also brought a huge pile of donation items downstairs.  I know we need to make the pile bigger, but ugh.  We need to actually post some items for sale and I always hate that process.  We have the washer, dryer, sooo many rugs/runners (thanks, Phil), a grill, the monster bathroom set, and some other items plus the donation items (clothing items).

We went to Teh PT House for dinner since there was leftover Chinese food.  This was good for me since that meant I didn't have to cook, which is always a good time.  I turned down hookah time since my head was still hurting.  When we got home, Teh German decided to finish whatever Aliens vs Predators movie he was watching and I went upstairs to read for a little bit and ended up turning out the lights before he came upstairs.  I had a headache so I didn't care and I knew that Teh German would understand.


A very productive weekend!  My headache finally broke on Monday morning.  I had skipped my Doxy on Sunday.  But I was stupid and took it on Monday morning and my headache quickly returned.  I'll be calling the Derm today to let them know that I won't be taking the Doxy anymore and they can prescribe something else.

I'm pleased with my House purchases (although I'm feeling quite poor, even though I took most of the money from the House account).  The house is feeling more and more lived in, which is nice.  Until I can get Teh German to commit to painting, this works for me.  As I said, I think we are both using the wedding as a deadline to accomplish House tasks.  This is good because we tend to do better with deadlines.

This week is our 2 year Date-aversary!  Woot!  We still like each other after 2 years!  We're going to Oscar's in Summerville to celebrate (which I've read mixed reviews about, so we'll see).  Dan Ryan is coming this week to do the paint/drywall repairs.  We have dance lessons on Friday night (through the end of August).  I budgeted for a few dance lessons, but not 3 months worth at $45 a pop, so the dance instructor and I will be having a chat about maybe a package deal because "We're on a budget" is real.

On the wedding front:
-RSVPs are trickling in. 
-I talked with our baker yesterday and I think we've narrowed down flavors and sizes for the cupcakes and cakes (rehearsal and cutting). 
-I finished the DJ's website and wrote up our contract yesterday (seriously, I've written this items for 21 weeks and now that it's not hanging over my head anymore, I'm PUMPED). 
-I asked the DJ when she wants to meet for our pre-wedding meeting. 
-Teh WJL said she knows a person who does hair/makeup so I said that lodging was free if they wanted to make a trip to Charleston to go to the beach and maybe do a test run.  (PS. I know you're reading this.  HINT HINT.)
-Teh German has picked out his wedding band and we ordered silicone rings to see if he's ok with the dimensions of said ring and to get him used to wearing a ring.  I also got some silicone rings so that way I can leave my engagement ring off when I'm at the pool/working out (hahahahahahaha one day).
-The jeweler hasn't called me back about my ring and I'm about to just be done with them.  If they don't have an estimate when I call this week, I'm done with them.  #aintnobodygottimefordat
-We need to pick a place to meet with our wedding planner on the 13th.  Ugh, added to my task list.
-Thanks to First Boss for pointing out an error on the wedding website!  I fixed it!
-I'm looking for our color accessories and by looking, I mean, putting it off until I can go to Joann's to check out ribbon/fabric since I can't find anything online that I love.
-Wedding Video is still up for debate. Mostly I need to find some people to record for us.  That's my bigger problem.  I know how I want to do it.
-I had blogs scheduled way ahead of time for Broke-Ass Bride, but now they have all been posted and my inspiration well is dry.  Turns out, I'm not a DIY bride.  I'm a "how much does that cost" bride.  #lessonlearned

Not that you haven't read it all over the internet already, Happy August, Gentle Readers.
92 days until Wedding
22 days until school starts
approximately 100 mabillionty things to do between now and then.

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  1. I'm super relieved to hear that American puked up the earplugs and no surgery was needed. That's kinda where I thought you were going, but thankfully, no.
    I just LOVE your entry bench. It's so unique.

    Ughhh such a long week, I can't wait for the weekend!


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