Friday, July 28, 2017

Five on Friday #117


Things I bought this week (so much for not spending money):

-a new washer and dryer.  This was a purchase we've been planning for and it came out of House account, so it's an acceptable purchase.  A several months ago, a repairman told me that it wasn't worth fixing the washer we have and to plan to buy a new one when the brake on this one goes out.  It's gotten louder and louder lately and I do NOT want to be in the situation where we have a washer full of water and laundry that we have to deal with.  Not with school coming and work and wedding and visitors.  Just no.  When I heard it clunking this past weekend, all I could think of was that it would die on Oct 25th or something and we'd be having to beg the neighbors to use their laundry machines and that just wasn't a hassle I needed to deal with, so I finally bit the bullet and made the purchase.

I'm ready for you babies.
Names TBD.. because everything gets a name.

-food/beverage outings that were completely unnecessary.
-I paid off the $100 remaining on my phone to reduce my Verizon bill by $20, kinda not really saving money.
-Groot and friends (plants from Lowes)
-New rugs (for the master and the current rugs will be relocated), shower hooks, and toothbrush holders for the bathrooms as part of the de-Monster-ization of the guest bathroom.
-Coconut oil for Pax's flaky problem.
-I paid to have the dog's nails cut by a professional.  $16 was worth saving the 30 minutes + drama it would have taken me to do it for free.  It took the guy 5 minutes max for both dogs.  DUN.
-Dermatologist copay.
-Prescriptions from the Derm.  Woot for more Herpaderp meds and testing out some Doxy to see if it keeps the HS (hidradenitis suppurativa) away.
-Coffee canister that Teh German requested.
-Earplugs.  I'm almost out due to use and Meri eating them.  She's a gem.  #goatdog
-New backpack
-Anniversary gift for Teh German (which is pretty epic).  I also thought of what I'm going to get him as a wedding present and I've gotten feedback that it's a pretty awesome gift.  #likeaboss
-Birthday gift cert
-Baby shower gifts
-Termite inspection/treatment (from the House account, so it doesn't really count)
-Dance lessons

TL;DR: I would never be successful at a no-spend month.


I will be returning my new HP laptop to Best Buy.  It's done nothing but give me problems and I'm over it.  After dealing with the video card problem, which is only half resolved since Lightroom doesn't use the Nvidia card, now I can't get Microsoft Office to install and rather than troubleshoot the issue, I'm calling it quits on this laptop.  It's not worth my hassle.  All these problems are why I'm glad I ordered the laptop in the beginning of July, because these issues would have been extremely problematic by the middle of next month when I want things ready to go for school.

I almost found a Dell I liked, but then I realized it didn't have a number pad and that good idea was nixxed.  I don't really want a 17" computer, but I kinda do, but then I remember that I have to heft this bad boy around and that makes me want the 15" more.  It's hard to be me.  Seriously.

Also, the extra big sucky thing about returning the new laptop is that I already stickered it and I bought those stickers on sale and they aren't on sale no more.  Siiiiiiiigh.


From Dorothy:

I hate these ads around town.  Essentially this dude's face is photoshopped onto various characters and it's just... not good.  There's also one near base where his face is on Uncle Sam and please just make it stop.

Storm clouds on my way home after I hit traffic within 7 minutes of leaving my house for work.  #CharlestonWeather  There was probably a 10% chance of rain all day.  BOOM.  Between it being impossible to see through the windshield because of the rain, the brightness of the lightning, and the distractedness of messing with a cell phone while driving, traffic was fucked up and I chose to telework until traffic cleared.  #solidlifechoices

WTF is a "New Age Drink"?

Teh German brought home flowers and Willie Jewell's bread pudding for me as a surprise.
I'm gonna marry the shit out of him.

SOMEONE... (PAX) decided that they wanted a salad and nibbled on my Carolina Reaper plants.
These babies still haven't made fruit, but they are alive.
So ya know, baby steps.

Came home to this yesterday and I couldn't figure out why the bed was messed up.

This morning while I was getting ready for work, I got to experience Meri and Pax playing on the bed and Meri likes to spin in circles, which is why our bed gets unmade.
We thought she was nesting because Teh Cloud wasn't comfortable enough for her.
Lesson learned.
Also, Pax can get up on the bed which means his ass can jump in the car.  He'll be getting lessons on "up, up" ASAP.


My dogs have been extra fucking adorable this week.  In fact, we had a singalong this morning while I was getting ready for work.  This also makes Pax want to play.  All my cute dog videos. #notsorry


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Teleworking when necessary.
  2. Suplize from Teh German.
  3. Teh German doing everything for dinner on Thursday night.
  4. Helping Teh German relocate the wood pile after he built a new wood holder from pallets.
  5. Laughter about my screams after a really big fucking bug jumped out at me Tuesday evening.
  6. Singalongs with Meri and Pax.
  7. Starting new books, even if I didn't get to finish the last set.
  8. Narrowing down next laptop options.
  9. Parks and Rec.
  10. Under 100 days until Wedding.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. I love the washer & dryer! They are so pretty. Go Teh German with the surprise flowers & bread pudding. Major props!

  2. Ohhhh you are getting the fancy washer and dryer! I want those so bad. I refuse to get new ones until ours die or we move though soooooo I will just side eye mine for awhile longer. The doggie sing along is too funny!

  3. I've been loving Parks and Rec too! And that washer and dryer look amazing. Enjoy!!

  4. That is quite the sing-a-long y'all are having. So adorable!

    I also paid the groomers to cut Baxter's toenails last week and oh my goodness, you should have hear the whining and crying. My mom took him up for me while I was at work and then she called so I could hear the wailing. My mom was practically on her knees, crying because she was laughing so hysterically.

    Good call on the washer dryer. You definitely don't want to be in a position where you're back is against the wall and you've got a full machine just full of water and goodness.

    Have a great week hun!


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